Failure is an Opportunity

I have failed several times in my life. I have had some very touchy periods and moments in my life. May be we will talk about them another time. But failure made me a conqueror…mmh..I am saying this because each time I failed, I got right back up.

As I see it, failure is just an opportunity to do it over again and in a better way, or try something else, or re-think and re-evaluate your life.

I have had moments in my life that I cried to God so loudly, why God me, why God that? But I am so thankful that I didn’t make them my permanent states of feeling sorry for myself. Most of the time I said to myself, there must be another way; things are going to work out for me, some way or another. And as long as I am still breathing I will strive for it.

My mom is the best mom in the whole world. This past mother’s day I told my mom even when we go to heaven, I will still choose you to be my mom. She has been there for me since the day I was put in her womb.

It was one of those darkest days and moments of my life. She has been calling me since morning and my phone was switched off, I think I forgot to charge it. So she decided to come to see me. I believe it was on Saturday. So my mom came into my bedroom, sat on my bed, and asked me, “What’s wrong?” And I said, “Mama, I am tired. Why isn’t God answering my prayers, why is it taking so long to get my breakthroughs?” I had specific prayers that I expected God to answer me.

So my super Mom gave me the best ever advice that I will never forget. She said, “Baby, which in Swahili language means ‘Mwanangu,’ “Don’t you ever question God!” And then she said, “Each morning when you open your eyes and you realize you are still breathing, it means it’s not over for you, God still has a purpose for you to accomplish, He is not done with you. And remember, God is good, regardless it may seem, or how it looks like.”

So I quickly got up from my bed, yes I was still on bed, not sleeping but just laying on my bed, and it was in the afternoon already around 2 pm that day. My Mom’s advice helped me decide to keep going regardless of my struggles and whatever was going on in my life.

Talking about failure and pain, I have my share. And if I gave up, I wouldn’t be writing this today. Yes, life is unfair sometimes, but what are you going to do about it? There is this saying that says, “Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win.”

And so since that day I decided that whatever will be going on in my life regardless of its unknown; however my days are going to be, if God has kept me alive, He will make a way. No need to worry, it’s going to be alright, just continue to hustle and find ways to strive to become the person I desire and want to be.

How many of you know on this earth life is a journey and not a destination? In life is about making progress because once you think you have arrived you find out there are more to strive for. So yeah, life can be tough, and when that happens you have got to be tougher in order to get to the other side, whatever version of your other side is. For instance, your other side may be same like mine which is to write for a living. All your dreams, goals, and wishes can be your other side.

I had an agreement with God longtime ago, and I didn’t write down, it was a prayer, and I asked God to never ever give up on me, no matter what. I know right, what a powerful prayer. But after a while I realized that God will never give up on me no matter what..hahaha.. because He loves me unconditionally. I may give up on Him, but He will never give up on me.

And I am proud to say this; God has never given up on me. In my past and present, He has sent and used several people in my life to lift me up to keep going especially when I shut Him out of my life during some of my darkest moments I have been through. Because I didn’t want to hear what He had to say, I just wanted my breakthroughs. I give thanks, because God is God, He knows how to get to you, and to stabilize things or solve some unsolved puzzles.

One thing I can suggest if right now you are in the moment of giving up or have given up on your dreams, or may be just tired of things not working out and don’t want to try again, or something, is to write somewhere in your special journal or notebook something like; I, so and so, write your names, then as of today for instance May 5th 2000, I promise to never give up on myself, my dreams and goals, and so on because winners don’t quit and failure is just an opportunity to try again and do better. There is always a way, and God is bigger than my problems and has solutions to everything. I can do this and I trust things will work out. Dear God, as I write this agreement, please help me live it. I thank You in advance it’s done, then sign below.

I have realized lots of people of different religions and spiritual beliefs are reading my stuff, so I try sometimes to make it general to relate with everyone. Honestly, if it is me writing this agreement right now on my journal, I will make it more personal. I will make sure to say My Father God, because I believe God is my Father. And I will put a scripture something like The Bible says, with You all things are possible, and then I will finish it with in Jesus’ Name, Amen, and then sign.

After you have written this agreement, it’s good to check back every New Year’s Day just before you start writing and updating your goals for the New Year, and re-evaluating your life to see if you have kept your word or violated your agreement.


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