Celebrate Your Small Successes

Organizations, firms, or companies have traditional ways of rewarding their employees and celebrating success as a whole. The traditional ways they normal use to reward the top performer employees can be by giving them promotions, yearly raises and bonuses, certificates of recognition, gift and discount cards, and so on. For instance; when they recognize a certain employee has a capability for a certain job and fits well for what he or she has already shown and proven so far, and also she or he is ready for the next challenge, most of the time they will promote that individual, of course if she or he is also interested to take that challenge or job position.

And if they cannot promote that individual because there is already somebody else who is also as good and fits well, they will decide to reward that employee with something else, let’s say by giving him or her bonus for the good job and contributions to the company or organization.

There are times these organizations and firms do not have funds, but still, they want to appreciate their employees for the well job done and also to motivate them to continue doing good jobs and contribute at the maximum and highest level. And so they reward them with certificates of recognition, or some kind of tokens with a company logo to remember by, and so on.

I used to work at this organization in one of their projects. Once a year we would have a project review meeting that would normally took two full days. We would meet to discuss current year success stories and achievements for our project and see if we have met our objectives, targets, and goals for the year. And if there are challenges we would address, and discuss the way forward. And then we will talk about next year goals, targets, and objects. But during this same meeting in the evening time of day two, and after the meeting is done, they would reward and recognize employees for their contributions to the project for the current year depending on different categories.

Another organization I worked for had other ways of announcing and recognizing their employees and organization successes. They would announce through an organization website and also the organization monthly newsletters that will be sent to all employees through our work emails. On top of announcing the organization success stories for the month, they would also recognize some employees who have been doing good jobs and performing well, by sharing what they did and their contributions. And to support their recognition, if you happened to be among the ones recognized, you will later receive a bonus, certificate, promotion, and so on as a reward and a way to tell you thank you and well done.

We used to have weekly meetings, again with this another organization that I worked for also. During each week, each department would select a member to speak up for what his or her team has successful done for the week. So let’s say for this week, the team member representing would say, “We had these goals and action items, and have accomplished almost all of them successful and this is what happened. For the rest of pending action items, we will continue to work on them next week along with our new action items that we have planned to accomplish next week.” And then another department team representative will speak for their team and tell their week accomplishments and successes, and so on. And at the end of the meeting, you will both know what’s going on within each department and the organization. It is during these weekly meetings they will also announce other success stories, and recognize some employees, and so on.

Other organization I worked for also had its own way of celebrating success.  When it came to employees, they wouldn’t announce it anywhere and there wouldn’t be a meeting.  You would be called by your supervisor or boss that you have been rewarded and recognized for your outstanding work, and after that they would print your picture and hang on the office walls…hahaha, and then give you a certificate, gift card, or some kind of a pay raise. It really depends how well you have performed and contributed.  Most of the time, the supervisors would be the ones to recommend you to the higher authority and management, so sometimes you wouldn’t know what’s going on until they call you to tell you that you are the employee of the month.

Some people, not only celebrate during their birthdays, they also take vacation every year to go to some exotic places with their families to enjoy life and celebrate their year successes after working hard and accomplishing some of their goals.

It is a good thing to appreciating and celebrating your success in small increments. You don’t have to wait until you have graduated to celebrate. Each time you finish one class or all classes you planned to take for the semester, and get an A+ grade for all of them; that is enough big reason to celebrate.

I don’t know about other countries, but in Tanzania when you are in primary school level, I think this is called elementary school in other countries, at each end of the year, the school will reward students who are on top of their classes with notebooks or exercising books, pens, pencils, for the first to fifth runner up. And those students who will go home empty handed don’t mean they didn’t do well, but maybe not as well as the top five. So this will motivate them next time to study harder than before and go an extra mile in order for them to also be recognized and received gifts or rewards by performing well and get good grades in school next time around.

Organizations and companies do not wait until they have achieved massive great success and large profits to start sharing with everyone who works for the company, or celebrating and acknowledging their small successes, as well as recognizing and rewarding their employees each week, month, or year.

These organizations have found out, when you celebrate small successes it motivates you more to work harder and go for more big successes. It gives you some kind of satisfaction that you are on the right path and that you are making progress. It boosts your confidence and energy, and gives you hope to pursue more success.

You can start by celebrating every day by writing down what you have done today, your highlights for the day that you think to you were the small successes that would lead you to your bigger successes. Then tell God, “Thank You. I think we did well today,” and go have a cup of coffee or tea to celebrate…hahaha. It doesn’t have to be a huge celebration.

And it doesn’t necessarily have to do with work. It can be you have checked some things you have done to reach some of your personal goals that you have set up for you to accomplish this year. So each time you check mark complete the action items for some of your personal goals you have reached, you celebrate.

You can also decide to go to a massage beauty parlor, and get yourself a good massage since you have worked hard this week and you successful closed that deal. Who knows? May be the money for the message will be returned from the bonus you will get this year. Just kidding.

And those who say, “I can only tell if I am successful or not after a month.” Well, then…this is also good. Most companies and organizations, they accumulate all successes for the month, and celebrate or share at once at the end of the month.

Lao Tzu has been quoted saying, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” So would you rather celebrate after you have reached a thousand miles, or after each time you have taken five steps? It is possible to aim for higher achievements while still taking time to enjoy the achievements you have attained.

You know, it’s not about the celebration itself that is a big deal; it’s the acknowledging part that is really important. Acknowledging your efforts, appreciating yourself for all the work you have done, and appreciating God, and if it is a big success that involves other people, then appreciating also all the people who have helped you to get this far.

You also acknowledging that you are making a difference, or you have a purpose on this planet earth, and you are doing it, one step at a time. You may not be there yet, but you are making a progress, and when you celebrate, you get yourself motivated to going for more success. It will also help you not to feel overwhelmed as if you are not moving ahead or going nowhere. Truth is, you have worked really hard, and it’s time to appreciate that and celebrate.

Celebrating small successes can be another way of telling yourself if you continue to working hard, doing good job, efficiently, effectively, and successfully, and continuing to persisting to higher performance, there will be a reward waiting for you.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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