In God We Trust

Before we go on I want you to know in case you didn’t know, money is a very great servant but a horrible master. I am not a financial adviser though I have some kind of finance background, so I think I can write such a statement about money adding with what I have learned through my own personal experiences. There are lots of advantages and benefits money can give you; money can give you financial freedom and which will give you so many other freedoms to do, buy, and achieve lots of things in this life. But as soon you make money your master instead of your servant, it will bully you, take advantage of your lack of knowledge on how to spend it wisely, and drag you into places and situations that you wish if you could do things all over again, you wouldn’t make such unwise decisions again. If you won’t respect money, it won’t respect you.

God has gifted me with a writing gift and to be honest I treat this gift as a hobby right now apart from using it to serve God and His people, but also as my silver lining to make lots of money. Just like it says on the United States dollars, “In God we trust,” so do I, because I believe I am on my way to making lots of money using my God’s given writing gift. And I trust God is leading me there.

They say it’s better to do what you love and do it anyway even when you don’t get paid doing it. Since you love to do it, chance is you will go an extra mile, and as you continue to do what you love, soon or later the money will follow. I know people who made lots of money through writing books, songs, and et cetera, and because of that when I write, read, and look at my articles, song lyrics, and poems, I see money also. Some people take longer other shorter time to reach to this point to want to write for a living.

I didn’t start this way; in the beginning I wasn’t really good as I think I am now. So the more I kept writing the more I fall in love, and it reached to a point, I said this is me, because writing comes so easy to me. Once I found out God gifted me with this writing gift, I kept practicing. I started a blog, my first ever blog called YouCount in 2009 and I immediately started writing. And I wrote, because I thought I had so much to say.

I may not know how to monetize my gifts and talents right now, but my current focus is to figure out the ways that I can give value and serve using my gifts and talents. And I believe the more I concentrate doing what I love, opportunities to make money through it will open up for me.

We all have God’s given gifts and talents. God is very generous with us. I tell the people in my life all the time, even the smallest and shortest finger nails are valuable though the longest finger nails look much more valuable. In life you may not receiving or earning millions of dollar but you receive or earn something. God is not stingy.

Your gifts and talents will be those things you love doing, most of the time you can’t resist yourself doing them, and they really come easy to you and if somebody else try to do the way like you do, they kind of struggle, but you do it well, and it’s almost hard for you to not give God credit for it because you know it’s a gift. Some of the gifts and talents have to be nourished before you come to terms to say this is me, I want to do this for the rest of my life.

So you just have to figure out or discover for yourself what those gifts and talents are, because they are there. Sometimes you figure them out with lots of practice and determination. You can certainly pray to God to reveal the gifts and talents He has planted inside you. And He will do it, because He did for me.

“Oh, you don’t know how old I am?” Sure, I don’t, but I have an answer for you; it’s never too late to find out, or start something, or do something new. Let God be the judge of whether it’s too late or not, because He knows your future better than you do, and has your life on the palm of His Hand. All things are possible with God, you are only limiting yourself.

And then you ask, “How do I pray or ask God to reveal my gifts and talents to me?” Do it like the way you have always been praying and communicating with God our Creator, and our Father. Prayer is just a communication between you and God. The way I communicate may be different to the way you are communicating with God because some are on their way there, some have no clue, while other people are at the point they have already established a relationship with God, so to them He is not just God, He is also like a Father to them, Guardian, and Shepherd, therefore they have already know how to fellowship with God in more deeper level and on regular basis. Just pray from the heart. You can even pray, “God, I need You. Teach and show me how to pray and communicate with You.” And God will hear you.

Long time ago before I became a born-again Christian, I used to memorize prayers to pray in the morning before going to bed at the dining table to bless the food and so on, and I knew most of the prayers by head and could say by heart. I was a Roman Catholic and many prayers I knew and memorized, they taught us in Church. I came to find out, I didn’t have to memorize prayers, I can pray my own prayers, and personalize them since it was my communication between me and God. So in the beginning days of being a born-again Christian it was hard because I didn’t know how to do it. So I will copy what some of the members of the Church would prayed and how they would prayed them, especially the Pastors, and make it more of my own..hahaha…

Have I become better in prayers now? I am really not sure, but I know God hears me when I pray; whether I would be speaking to Him, or pray in tongues, I know God hears me. When I go to bed, I always pray, okay …maybe not always because some days I fall asleep with my laptop on my bed without even knowing when I fall asleep, and with lights on all night. But in those days where I went to sleep knowingly, I usually prayed, and as I closed my eyes lying on my bed, I would tell God, “Good night,” because I know He is with me and He can hear me even though I can’t see Him.

It doesn’t matter how you pray, as long as you are respectful to God, you don’t pray to harm someone, you trust God can hear you and He is well able to help you, and also want and willing to help you. Once you make a first step to pray, God will direct you how to communicate with Him. He will reach to you, and help you with your journey. God can use people around you, television, YouTube videos, and so many other things to reach to you.

So finding out about your God’s given gifts and talents it’s best and good thing you can do for yourself, and it will change your life.


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