What Does It Mean to Have Guts to Succeed?


Well, it is true that successful people do have guts. You can call it courage, audacity, or bravery. In fact if you ask some of them, they will tell you when they were young, they were totally different. This proves to us that we can learn to become successful; it’s not something that is assured and given at birth like most of us would think. Some people worked really hard to be successful and where they are today.

So how can you know you have become that person who has guts to do what it takes to succeed in the things you want and desire the most?

1. You are determined to succeed

Determination to succeeding is a character or quality you must develop if you are planning to succeed in life in whatever arena. Even though most people their determination force can vary according to several factors, it’s a matter of choosing whatever works well for you to help you get pumped up.

Some people determination to succeeding come from, or are driven and motivated by the fear of failure. They just don’t want to fail in life; to them it’s not an optional thing. So they keep fighting until they succeed whatever it is they want to see themselves succeeding.

Some people are motivated by challenges, they like the fact they get a chance to prove people or circumstances wrong. There are few people I know, who are like that. For somehow they enjoy the challenge itself than the reward it comes with it. I guess they find the process of overcoming the challenge more rewarding, because it helps them become more alive.

Some people are motivated by love of something or someone. Everything they do, the driving force behind it is love. This is most common for some of us. We are driven by love of something or someone, and therefore that is motivation enough for us to find that reason why we must be determined to succeed, so that we can succeed in what we love to do, or help our loved ones, or stand up for the good cause we believe in.

There is this quote by Abraham Lincoln that says, “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.”

Regardless of what keeps you motivated, in order to succeed you must be determined that you are going to succeed no matter what, or how hard, or how long it is going to take you before you get the results you want, or achieve your goals, and so on.

There are some things in life, unless you are determined enough to go after them, or else forget about them. But, when you have the determination to succeed in something, chance are, you will find a way to succeed in that something.

2. You are a risk taker

Is it true about what they say, “Those who seek safety rarely gain wealth?”

If you are a risk-taker person, you can travel places where other cannot, and what you can accomplish it’s possible to be much more than most of us can. You can use fear of failure as determination to want to succeed, as long as it does not hinder you to try new things, or new approaches and solutions, or welcoming changes, just because you are afraid to fail.

It is easy to seek new opportunities in every situation when you are not afraid to fail. Let’s face it; more opportunities do come to those who do not wait around to be discovered, or wait to take action until all facts are represented to them and everything is clear.

Jim Carey has been quoted saying “You can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” Of course, if you know what it is you want or love to do.

When you are a risk taker, you are not afraid to fail and to take chances. You are also not afraid to ask for help even though you know you might get turned down. It can feel frightening, but sometimes you must take courage in order to go the extra mile.

Success doesn’t come easily, and it comes to those who are willing to take risks and are willing to grow and learn. There is no perfect time like now to be the one who steps out in faith, takes risks, and seizes opportunities.

3. You are dressing the part

Mark Zuckerberg,  Founder of Facebook said, “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.” Success follows those doing what others don’t.

The way you look on the outside can be a reflection of the way you feel inside. So if you are ‘professional,’ then your clothes must say ‘professional.’ There is no question about it, especially if you want to be taken seriously in business; you have to dress the part.

We can learn from the actors and actresses the way they transform to become the person in the character they are acting. So if you are going to be a highly successful business man, if that is your goal and dream, then you need to dress the part, and act as if you are that man today. Do and act what that man will daily do, behave, and so on.

Find out about what kind of a person you want to be in order to succeed in whatever it is you want to succeed, and then do the things you need to do to become that person.

Be prepared to become the person you need to be in order to succeed. That can mean, get rid of wrong habits that are preventing you to succeed, and replace them with the good ones that can help you succeed.

Whether it be disciplining yourself in order to help you dressing the part, or making the commitment to yourself to be the person you need to be in order to succeed no matter what it takes, or staying organized and focused; we need to do all of these necessary things that we must do in order for us to dress the part, and  become successful.

If you want to create the life and career success you want and think you deserve, and you are not sure if you have got what it takes. If one of these tips above applies to you today, keep doing what you are doing, and keep learning more, you are on your way there.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga

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