Three Priorities to Consider First In Our Lives


There is this story I heard before about this business tycoon who left his widow billion dollars in the bank. I am not sure what this business tycoon did, but he was a very wealthy man. But then few months or a year later, his widow remarried again, not to another wealthy man, but to her young Chauffeur. Yes…and this was even a surprise not only to other people, but the young Chauffeur himself. Because he never expected to ever own a part of his boss wealth in his life. And so he said, “all this time I thought I was working for my boss, but it was my boss who was working for me.”

Let’s just hope it’s not a true story, but if it is, then it must have been occurred in those days where prenuptial agreements did not exist. But I have to say; even 5 percent of billion dollars is a lot of money to someone whose job was a Chauffeur.  We are talking about from rags to riches story.

I don’t know which one is worse though; to leave your widow or widower with so much wealth but betrayed you with your own employee, or to leave your widow or widower with so much debt, therefore she or he has to take care of your children as well as paying all the family debts you have left her or him.

I think it’s very good to have lots of money to afford to live luxurious lives and being able to also help so many people in different ways; oh no, I don’t discriminate against wealth. Jesus said in the Bible, with God it’s possible for a rich and wealthy man to go to heaven, because with God all things are possible. Most important is we do God’s will than our own.

So, the moral of the story we can learn from this business tycoon is not about having lots of money, but having priorities so that we can be able to live a balanced life. It looks like the Chauffeur spent a lot of time with the widow, and probably he treated her well and gave her more attention that her husband was not giving her. When you are a business tycoon, you are a very busy person, with lots of responsibilities. It’s obvious your career or job will be demanding a lot from you including your time. But then he had other roles; a husband and maybe a father, it can be tough. When you have lots of money, your money becomes like a magnet and a trap for many things. If you are not careful, it’s easy to have an affair. It’s easy to abandon your wife when you are having an affair with someone else.

Time management has been somewhat a struggle for many people. And in order to manage our time and live a balance life so that we can live a full life regardless of how much we have on our plates, I think we need to prioritize. Yes, we need to prioritize our tasks and activities, our budgets, and so on, but also different areas of our lives. Things like who and what, and how we should spend our time especially when we have different life roles in our societies. Prioritizing some aspects in our lives becomes very important when we have a career, and then we are also wives or husbands, mothers or fathers, daughters or sons, brothers or sisters, friends, also involved in charities, and so on. But when you know your priorities, things become much easier.

There are three priorities we must consider and we need to make room and time for them in our lives especially if we don’t want to end up like the business tycoon in the story I have shared, and but more so end up like his Chauffeur…just joking. So, what are these three priorities?

  1. GOD

If you an atheist, you can skip this one. But if you are a person who believes in God, and his existences, then I don’t think God ever wants us to put Him as a last option in our lives, so He should always come first.  He is an alpha and omega of our lives, meaning that He knows if tomorrow we are going to wake up or not.

One of the reasons God created us I think is to worship and know Him. That’s why I think He would want us to put Him first in our lives if He is that important in our lives.

When we know God is with us, we have hope on things. It’s easy to feel secure because we know God is watching over us. It’s also a greater joy to know we have a greatest God whom we belong too, and to know that He cares for us. We can pray, come near Him and get to know Him and His will for us, serve Him by serving His people.

  1. Family and Very Few Close Friends

This one myself I am guilt of. But I have asked God to help me to resolve some things in this area one step at a time. It’s common for family members and close friends to quarrel but that doesn’t mean we should totally ignore those relationships especially when we come from the same blood. I think God values families and certain relationships, just as He values each individual. Though God maybe against some of the things we do in general, and to each other.

Our very close relationships are very important. I heard when people are in the hospital and are about to die, there are two kinds of people or relationships they ask for to stay close by them.  The first are Pastors, Fathers, Ministers, Sheikh, and other spiritual and religion leaders. The second are a few family members and maybe a very few close friends.

  1. Your Career; It Can Be a Job, Business, School, etc.

Believe it or not, your career is also important; even when it’s not important than God or your family, but it is important. Whatever it is you call a career, there is a reason why you are doing it. Most of our reasons are to make a living, to serve, to change the world and make a better place, and et cetera.

So, these are the three priorities that we must consider first. Of course we also matters. But if we ever to consider other people and things apart from ourselves, these are the three priorities we need to make room and time in our lives. We need God because He has the first and last say about everything, and we were created to know and worship Him. We need family and friends, because we don’t want to be alone in this whole world. It is written in the Bible that God said ‘it is not good for a man to be alone.’ We were created to have relationships, to socialize, love and help one another. Our careers bring channels for us to earn income for ourselves, to make a living, but also to serve and make a difference in the world.

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