Know Thyself


I love my family even when we disagree on few things many times, because they are my family, and will always be my family. I have known them since the day I can remember being with them, when I was a toddler.  My parents have been blessed with so many children, but of the same Mom and Dad, we are six siblings; four sisters and two brothers.

It’s obvious and normal to know and understand all your siblings’ characters since you may have been raised and grew up together, and even when you got older and started your own family, you regularly still keep in touch with your siblings, and being there for one another.

There may be times you can even stand up for one of your siblings and say confidently, “I know and understand my sister, she wouldn’t have done that, may be somebody else, but not her.” You wouldn’t say that confidently if you didn’t know or understand your sister. And the way you came to know and understand her because you have lived with her for so long to know and understand how she reacts or responds to things, her characters, her behaviors, her beliefs, and so many other things, or in other words so many other of her business.

For instance; I know and understand all my siblings so well to the point that I know who to approach for what, or who likes what or doesn’t like what. I know what triggers them. There are a couple of my siblings I can’t approach the way I approach others, I have to be c-a-r-e-f-u-l with my words and how I put them in a sentence, or it may back fire on me..hahaha. They are very good and kind, but may be a little bit sensitive.

And I am very sure all my siblings know and understand me too. They could tell you everything about me that they know. How I behave, my characters, what triggers me, and my beliefs, and so on. They basically know and understand almost all my personal business, and that’s what will always happen if you know people and spend much time with them in your life. They can read you and evaluate you just by being with you.

In school and business, some of us have been taught about a tool called SWOT Analysis which stands for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis or system that is used to assess a business. Most of auditors use the SWOT Analysis tool to audit the business and its environment.

There are two factors that affect SWOT analysis. There are internal factors which are made up of strengths and weaknesses whereby strength is a positive internal factor and weakness is a negative internal factor. The external factors consist of opportunities and threats whereby an opportunity is a positive external factor and a threat is a negative external factor.

Therefore, the SWOT analysis can be useful in two ways; one is to help to turn business weaknesses into strengths and business threats into opportunities. And two, it gives the company options to match internal strengths with external opportunities to help the business continue to adding values, maximize opportunities, and make profits.

In real life, most of us are concerned about knowing others, but we forget about knowing ourselves, or thyself. Believe or not, there are some people in life who use the SWOT analysis to get around people. SWOT Analysis can also be used in interview evaluations, evaluating friendships, and even choosing a spouse, some people use SWOT Analysis…hahaha.

Why wait until other people assess your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, when you can do it for yourself in advance and choose to show them what you would like them to see from you?

“You mean I have got personal strengths?” Yeah, you have got strengths. Just look within you and out of you and you will know your personal strength. The best time to know about your strength is when you are faced by a tough situation or some kind of hardship in your life and you look back and say, “Wow, I am a courageous and strong woman. I got through that alive and on top of that as a champion…mmh. I am smart, courageous, strong, and a loving woman. Thank You God.”

You mean I am also an opportunity. You bet you are! I am telling you sister friend, when men come to chase you for a friendship, they ask themselves, “What’s in for them?” So if you are smart and intelligent, beautiful, got your own money, business, or something, healthy, and basically you have more good potentials, sister friend…you are an opportunity for them.” We all have opportunities in our lives. I know some people who have jobs that pay for their houses, their children tuition fees, gas for their cars, and they get to travel to different countries, and on top of that, they have got huge salaries and yearly bonuses. Those my friends are opportunities that other don’t have. Don’t get jealous now, just celebrate with them, because may be one day you will also get the same opportunities.

You are a threat for instance when people say, “Don’t double cross that woman, she is a troublesome.”  Or another example of a threat could be that pretty and single colleague of your husband who shares the same office with him..hahaha, just kidding. Some threats are strengths, not necessary weaknesses. I heard there are some men are threatened by successful and financial independent women. Mmh… I just said I heard, and I didn’t mean it’s true for every man.

And off course, we all know about weaknesses, everybody has at least one. Your weakness can be that everyone is walking over you because you are way too kind. Or you are a jealously type spouse, and often insecure that your wife may be cheating on you. Or you are an impatient person, and you keep driving people in your life crazy because of your impatience.

Remember, not all weaknesses and threats are bad, because some of them in some situation can be strength or opportunities. It really depends with a situation. For instance, a colleague of yours may be better in doing some tasks that you are not good as he or she is, so that colleague becomes a threat to you. But instead of going around and create drama to put her down, you can say this is an opportunity for me to learn and become better, so you learn from the colleague and treat him or her as an opportunity for you to become better.

So do you know thyself? Apart from knowing that you are a child of the Greatest King, or you are of high status, or you are amazing and have a wonderful personality, or a successful business woman, and et cetera, would you like to know more about yourself? What are your personal qualities? Do you know your personality type and traits?

Are you that person who likes to criticize yourself down, or put yourself down all the time? Do you know what triggers you to do things, especially when it comes to certain things that you are not proud of, let’s say like domestic violence? When people attack or insult you, do you cave in or rise up and fight back? Are you a defensive person? Do you know what makes you calm down? Are you a jealously and an envious person? Do you gossip too much? Are you secretive? Are you lazy or hardworking person? Do you have confidence in yourself or have low self-esteem? Are you an ambitious person? Are you are an appreciative person or a complainer? When was the last time you said thanks or compliment another person?  Are you more active in the morning or afternoon? Are you an introvert or extravert? Do you save money or you like to spend it especially on unnecessary things? Are you an indecisive individual? Are you revengeful? Are you easily provoked? How do you react when your buttons get pushed? Are you that kind of a person who likes to prove people wrong after they double crossed you? Are you a prideful or humble person? What do you fear most or often afraid of? Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist, or both? Do you talk louder, quieter, faster or slower? Are you compassionate? Do you worry too much? Can you say you are consistent emotional strong and fit, or unfit? Do you get too emotional? Do you believe in superstition? Can you say you’re a strategic person? Are you good in communication and interpersonal skills? Do you think you are romantic or unromantic? Are you an organized person? We can go on and on. There is so much to know and understand about ourselves.

You can use SWOT Analysis tool to help you know thyself and who you are. It’s very simple. All you need is four pages of a notebook for now to assess yourself and your life, and later on you can write more. One page you will use to write your strengths, another one your opportunities, another one will be your weaknesses, and a fourth one will be for your threats. After you write all the four ingredients of the SWOT Analysis, you will be in much more better position of discovering many things about yourself. It will help you with so many things is this life.

You can use it to turn your weaknesses into strengths, and your threats into opportunities. SWOT Analysis will help you to identify some of the things that you may not like about you self, so that you can decide to change them to become a much better person. You can also use SWOT Analysis to match your internal strengths with your external opportunities to improve the quality of your life.


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