Overcoming our Negative Thoughts and Thinking


I really like to watch comedy movies and videos. Who doesn’t right? They are funny. In fact, one of the qualities I asked God on my list of the man I would like to spend my life with was for him to at least be a somewhat funny guy. I could use a sense of humor and charismatic guy in my life. Honestly, sometimes I can also be really goofy.

Even though love is the best soothing medicine, but let me tell you, laughing comes second after that. We all can use a good laugh. I look at all comedians as special and witty human beings, the fact that they can turn real tears into tears of joy in a matter of seconds, it’s awesome.  Some of these comedians can turn a negative situation into a serious burst of joy. You know those laughs that we laugh until our ribs ache.

Anyway, I just thought I should mention that. Now let’s get to my point. There are so many techniques and healthy ways that can help us overcoming our negative thoughts and thinking. Apart from watching comedies, listening to good uplifting music, sometimes dancing, I also have other daily routines and techniques I use every day to help me deal with my negative thoughts and thinking. These are just regular techniques that if you will be able to do them daily in the long-run you will be far much better in your journey than when you first started. I have narrowed them down to three, simply because these are the ones I found to have somehow helped me, and to me they have become somewhat my daily routines.

  1. Positive Affirmations

I learned about affirmations long ago through the famous author Louise Hay and I haven’t stop using them ever since.

So, what are positive affirmations? Well, they are positive statements about something we would like to change about ourselves or to see in our lives, or constantly remind ourselves with to help condition our subconscious mind to help us develop more positive perceptions of ourselves and circumstances. According to Louise Hay, “An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.”

Positive affirmations are known to help many people. When used constantly and every day, positive affirmations can help us change negative and harmful behaviors, habits, and patterns that we have accumulated already to positive ones. People also use positive affirmations to affirm their dreams and goals everyday as a way to constantly reminding themselves and tell their subconscious mind the need to accomplish them.

The name ‘affirm’ means to declare something to be true, therefore in a long-run these affirmations are supposed to work if we work them. According to experts when you say affirmations over and over again, the subconscious mind sense the things you affirm are important to you, and therefore gets busy noticing ways to help you achieve your goals.

There are also three ways that experts say they can make positive affirmations work really well for us. One is to say them out loud in front of a mirror, so that we can watch ourselves as we do that. Two is as we say those affirmations, vividly imagine and sincerely believe whatever it is we affirm, like it is already ours. Third, start our affirmation with “I am,” because it becomes more powerful when we start the positive affirmation with “I am.” Some experts believe that whatever we put after ‘I am,’ we become.

We can also take a scripture and shape it to a positive affirmation. I mean, we can shape a positive affirmation to whatever way it may work for us. The following are just few examples of positive affirmations;

I am safe and sound, all is well.

With every breath I take, I am bringing more and more well-being into my life.

I allow peace and joy to exist in all areas of my life.

I see the best in everyone and they in me.

I choose to fully participate in my day.

  1. Gratitude

For a while now I have trained myself to give thanks to God every day, and yes, I have a gratitude journal specifically for that. Each day I thank God for at least one thing that I am grateful for that day. Some days I will have more than five, and an entire page filled with thanksgiving. Some days I will have only two things. Even during bad days we all have at least one thing to be grateful for. The fact that we are alive and well enough is something to be thankful for.

The famous Rhonda Byrne said, “Be grateful for what you have now. As you begin to think about all the things in your life you are grateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come back to you of more things to be grateful for.”

You can turn your negative thoughts and thinking by finding something else to appreciate about you and your life. It has worked for me several times especially when everybody else surround you looks like is doing great, and you are not. The things from social media sometimes can make you feel that you are living in a very small world. Talking about comparing…It can get you down and start thinking negative things about yourself. So the best way is to be grateful for whom you are and what you have, and trust things will get better for you as well.

  1. Acquiring Knowledge

I make time to read every day. I also watch or listen to at least one teaching and inspirational video, or podcast every day. I make sure I get my brain active with something I didn’t know before every day. So acquiring better and more knowledge have helped me overcome some of the negative-self perception and beliefs that I have acquired in my past when I didn’t know better. I make sure I feed my mind with positive and useful knowledge and information on daily basis even if sometimes it can be the same information that I think I need to repeatedly feed my mind so that when those negative thoughts and thinking arise, I can easily say “Wrong…zip it! Hahaha…just kidding.” What I meant to say was so that I can easily affirm positive thoughts to override the negative ones.

Even if feeding ourselves knowledge and information can help us a lot, but it shouldn’t end there. So like everybody else, I do my best to apply that knowledge I gain into my life. Only when we apply the knowledge we know and use it to our advantage, this knowledge and information becomes powerful and valuable to us.

You can try for yourself these three techniques to see if they will also work for you, just remember sometimes it takes really long time to see the results your really want, so hang on just a little longer. When these three become your routine and a habit for you to do them, you will enjoy the process even more. Not only you will gain more knowledge and valuable information, and gradually change your negative attitude, hence slowly change your life, but every day you will be looking forward to the process.

Please leave a comment below, let me know what you think.


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