Yes…I know I have written before that we are living in a Doggy Dog world, because it is true, just pay attention and look around you, and you will see it. People are fighting for the same attention, for the same customers, subscribers, and so on. Even though we are always competing with one another, it doesn’t have to be so rough. There is a good way to handle it so that we can all win.

I don’t know if you have already read the book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Dr. Stephen Covey. It’s a great read by the way. Anyway, in his book, one of the seven habits he mentioned and talked about, is that highly effective people always “Think WIN-WIN” in situations. Meaning that for them to win it doesn’t mean another person has to lose. And because of this thinking and how they handle things and competition, it is why they are highly effective. They always play a win-win, and let you do your thing to prove yourself that you are also worthy of winning.

I will give you one example; I don’t know if you are familiar with YouTube industry. Not how people make videos which is also very important to know, but a few of their strategies they use to gain more viewers, subscribers, and customers. As I write this, I don’t have my own YouTube channel yet, but I can see it that I need to have it very soon, in my very near future. It’s one of the best social media network tools to reach a wide range of audiences in a visual manner and style. Certainly people like to read, but they also like to watch you to see whatever you do in visual contents and sometimes in action with vivid and tangible instructions.

Anyway, what most these YouTube influencers do when it comes to gaining more subscribers and viewers, they will collaborate with other YouTube influencers.  So let’s say you have a YouTube channel about motivation talks, because you are a motivational public speaker. Therefore, one way to gain more subscribers and viewers for yourself is to collaborate with another YouTube influencer who does the same thing you do. You decide to contact and speak with this motivational public speaker about collaborating with him or her, and therefore you both come to an agreement that each of you will make a video about something and upload on your YouTube channels, then in the beginning, or in the end, or the middle of the video, you will introduce each other’s new gigs. For instance you have a new book coming up, or this speaking engagement and training coming up; then this other motivational speaker will use that to introduce you to his viewers and subscribers on his YouTube channel. He will share about your new book and why he or she thinks it is important for his or her subscribers and viewers to read it. On the other hand, you will do the same thing for him, for whatever he might have going on at the time.

Remember now, both these people are somehow competing for the same customers, market, viewers, subscribers, and so on. But instead of fighting the other way by criticizing each other’s work and business, telling their customers that business is no good and blablabla, they decide to do it in a highly effective way by collaborating together in return for win-win situation.

You see highly effective people know that when it comes to business, you can’t con people, because believe it or not, your products and services, they also have their own voices, and they can speak for themselves. Even if that YouTube influencer will brag about you, but customers, viewers, subscribers, or users, they still have a power to decide for themselves whether they think your products and services are worthy of their money, time, use, and et cetera.

When these YouTube influencers collaborate, they expect that the people they collaborate with, their subscribers, viewers, and readers will come to check out their YouTube channels, and hoping they will also like their YouTube channels to subscribe or come back again. But they still have to prove their work and services to these new viewers and potential customers they have gained from their collaboration. The collaboration just gave them the platform to introduce themselves to more audiences, potential customers, and subscribers that they never had before.

The good thing is that when you collaborate, you don’t have to pay for the advertisement fees, or TV air timing fees, just think of it as another cheap way for free social media exposure.  Therefore, you can both win and still save necessary fees to get both of you promote your products and services somewhere else. When you think win-win, more people will be willing to collaborate with you, which means more audiences for you.

And I have used YouTube industry as an example. This win-win thinking mentality can be applied in perhaps in all industries and in all areas of life.  There is this concept called “Golden Rule.” This concept is somehow explain in the Bible in the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 12, and it says, “In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” It’s another way of saying in everything think win-win.

So do you agree or disagree? Let’s discuss.

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