What’s Good In Your Life?

Good News Only

Each one of us has at least one story or a list of few things we really would like to change if we could in our lives. Wouldn’t it be nice everyday to concentrate more on the good things and appreciate more of life than we really see on the surface of it?

Just recently I realized that I have so many garbage, excuse me I meant to say luggage of the clothes and some of them I don’t think I am going to ever wear again, but I have become very attached to them because of the special memories I carry with them. My theory is, if I like the clothes and they fit me, I will keep and wear several times. If I don’t like the clothes and yet they fit me, I will wear for sometime but soon or later I will give them away. If the clothes don’t fit and I like the way they look, I will give them away, but after several debates within myself. You know, maybe I can do some alterations, hahaha. But if I like the clothes, and they happen to carry special memories, and they don’t fit, I will still keep them regardless I may not wear them for a longtime, and then may be after a while, could be few years, I will give them away.

In order to make sure I wear all the clothes and get some kind of a return on my investment, I have created a system whereby I will take some clothes, hang them, and wear all of them several times for a while. And then I will put back in the luggage and take other clothes that I have and do the same. When you have so many clothes folded or hanged in your closet or on your clothing rack, for a while it will feel like too much clutter and noise, and make hard for you to make a decision on what to wear daily. The best way is to hang enough clothes to wear for at least two weeks or one month ahead of time. You can put them in pairs or individual pieces, whatever works for you. Wear them until you are satisfied, and then put those back in the luggage, and hang other clothes. It will save you time, energy, and money by avoiding the need to constantly think you need to buy more clothes.

Most of the time our luggage are filled with clothes that are clean and folded nicely. Some of us we even spray perfume inside our luggage. Wouldn’t it be nice to take care the luggage let’s call it life for now like the way you take care of the luggage of your clothes? Nice and clean, and very appreciative to have even if you only have twenty pairs of clothes; new clothes, altered clothes, second hand clothes, vintage clothes, you name it. After all they are your clothes, you might as well clean them, take care of them, and thank God for them, hey …there is someone out there who have only three pairs of clothes, but you have got twenty pairs… and the good part is that they all fit and look good on you. Do you get my point? It’s not like you don’t want more good things in your life, but right now, you just thank God for what you have already. And as you continue to hustle (or work), seek, knock, and trust God, soon or later, you will get more of the things you need, want and desire, or you will get solutions to some of your prayers.

There is always a good thing in life for us to thank God for regardless it may seem. And also, nobody is perfect; each person has some good things to be remembered for.

My constantly wish and prayer has always been to be able to thank God everyday regardless of what is going on around me, and whatever struggles that I may be going through in my life. The truth is, if I had to count, I have so many things to thank God for everyday. And yet, there are some things in my life I would like God to help me solve them. I may not be able to control some things, but they certainly won’t stop me continue living and enjoy the good things in my life. Whatever the case, life has to go on, and I am not going to sit down and feel pity about why this or why that or why me, when I know I am blessed with so many other things that some people wish they could have.

Imagine what would happen if we decide to celebrate life everyday regardless of whatever it may offer sometimes.

So what’s good in your life? One thing you can do to know what’s good in your life is to get a journal or just a notebook, and outside or on the cover page write what’s good in my life today or my daily thanksgiving. Each day before you go to bed write at least one thing you thank God for that day. You can write something like, thank You God I am healthy and alive, or thank You God I have a job, or thank You God for giving me a loving husband, and so on. After a while you will find out that you have more than one thing to thank God every day. It’s a good daily ritual, practice it, and you will thank me later.

You know what I have come to find out? The more we add the more good thoughts, knowledge, and adapt to new good behaviors and attitudes in our lives, the less room for the bad things, behaviors, and attitudes. Just concentrate on adding good things, good attitudes, and good behaviors, and eventually the bad will no longer have space or room in your life.

Let’s appreciate God our creator, and the people God has placed in our lives to share this life and journey. Let’s focus on more important things, those that matters, and choose to hold and fill our lives with more dear memories, and good things in life and learn to let go of the rest especially those we cannot control or change if we want too.



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