Know Who You Are


I don’t know about you, but long hair is my thing, my signature. People who know me they will tell you the same thing. I don’t remember when I started liking long hair, but it has been more than a decade or perhaps almost two decades now.

My own hair is short as of right now, and I tried to grow it to become longer, but I was only able to grow it up to my shoulders. Pretty good length, but not sassy and long enough..hahaha.

I am also not a fan of wigs though I have a couple of them for emergency days. And honestly, I am not comfortable wearing wigs, so I do it when I feel it’s necessary. I like braids, but it takes hours sometimes to get your braids done or taken them out. The last time I remember having braids was in 2002.

I am a weave and clip-on’s hair extensions beautiful lady. I have got several pictures of me wearing different styles of long hair extensions of the ones I really liked. Don’t get me wrong, I style my own hair sometimes, may be for a couple of weeks total in a year when I want to let them breathe…hahaha.

Even when I know it would cost me less money to style my own hair rather than wearing hair extensions, I still choose to wear extensions because with them I can have different hair styles, they are not time consuming, some of them have pretty good length, and et cetera. I like the way they look on me, and they have become my signature now. And yes, I know I am a beautiful woman regardless whether I have hair extensions on, or styled my own hair, or gone bald. I feel more stylish with these hair extensions. To me it’s like wearing stylish clothes and shoes.

You know after a while you kind of figure out how you want to look like. So there are some hair styles you will never dare to wear because you know they are not you. Before you even buy them, you have this kind of mental picture or image saying no…this isn’t me. By now you have this identity or this level of standards of who you are and how you perceive yourself, and how you should look.

In life, it’s the same principle. Once you have established a foundation, let’s hope it’s a good foundation, and a sense of who you are and what you want to become, it’s pretty easy to stay focus and remain stable. Have you ever had someone asking you to do something and refused to do it because you thought it wasn’t you? A good example would be when a good church girl said no to her classmate friend after insisting her to go with her to this night club. She said no because she knows night club is not her thing.

Once you know who you are, chances are you will do your best to maintain and live that identity. You wouldn’t get involved in things that don’t identify with who you are. And if you do, something will trigger inside you to remind you this is not you, this is different. And then it’s up to you to make a decision to change and re-evaluate things again.

It’s like having this mental picture of who you are and what you want to become. It’s there, and everyone has their level of standards they distinguish themselves with. Everyone is a work in progress, so it’s up to us to set good foundations, and level of standards for us to live. And as the years go, keep updating them as we progressing and reinventing ourselves.

Like the long hair extensions for example; I certainly don’t know when I started liking wearing them, perhaps may be after I saw how it looks on Beyonce Knowles, hahaha.. and I kind of thought it would also look nice on me. And so I tried hair extensions because I also wanted to have stylish hair.

I like Beyonce, I like her songs, may be not all of them. But I definitely have other role models such as Oprah Winfrey, Joyce Meyer, and so on whom I really admire and want to raise my life standards to their level. Each person has good things we can learn from, we can take those good things we like about them and add to our standards of living, and strive to live them. It’s not up to us to judge one another.

The Bible says we are children of the Greatest King, which I also became to believe, and to this day I still believe that I am the child of the Greatest King, and everyday He helps me live my life into that level of standard.

Remember now, there is a slightly difference between know who you are and know thyself, though they both have to do about who do you think you are and how you identify yourself. We will talk about know thyself later on.

So, do you know who you are? If you don’t or you just want to be sure you know; get a special journal and list at least ten things, just for now I know you have more, about who you think you are, your values, and beliefs.  For instance it could be like in affirmation format; I am a child of the Greatest King, I am a beautiful loving woman, I am smart and hard working, I am a woman of good morals, I have got great potential, and so on. Some people prefer to use scriptures. Then read what you write about who you are several times each week until it gets into you and it becomes you. This activity will help you boost your self-realization and give a sense of who you are each time you have doubts, or when push comes to shove in those types of life experiences.



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