Sometimes Life Plays Music That We Must Take Courage To Dance

take courage to dance (2)There was this period is my life when I was young that I really wanted to become a professional dancer. Therefore, I told myself when I grow older I will be a professional dancer. And I had several reasons why, but the one really attracted me to wanting to become one was how these professional dancers can dance and tell different stories when they dance. I liked the way they moved and be able to creatively tell stories. I thought that was a cool thing. Besides, dancing is really fun and uplifting, and can bring so much joy, so I really enjoyed dancing and to see people dancing.

Anyway, a professional dancer was not the only thing that I wanted to be; man..I wanted to be many things, but I kept changing as I grew older. There were times I also liked the fact how music and certain songs made me feel when I listened to them and sang along. Therefore, I wanted to be a singer and musician, so that I could also uplift people through songs and music. There were also times in my life I wanted to be a Pastor or Pastor’s wife. I liked the fact of being able to serve God and people, praying for people, and et cetera.

As you grow up things and situations begin to change after you have been through many experiences and being influenced with so many people who have crossed your pathways. So like everybody else who decides later on to forget the old and pursuing new dreams they have discovered along the way, nowadays when I sing or dance is mainly for my personal joy. This is why sometimes I can’t resist dancing by myself at home when a really good upbeat song plays. It is during these good moments I am always reminded that sometimes life can be really good and fun if we will give it a chance.

You see, life plays music and songs all the time, but it’s up to us each time life plays music to decide whether to sing along, change the lyrics to fit our own experiences, just listen, or dance along.

I will give you an example. There are some songs life plays when we hear them we get so excited, and we can’t wait to sing, jump, dance, and celebrate. Even when we feel really tired, or don’t feel like dancing, we will stand up and dance, and make plans to celebrate even more. Because these songs and music excite us, perhaps the lyrics and its message, or it could be the beats, or its benefits.

It’s the same thing when it comes to life experiences and situations; there is some music that life plays when we hear them we can’t resist to celebrate. For instance; when we get promoted, or get salary increase and yearly bonuses, or just get engaged, or found out we were accepted to Princeton University, or have received a million dollar check from certain business transactions, and so on. These are examples of good music and songs each one of us would like to hear frequently play in our lives.

Though it’s unlikely for us to dance or listen to a song that we really don’t like at all, unfortunately, in life there are some songs and music that we are supposed to listen and respond to them even when we don’t like to hear them play at all. For instance songs that bring bad news to us; songs like you have been laid off, or when your wife asked you for a divorce, and so on.

Life plays music all the time and we have a choice each day to decide what to do when the music play. Even though there is some music we really don’t need to dance; we are just supposed to listen and learn from their messages. But whether we like it or not, most of the time we are forced to dance when certain life music plays. And if we decide to dance, then how we dance is how we will create the story that we want to tell about ourselves.

There is this saying that says, “When writing a story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” Therefore, you will meet so many people in life; there are those who will tell you can’t dance, and those who will encourage you to stand up and dance. But there will be also those who will teach you how to dance, especially when the music to you is like in foreign languages. But truth is, only you are alone have the power to decide how you want to tell the story of your life.

That’s why there are people who were born and grew up from nothing or came from poverty, but today they are mentioned on Forbes magazine as millionaires or billionaires. People like the famous Helen Keller, or the famous Stevie Wonder, if you have heard of them before then you will know they did not let their major setbacks stopping them achieving their dreams and becoming great examples to all humans and humanity.

Sometimes life plays music that we must have courage to dance, especially when the music comes as a storm, who knows because several times really good opportunities are hidden in those storms. You just need to learn how to dance so that you can tell a good story after each dance.

Please join the discussion and let me know your insights on the idea of dancing with life music.


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