Focus More on Your Strengths


How many of you have been to a job interview panel and one of the interviewers asked you a question, “So tell me, what are your strengths and weaknesses?” Well, I have, and it was easy to tell them about my strengths. But for my weaknesses, I had to be clever because I knew whatever I was going to say, it would have determined whether I was fit for the job or not. If it wasn’t important, the interviewer wouldn’t have asked the question. The reason for this question was to know whether or not I was a perfect fit for the job position, and the company’s overall. Some job positions have their own stress and are very demanding and certain strengths are needed in order to cope. That’s why they need to know beforehand if you have got them. They also need to know what kind of a person you are when your buttons are pushed, therefore the weaknesses are also important to know as well. For instance; one of my weaknesses I told them was that I sometimes feel I am too kind and people take advantage of my kindness. So I used this strength and transformed it into a weakness. Like I told you, ‘I had to be clever.’ But then, do I really think even today that I am too kind? The answer is I am not really sure. I have learned that you have got to have your limits; some people can manipulate you or take advantage of you if you are not careful.

I have shared before about this tool called ‘SWOT Analysis.’ It stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Many companies and organizations often use SWOT Analysis to assess their businesses, projects, and their environments. They use it for two main reasons; to match their internal strengths with the external opportunities to help their businesses to continuing adding values, maximize opportunities, and making profits, but also to help them turning their businesses weaknesses into strengths, and their businesses threats into opportunities to help their businesses succeed.

It’s important to always know about your strengths and weaknesses. I have discussed about this also in “Know Thyself,” therefore we are going to concentrate on why we need to focus more on our strengths than our weaknesses.

The answer is very simple; your strengths bring the best out of you. You have to know you and to know your strengths.

Focusing more on your strengths will help you keep developing your strengths more and it will also help you developing the skills on your specific areas of your strengths.

You must also work on improving your weaknesses. But then, in some other areas of life and situations where you have got to choose where to improve and focus more, especially in doing business, or when choosing a career, and so on, then I would say work on improving your strengths more. Focus more on the things you are really good at, your gifts, talents, and skills.

I will give you an example; how many of you have seen CNBC show called “The Profit?” It’s a very good show, you have got to watch it if you haven’t already. In each episode, the famous Marcus Lemonis would lend his expertise to struggling small businesses in various industries. He would assess them using his ‘People Process Product Principle,’ and after that he would make an offer to each of these struggling small businesses to partner with him in exchange for a piece of their businesses and a percentage of their profits. So it depends with the business, therefore the amount of money that he offers would vary. These small struggling businesses would have a lot to gain from Marcus Lemonis. And since they want to save their businesses, and take them to another level in much bigger way, then Marcus Lemonis’ offers would become impossible for them to refuse. In the end, they would accept his offers, and decide to partner with him to bring in his strengths, connections, skills, and expertise to their businesses where they were weak, so that they could continue to focus on their strengths to grow and expand their businesses, and gain more profits.

Sometimes you don’t have to do everything by yourself. And honestly, if you have any big goal or dream you want to achieve in your life, the fact is at some point you will need help. If you really want to see your big goals or dreams to succeeding, you need help to get there. For businesses to succeed, one person cannot simultaneously be the store manager, the cashier, the supply chain manager, the marketing manager, the human resources manager, the finance and administration manager, and so on.

The other day I was listening to Pastor John Maxwell interview in this podcast and video, and he was saying that we need to work smart. This is what he said; “In areas of your giftedness that’s where you need to work on your strengths. In areas of skills, gifts, just work on your strengths. But in the areas of choices, work on your weaknesses.” And this can also be applied in the areas of your character, attitude, habits, and things like that.

Another thing I can tell you is that people do not realize that God is the best partner you can ever get in your life. He is the best above all. When you partner with God, He will take your small limited mind box, burst it, and get you out of the box. When or where we are weak, God is always strong. When you trust God, and depend on Him, and rely on Him, He will instill His strengths on you. People will look at you like you are so smart, intelligent, favored, and well-mannered, but they don’t know; it’s God working in and through you.

Always remember that your strengths bring the best out of you. Therefore, focus more on your strengths, but also work on improving on your weaknesses.

I would like to hear from you. Let me know if you agree or disagree that it’s better to focus more on your strengths and partner with people in areas that you are weak and they are strong.


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