How To Become an Effective Salesperson


I am ready for tea now, so please sit down and let’s talk.

I am a tea lover, and I drink tea all the time; I drink tea in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. I also drink tea in all seasons and weather; summer, winter, fall, spring, when it’s really hot, very chilly, or even when the weather is nice, calm, and cool. Sometimes I wonder if I should start a tea shop so that I can sell tea and tea bags to make a living…hahaha. I may not be good in cooking, but making a good tea is my specialty. If you spend a lot of time with me, seriously, if you are not a tea lover already, you will become one. Somehow I will influence you to start drinking tea.  Not only my tea is always tastefulicious, but drinking tea is good for us because some tea bags have these herbs in it that are good for our health. Besides tea can be a delightful drink or beverage especially in very cold days. I am talking about hot tea now.

This makes me wondering sometimes, if I can only be able to easily and successfully convince people to also buy into my other ideas and projects just like when I am able to easily and effectively convince them into drinking tea, man…that will be really awesome. Maybe I am not as bad as I think, now that you are reading this.

Believe it or not, we all have some kind of sales skills, because we are always and frequently selling ourselves or things to our family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, strangers, societies, and so on.

That’s why I am amazed when I hear people say “I don’t how to sell things, or I will never be a sales person. I don’t understand how sales people sell things, and handle the rejections.” And then yet, these people have more than three million subscribers and followers on their YouTube channels, Twitter accounts, blogs, and websites. If they are not sales people, then how were they able to get those people into liking their services, products, or stuff they have got going on in their social media networks and online sites?

We all have some kind of sales skills, maybe some of us are better than the rest of us, but we are all sales people selling something perhaps every day.

As human beings, it’s common for us to socializing. We were created to socializing, though some of us are somewhat anti-social, meaning that we may need to improve ourselves in some areas, because we were created to socialize.

But even in socializing, and making friends, we still need to sell our selves by convincing other people why they should be our friends, to remind them why we are unique and awesome friends.

When we go to interviews for instance, we always sell our selves, including our time, talents, knowledge, technical and other skills; and the best interviewees will always win depending on what they are selling and what these interviewers require and need from them. And just because we didn’t make in some interviews, it doesn’t mean we cannot sell our selves, products, and expertise somewhere else, or next time.

And just because we haven’t made many sales like other have made, it doesn’t mean we are not sales people, perhaps it could be that it’s not our area of expertise, or simply we need to improve our other sales skills.

But honestly, there are some people who seem to be very good in selling things, and they can literally sell anything successfully and effectively.

So, why some people are more effective in selling ideas, insights, products, services, and so on, while others are struggling in doing the same. There are things that these effective sales people are doing that others don’t. I have been able to come up with seven reasons that set these effective sales apart from average sales people and the rest, and they are as follows;

  1. They learn about their potential customers ahead of time

For instance; an effective car salesperson knows what kind of a car to sell to a young, middle age, or old person. And according to the wallet of the customer, the salesperson also knows what kind of a car to sell to this customer. Whatever it is they want to sell; whether it be selling a house in a market, or selling products in a department store, or pitching a new business idea, effective sales people always prepare ahead of time. They do their research and gather all the information that they need to know about their customers.

  1. They have enough knowledge about their products, and services

Also believe in them and are passionate about them. Because when you are passionate about the products and services you sell, the more effectively you will be able to sell them. Effective sales people are also somehow consumers and regular users of the products, and services they sell. They know it’s important to learn about the products, and services that they are selling ahead of time. Things like product features, values, inventory, and all the necessary knowledge you must know so that when the customer asks questions you have the answer.

  1. They think from customer’s point of view

It’s all about what a customer can benefit from this exchange, or sale, and not necessary concentrating mainly on making a sale. Imagine if you were a customer and someone else is selling you that product. How would you like to be treated as a customer? Effective sales people seek to understand customers need, and they do it by listening to their needs as well as by asking them questions. Effective sales people know that when the customer wins, it means they win also. There you go; a win-win situation.

  1. They provide value

And that’s why probably they are effective. We are living in a value giving and receiving world. The more value you provide the more people will buy and effective sales people know if they are not providing value from their services or products, then its better not selling them. Because if they do, they are not going to be as effective as they want too, and perhaps look like they are conning people.

  1. They build business relationships with customers

So that they can keep in touch with their customers, make a follow up, and keep them coming back. For some would be to get contact details for their customers so that next time when new products arrive or they have discounts and a sale going on, they can contact their customers so that they can be the first ones to know. For others would be establishing subscribers contact email list to notify them each time of their new products, services, and offers. For some would be interacting with them through social media networks.

  1. They don’t take the rejections personal

Effective sales people know its part of the job, or business negotiation, not everyone is going to buy their products or services or ideas, and customers have the right to disagree, say no, and decide to go somewhere else, so, its okay. Therefore, next time when these customers come back again, they can calmly serve them again, instead of ignoring them by holding grudges.

  1. They have specific sales targets and goals

Effective sales people know what they want to accomplish and the results they want to get, so they plan their approach on how they will achieve their goals and targets, and take series of action. They also make sure their goals and targets not only they are achievable, but also are time-framed.

Please comment; I would like to know what you think. May be you can suggest other reasons that set effective sales people apart from the others.


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