Think of Quality over Quantity

When it comes to things, I am now more of quality over quantity. Not all the time, but most of the time. Sometimes you are not going to have money to afford buying only quality things, and since you have got to have these certain things and items regularly, the best way to go is for quantity.

No offense, I like dollar stores, and I really like the idea of everything a $1 or less. If it’s for quick use temporary items like disposable items, then definitely, it’s a place to buy things. The problem is, sometimes the quality of some of their products is poor, or their brands are unfamiliar, and you don’t know what you are buying and you cannot approximate how long it is going to last you. Even a dollar adds up you know, so the idea of wasting money can pop up and convince you to buy something of a good quality somewhere else familiar.

But I didn’t start this way.  It took me a while to understand the concept of picking quality over quantity, because the more I could get, the better it felt, but the soon I understood the concept; I slowly began to pick up the habit.

It started when one of my older sisters moved from another city to live with me in a different city. She had a new job offer that was located in the city I was residing at the time. There were several things I noticed from her. I noticed she only wanted to do grocery shopping from the grocery stores that sold organic food. And then we would go shopping and she would become very picky and specific on things. For a while I did not understand why she wouldn’t buy anything when we went shopping if it was not a healthy and quality product, or a known brand product. And there was a time I thought she was very expensive and high maintenance, because she only bought expensive stuff ..hahaha.

For example when it came to clothes, shoes, beauty products, and et cetera; everything she got looked like had a designer price tag on it, I mean, that’s what I thought. But then, as I continued to live with her, I realized that not only she was looking for value and benefit, but also the quality on those products. She was more interested on the brand reputation and familiarity, and the quality of their products. And I was more interested on the celebrity style look for less, on the trend and style and how much I can afford and get. While I was busy looking for cute celebrity style for less products, she was looking for products that would last her longer. And when she didn’t have money to buy them, she would wait until they went on certain discount sale. But then after a while I realized the things I bought were so many, some of them I only wore twice for instance, and it has only been one year since I bought them, not only they became out of trend and style already, but they didn’t fit me anymore. I didn’t even know how they got to be small, because I have not been gaining weight; in fact I was size a little bit smaller than I used to be when I bought them. I also noticed some of my sister’s things such as clothes, shoes, other products, and so on, lasted longer. Maybe it had to be because of the way she took care of them, but I am pretty sure also the quality was another reason they lasted longer. So I said, ‘okay, this is how I am also going to roll from now on and going forward.’

Nowadays I am more of quality over quantity even though I comprise sometimes and get cheap stuff here and there. Quality means more money sometimes, and when you don’t have the money to splurge, but you have got to have the product, you have got to go for quantity.

Even though most of quality products and services are pricey, but quality does not mean always high prices. There are some quality products and brands that are really affordable and you can get even more for lesser prices if you use coupons and wait until they go on sale.

But I have to say, there are some people out there who will only buy quality products regardless of their financial weather situations. Their life standards tell them to only go for quality sometimes even if it’s pricey. As consumers, to them quality means ‘this is a better and durable product, it’s going to last them longer, so it’s worth the price.’ And because of these people, the producers and suppliers out there continue to making more quality, durable, and valuable products. To these producers, quality means ‘ I am going to spend my resources to make really good, valuable, and quality products, and I am going to charge this amount of money for it.’

So why should we think of quality over quantity?

As consumers the answer is because it’s for our own benefit.  I will give you an example. When you buy a high quality mobile phone for instance; three things you will get. First, a quality cell phone from a quality familiar brand will last you longer than an average cell phone life expectancy. Two, you don’t have to charge your mobile phone every day, you can charge it one day the whole day, and the battery charge may last you up to a week. There is no need to have a power bank when it comes to having a quality cell phone. It saves you electricity costs or in other words money, as well as save you from worrying whether your phone battery has enough charge every day. Three, it will have more current technology apps and software. That means you are not behind on things. Most of these apps and software can benefit you at large. You can write and receive emails from your cell phone; you can Skype meeting using your cell phone, and etc. Some cell phones are more than mini computers; they have so many useful apps only available on cell phones that personal computers do not have.

The minute we shift our mindset and start thinking of quality over quantity, we will realize we all can afford quality products and brands. Like I said, not all high quality products cost huge bucks. And instead of going for quantity and end up buying lots of cheap stuff, we can save that money instead, and buy less quality products. It will save our time and stress on the need to purchase things all the time, and it will save us money, yes money, like I said before even a dollar adds up. It will also save us space…hahaha. Let’s be honest; we collect things that we don’t really use at all.

As a producer and supplier, the answer can be quality means you will last longer on the market. I mean, quality and durable products will always stand out regardless of how many people are going to be able to purchase them. As a producer, you must believe consumers are going be able to see why your quality products are better than other products. Believe it or not, consumers and users will always prefer value and benefit above all other reasons, but when the value and benefit are connected to quality, that’s a huge plus for you as a producer and supplier.

Depending on the target market you are targeting, just think about it; the more quality your products and services, the good the reputation of your brand or company. Trust me, even middle-income level people would like to live like high-income level people, or at least buy a few things of high-income price range sometimes in their lives.

Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying, “If you keep your eye on the profit, you are going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow.” Therefore, it’s not a wise thing to make products or provide services because you just want to make profit. Be reasonable with the price too; you don’t want to charge high price for products that are not worthy of the price. If you are solving a solution for something, think of the value and benefit you are going to give as well as the quality of your products and services. There is a chance you will last longer on the market and earn more profit in the end.

I would like to know your insight on this, please feel free to comment below.

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