It’s A Wonderful Thing to Serve

serveYou know, we are constantly taking. We don’t make most of food we eat, we don’t grow it, anyway. We wear clothes other people make, we speak a language other people developed, we use a mathematics other people evolved and spent their lives building. I mean, we are constantly taking things. It’s a wonderful ecstatic feeling to create something and put it into the pool of human experience and knowledge – Steve Jobs

I have a little exercise for you to do. When you wake up in the morning next time try to take a look at your environments; just try to look at it and open your eyes and see if you can agree with me.

For instance; when I wake up in the morning the first two things I do is brushing my teeth and wash my face. And there are many things I see when I do that, but few things are a tooth brush, toothpaste, mouth wash, and face wash, all made by someone or some people. We also know God made the water, but what about the sink, or bathroom? Somebody just like you and I, as a way to solving problems and bringing solutions to the pool of human experience made them. Even the mirror I use to look myself at, it was somebody else who made it. She, he, or they saw the need to made them, and so they took necessary actions to made sure their ideas became reality.

When I want to magnify God more over my problems and limitations, I usually like to read certain Bible passages, or look at the sky, or gaze at the sun even the moon and stars, but also look at myself and the people surrounding me. I do that because I want to remind myself how greatest God is, and how small my problems are. Those are among the few things I like to look at to see God’s greatness and magnificence. And this is what I see each time; God is able. I see His amazing works and creations with splendor beyond comparison.  And This Great Creator has helped so many people to solve many things; therefore He can help me too.

You see, if you are looking for something to do, serve, or starting a business, the first thing you need to look at is you and your environment. It’s easy to find something to do or to come up with an idea by starting with yourself and your environment.

Not all of them, but the study shows that many products and services businesses ideas for instance, the way they emerged was because there were some people who saw things missing in their lives, in other people, in their communities, and therefore they decided to provide those solutions to the problems and missing things. Some of these people had skills, knowledge, and other resources, so it was easier for them to put them into practice. Some of them had ideas and fewer resources, but lacked the skills and necessary knowledge, so they hired and partnered with other people to help them bring their ideas into reality, fix the problems, find the solutions and things like that.

When it comes to doing business, it’s all about creating values, and experiences, serving, solving problems and coming with solutions. At least in the beginning of finding an idea, it can look like that.

We were made to be co-creators. The Bible says everything we need is already created by God. For example; life, the planet earth, love, health, family and friends, happiness, knowledge, wealth, and so on, all of these were already created by God from beginning.  You can read the Bible the Book of Genesis, chapter one and two for more information.

Have you ever been a situation where you wanted to create an email and they told you to choose a user name, and then you chose one, but the email provider told you that user name already existed?

Could it be whatever we think that is missing, or does not yet exist in physical form today, it is somehow already existed in spiritual realm?

One, perhaps it is already in physical form and we are just not aware of it, or maybe it exists in some form but it only needs modification to suits us better according to our time and era. A big example will be in technology business; most of the things are being re-created are just modifications of the original creations and contents.

Two, perhaps it already exists in spiritual form in God’s realm, and God’s needs someone who is willing to believe and have faith, and be used by Him to bring it into physical form into human experience and knowledge. For example us Christians; many people have already testify their experiences with the Holy Spirit of God, but then they are others who are yet to experience His miracles in their lives. But does it mean, The Holy Spirit doesn’t exist just because there are some people who have not yet have an experience with Him? The answer is no. In fact from The Lord’s Prayer, in Matthew chapter 6 verse 10 part of the Prayer says, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Then again, I don’t think some of what we see created and manifested in the world of today came from Will of God of heaven. You can correct me if I’m wrong.

But since from beginning of this world, from what had been written and been told from those who lived before us, God had always been using us human beings to accomplish many of His purposes here on planet earth. And He is still using many people even today.

I think God calls or chooses people to do things on this earth. And even though everyone has a purpose on this earth, but again the choice is ours to pick up the call. When we are willing to be used by God, and accept our callings, God prepares and equips us to do wonders. He reveals the gifts He has already given us since at birth that we didn’t know about, and He enables us to serve Him and His people.

The famous Theodore Roosevelt has this famous quote that says, “Believe you can and you are halfway there.”

When we have faith and believe God for something, He prepares and equips us with knowledge, but also He brings to our way all the resources and other people on our ships, so that we can work together to serve a greater purpose.

So, when we believe we are already halfway there. After that all we have to do is to be willing to work hard and persist until we see that dream or idea or greater purpose is being accomplished.

When I read and study these great and successful people that we know, I sometimes wonder how they felt or feel to create good causes, ministries, services, products that have become blessings to millions and millions of people, generation after generation, yesterday, today, and maybe tomorrow.

It’s a wonderful thing to serve and be part of something of a greater purpose. It’s a wonderful thing to be used by God to do wonderful things on this earth and put it into the pool of human experience and knowledge.

Even when you are serving in a small way; I think it’s still a wonderful thing to go to bed at night, and someone is in much better position because of what you have done, or created, shared, or how you were able to help and encouraged them, and so on.

It’s important to make profit when doing business or serving in some way, because a worker always deserves his or her wages, but when you reach that level when doing business it’s not merely about money, but serving, God and people, and participating into the pool of human experience and knowledge, it can feel like a priceless double reward that money alone cannot fulfill. And this is why some of us we keep creating contents just for you to read because it’s a wonderful feeling to serve you, to have a purpose, and a reason why we do this.

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