You have 24 Hours a Day

I am Productive

Ideas are only value when you act on them. Mmh…

Do you know that saying that says you have the same 24 hours as Beyonce? And if you don’t mind, I would like to use Beyonce as an example again because it’s better to use examples of people who are known by so many people, and Beyonce is one of them.  As some of us we know, Beyonce has accomplished a lot so far in her career and we could say in so many areas of her life in general. I also know lots of successful people who are not as famous as Beyonce who are also so productive and have accomplished a lot in their lives so far.

So one day after getting tired of being behind and unproductive, I said to myself I am going to be productive too. And the first question that hit me was, “What do productive people do every day that make them so much productive and accomplish a lot?” And I told myself if I can just find out, and perhaps do exactly what they have been doing there is a pretty good chance for me to get the same results. This famous quote by Jim Rohn says, “Success leaves clues.” All you need is to learn from those who have gone before you and are where you want to go, take the good stuff, and apply to your own life. Continue reading “You have 24 Hours a Day”