Acres of Diamonds in Your Own Yard

There is this story called “Acres of Diamonds,” and I am not sure if it is a true story or not, but it is a very famous story and some of us have heard it before.  The story tells that there was an African farmer who heard tales about other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines in various areas in Africa continent. He believed in these stories, therefore he decided he was going to become one of them, and so he sold his farm. After he sold his farm, off he went and spent the rest of his life wandering in several areas of Africa continent making his dream come true. Unfortunately unlike the tales he has heard, for whatever reasons things didn’t work out for him, and he was unsuccessfully to make millions from those diamond mines he had found. Finally after getting tired of everything, he threw himself into a river and drowned. Now, to the man who had bought his farm, one day he happened to be crossing the small stream on the farm, and then suddenly there was a bright flash of blue and red light from the bottom of the stream. He bent down to see what it was, and found out it was a good-sized beautiful stone, therefore he decided to bring it with him, and put it on his fireplace mantel at home as a decor. Several weeks, months, or years later maybe, he had this visitor visited him at his home. This visitor saw the sparkling stone displayed on the fireplace mantel, and looked closely at it, and almost fainted. He asked this farmer if he knew what he had found, and he said ‘no.’ And the visitor told him that he had found one of the largest diamonds ever discovered. And so the visitor decided to inspect the entire farmland, and then he discovered it was full of such stones, though not as large as the one on the farmer’s fireplace mantel. To make the story short, the farmland turned out to be one of the most productive diamond mines on the entire Africa continent. Apparently the first farmer had owned acres of diamonds, but he didn’t look closely enough, and instead he went to look for them somewhere else.

Sometimes you don’t have to look very far; you might be surprised and find out that you may have acres of diamonds in your own yard. If you look very close, think deeply, and work a little harder and smarter, and persist a bit longer, who knows right? There are so many lessons from this story, and I have listed six of them for us to learn from it.

  1. Research before you dig into things.

After he has heard the tales of other farmers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines, the next thing the first farmer could have done is to do a research, study, and learn about the diamond industry before he decided to pursue it. Things like how does the diamonds look like, not only how do they look like after they have been processed, but also in their rough states. He needed to know how the diamonds looked like before, and after. He could also had found out how these successful farmers discovered the diamond mines in these places  and how they were able to made millions through them.

  1. Find your reasons WHY you are doing it.

Let’s say the first farmer had a plan. Perhaps he did his research, learned about the industry, and he sold his farm, therefore he had enough capital to get started. But why was he doing it? What was the dream? Was it to made millions of money or to owned a diamond mine?  You have to understand, he was a farmer and not a miner. What was he chasing after? Did he want to be a farmer, a miner, or just a business person who wanted to make millions of money? And according to the story, I think he was searching after the money; he wanted to make millions of money let’s say because he wanted to have a better life. He is not the only one; one of the reasons why most of us also go after certain dreams is because we want to live a better life.

  1. Look very close, in your own yard.

The first farmer was an African, so he was also living in an Africa continent. If it was just about finding the diamond mine, he could have started exploring his own farmland to see maybe he had treasures buried underground. Before you go and look for some treasures out there somewhere very far away, maybe you should look at the ones that are near and around you, and sometimes within you. What is it you have that could turn to a diamond mine? Do you have talents, gifts, skills, and other resources that can turn out to something of value perhaps to help you make millions of money?  Those ideas you have been putting away for a while now could be the yard you may be looking for. What is it you love and enjoying doing?

  1. Water your own grass.

Water your own grass, talents, gifts, relations, and so on. You’ll never know, because you might discover some treasures hidden in them. Most people think the grass is always greener on the other side. You might be surprised. Sometimes it’s greener because somebody else has watered and worked on it. Guess what? Maybe there was time his or her grass were also not greener, and then he or she decided to water it, and you just see the end results of commitment, determination, efforts, and series of actions, practices, and lessons learned. If you water yours, it will also be greener on your side. It’s a matter of perspective,and how you see things.

  1. If you love it enough, you’ll make it work and stick around long enough.

Don’t look somewhere else because someone else is doing it, therefore you also want to do it. Found out what is it you want, like, and enjoying doing, and do you. If you don’t like or love it, you won’t bother to fight for it long enough to see it come through when push comes to shove. I never bother to learn how to cook some food and dishes, because I don’t like to cook. People who know me can tell you this is true. I often don’t like the food I cook, it’s embarrassing to say this, but it’s true. I can cook pretty much basic stuff, but I haven’t been taking time to improving my cooking skills. I never take time to water my cooking skills. My point is, if you really like or love something, you will do something to make it work, and you will go an extra mile for it. Some dreams, goals, and other things, in order to accomplish them require long-time commitment, consistency, discipline, determination, and so much more as part of paying the price that might be required to continue fighting for them until they come into reality. So if you love it enough, you’ll make it work and stick around long enough.

  1. Believe somehow it will work out.

Didn’t the first farmer loved money to stick around long enough until he succeeded? Well, again there are the rest of reasons as we have mentioned earlier that could also have been the cause of him to ended unsuccessful when he was chasing after his dream. Perhaps the first farmer loved the money, but he could also have made millions by doing something else. May be something that he loved and he had knowledge of.  It could be that after a series of disappointments and failures, the first farmer gave up, and stop believing that it was possible for him to made millions of money. May be the first farmer didn’t want it very badly, therefore he was discouraged and decided to quit, and didn’t believe enough it was also possible for him. Perhaps he didn’t know that failures and disappointments, they all mean try something else, or do things different way. When you truly ache for something, and you know in your heart it’s what you want and right for you, you will believe with all your heart, and chances are, you will keep fighting. You won’t give up because you are tired, or it’s hard. You will make a plan, and work toward your goals and dreams, and persist until you win.

So tell me after reading this article, “What have you also learned from ‘Acres of Diamonds’ story?”

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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