Begin With an End in Mind


shoot-for-the-moon-even-if-you-miss-youll-land-among-the-stars-33There is this phrase or quote of the famous Zig Ziglar that says, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

We can learn a lot about this in the role of being a salesperson. It is true the first thing that every salesperson has in mind every time is to make sales to as many people as possible during a particular period of time so that he or she can meet the target or go beyond that, either according to the company’s target or goal, or for a personal reason.

When your job is of the salesperson, there are two main ways you can earn money; a commission-only income, meaning you rely only on the sales you make, or a base salary plus commission income where you get paid based on commission on top of your salary. More often the salaries would be smaller than the commission, so in order to have income jump, you still rely on the commission on the sales you make.

It is very important when you are a salesperson to have a target number of sales in mind that you want to achieve and accomplish within a month, quarter, semi-annual, or annually.  You can’t just aim at nothing; it’s a mandatory for you to have a target of some kind. You can’t just say whatever I can sell today for instance.

I used to also have a job where I got paid on commission-based only. So you can imagine, my income depended whether I made sales, or close deals.

To me a sales job is a very good job if you know how to work it. There are people out there who are millionaires today because of these sales jobs in affiliate marketing industry for example.  The only annoying thing about sales jobs is that they are usually inconsistent and unpredictable, therefore do not provide steady income, or profit. You get paid according to results, so if you don’t perform it means you don’t get paid.

But it’s easy to come up with some kind of strategy that can work for you when you have a particular target that you want to reach during a certain period of time. And the way I have learned through my previous experiences is that, the way you can make sales targets for yourself is to begin with an end in mind.

You can start by asking, what is your ideal personal annual sales target by the end of this year, or what is your ideal sales target for your company during this financial year? How many sales you have to make to meet that target, or for your company to make certain profits this financial year?

Once you know that target, then you create a strategy. If it’s for the year, then you can create an action plan for you to take each day, each week, each month, each quarter and so on. Therefore, by the time you reach a quarter, if follow your strategy properly, you should already have met at least a quarter target portion of the year.

Your strategy should also include what products or services you have to offer and sell, how and where you can sell them to help you reach your targets and goals. The formula is simple; WHWW…You need to know what you want to sell, how much and many you should sell, where, and by when.

I have to say the hardest jobs I have ever done in my life are sales jobs. This is why I made sure most of my sales target where a little bit higher than expected. I learned that if you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you will land among the stars. This famous phrase does tell all. It’s good to set realistic targets, but then again, it’s great if you set them a little bit higher.

It’s not enough to have a dream; you must take the initiation to put that dream into concrete goals and assigned them with specific tasks and deadlines. You need to set measurable goals, but when you set those goals begin with an end in mind and create your plans according to the end results you want to see yourself achieve.

Start with your end goal results and work backwards. You really need to start thinking about the end goals. The next five to ten years, what is that look like for you with those goals?

So make sure you set those big picture goals and you work backwards. Think about the outcome; what is that end goal for you? And then work backwards.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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