Know Thyself


I love my family even when we disagree on few things many times, because they are my family, and will always be my family. I have known them since the day I can remember being with them, when I was a toddler.  My parents have been blessed with so many children, but of the same Mom and Dad, we are six siblings; four sisters and two brothers.

It’s obvious and normal to know and understand all your siblings’ characters since you may have been raised and grew up together, and even when you got older and started your own family, you regularly still keep in touch with your siblings, and being there for one another.

There may be times you can even stand up for one of your siblings and say confidently, “I know and understand my sister, she wouldn’t have done that, may be somebody else, but not her.” You wouldn’t say that confidently if you didn’t know or understand your sister. And the way you came to know and understand her because you have lived with her for so long to know and understand how she reacts or responds to things, her characters, her behaviors, her beliefs, and so many other things, or in other words so many other of her business. Continue reading “Know Thyself”