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Your Mindset and Money Habits E-book contains about 120 pages of valuable information with various tips, tools, and proven strategies concerning our mindsets and money habits, and how we can prepare to succeed financially. Just click the book cover to get your free PDF copy today!


Love Persona Poem Digital Printable

Get it as a gift for yourself or someone else. Use it as a motivational and inspirational décor or quote.



When God Intervenes Book

God can use you to do marvelous things. Be encouraged and read this real life testimony. Click the  book cover and get this book today!


YouCount-Magazine 6 Cover


YouCount 6th Magazine

Click the magazine cover to get your digital (pdf) copy, both in A4 and A5 format.




Level of Your Response Audio Teaching

Your level of your response is going to be based on your level of understanding of what you heard. Your faith is going to be according to what you hear and choose to believe. Listen to this  21 minutes audio (MP3) teaching today. Get it for free, click the cover to download it.