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If I am correct, all jobs I have ever worked so far in my life, I got them because I asked, sought-after, and knocked. None of the jobs fallen into my lap. It was either I went physically to ask if they were hiring, or check out on newspapers’ job announcements, or search for jobs online and subscribed to big job and employment search engines and network such as Devex or LinkedIn, and etc, or here in Tanzania there is Zoom Tanzania, and the few others. Some of these online job search engines do not exist today, but there were times they were pretty useful.

Believe or not, there are also few jobs I got through word of mouth. I told few people I know that I was job-hunting, and I sent them a copy of my resume for them to circulate if they hear anything. There are kind people out there. There were few times I even tried to use temporary employment and staffing agencies in my area.

I got my first job during a period when I finished ordinary level secondary education (O’ level), and waiting to start high school, which here in Tanzania we call it advance level secondary education (A’ level). It was a period of few months, about 6 to 7 months I believe. At that time, my oldest sister and oldest brother were working; they had jobs. They could buy things, so I thought it was cool to make your own money. Therefore, I wanted to also have a job and make money. But my Mom instead enrolled me to computer classes to this local and private computer learning institution to learn to type fast and also to learn more about Microsoft office essentials. And I liked it, and I was so glad because I learned a lot, I also made friends there.

Here in Tanzania we have special government holiday called Saba Saba Day on July 7th each year. Usually during this week, from July 1st to July 8th, sometimes it will go on for more days; there will be a trade fair. Many companies, organizations, and all businesses in different industries will be invited to showcase, demonstrate, and sell their products and services. This will also be an opportunity for them to meet with new customers, study their competition, and examine recent market trends and opportunities. So during this time they usually hire temporary workers.

We were just finishing our computer courses, my friends and I thought we should go and look for jobs there. It was three of us, all girls. As you know it is hard to get hired when you are young, in your teenage years. But we went, and we got a job for one week to be part of aerobic workout for this gym that participated in that year trade fair. We were all so skinny; we looked like the type of young people who were working out, and it took us two days to learn the moves before the trade fair week started. So we got paid to work out every day, mostly in aerobics classes. We were those participators in their aerobics displays…hahaha. That was my first ever job, and it was fun.

My second job I got after I finished high school, waiting to go to College. I tried to find a reliable good job, but I couldn’t. So I got a job at one of the local newspapers publishers here in Tanzania. My job was to sell ads space on the newspapers. They had various newspapers that they were publishing, so it didn’t matter which one, I got paid on commission according to how many ads I got and they appeared on those newspapers. Let me just say I don’t remember how many times I got paid. During that time we didn’t have these online services like we have now to make advertisement and marketing very easy. We relied on in person visits. I would visit some of the big and small businesses in their offices sometimes without making an appointment. My job was to explain to them the benefits to them why they needed to advertise on our newspapers, and also offer them the best deals. To this day I don’t know why they hired me because I was inexperienced, and honestly I don’t know why I accepted that job. I guess I didn’t want to stay home and being an average. It was better if I went to work. Let’s just say when the moment came for me to go to College, I was so happy.

My third job, I got hooked up with one of my brothers-in-law. At his old office place they needed an intern, and I worked there only for a week. My job was to update their database, filing, and things like that.

So when I was going to College in my freshman year, the school I went right across it there was this pharmacy drug store, a part of this big drug store chain that still exists till today. My College friend and I, one day after class decided to go there and ask if they were hiring. My friend already had a job somewhere, and I didn’t. I thought it was nice to get a job there, so whether before or after class, I can just walk right across the street without being late. Anyway, the store manager said actually there was a need for an extra cashier, and I said you got it. I started working as a cashier next day, and in no time, I ended up being a lead certified pharmacy technician.

In the Bible in the book of Matthew chapter 7, in verse 7 and 8, the Lord Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

So those are just few examples of how you can ask, seek, and knock, and get things in life. The higher level you go, the higher level your jobs become, and rely more on networking and recommendations. Until today I have worked so many jobs, but I am not sure that all doors will be opened when you knock, but I know from my experiences, some will. The good part is that when we seek and ask, eventually we will get what we are asking for, or sought-after, now or later on.

Even if you want to start your own business, or become an entrepreneur, there are lots to ask, seek, and knock. There are so many researches you have got to do, so much to learn along the way, so many things to do that you can only get through hustling, networking, partnering, and so on. You need to ask, seek, and knock to succeed in this life.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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