Successful People Value Their Time


We all have 24 hours a day, but then there are some people who have been able to accomplish more than others, every day, every month, and every year. Of course, we can say that we all work hard. I mean, it can be true, we all work hard. But working hard or being busy all the time do not mean we are effective, productive, or producing what we should or desire to produce. Being busy doesn’t mean you are productive.

Successful people accomplish much more in a year time than most people do in their five years’ time. So how do they find time to produce, be more productive, and effective? It is possible because they value their time and therefore they make sure they manage their time very well to give them the results they want.

We all have been given 24 hours a day, but it’s up to us to make time to do the things that we know are going to help us being more productive and definitely effective.

There is this phrase or quote by Charles Buxton that says, “You will never find time for anything. You must make it.” So how do we choose to make that time, or what to do with our time is the decision you and I have to make every day, it’s up to us.

Some people are very busy everyday doing insignificant things that do not add any value in their lives, and then after five years for example, they ask themselves what have I done with my time? I was one of them, so I am speaking from my own personal life experiences. The funny thing is that, when it came to work, I was productive; they paid me to be productive and add value. But when it came to my life, my dreams, and goals, I was not productive. My life evolved more around work, and I didn’t make time to improve me, and other parts and areas of my life. The time came when I woke up, and asked myself similar question I have asked previously, ‘how come some people are more productive than I was?’ I have always been a hardworking woman, but I think I was working hard for other people and forgot to work hard for me.

If we can only spend more of our time on the things that really matter and add something to our lives, imagine where we can be in a certain period of time. Time management can help us de-clutter all kinds of things that can be hindering us today from being productive, and effective.

There are six things we can do to help us with our time management if we want to also be more effective, productive, and successful in most of our endeavors.

  • Prioritize

It’s important to prioritizing your tasks, activities, or projects whether for work or personal goals. You must prioritize your tasks and activities for the day, week, month, even the year.

Start by working on the most important project, task, or activity first, and when you finish that then go to the second most important project, and third, and so on. Breakdown your projects, tasks, or activities according to their priorities; first things should come first.

  • Delegate

Delegate those tasks, activities, or projects that somebody else can do for you, and you don’t have to necessarily do them yourself. Sometimes delegating tasks can mean paying someone else to do for you, or asking for a favor. Not everybody will say yes when you ask them, and not every time you are going to afford to pay other people to do things for you. But if it’s worth it, and you can afford it, then delegate.

Delegating will free you to be able to focus more on revenue activities for instance, or more important tasks, activities, or projects, and also focus on your areas of expertise so that you can bring more revenue or profit hence become more productive, and effective. So assign tasks to other people so you can concentrate on more important ones.

  • Set goals

Do not do things without an end in mind. You should set goals for the day, week, month, year, and so on. That’s why you have got to have plans within a plan consisting of clear defined and measurable goals. Goals that can be measured can be managed.

For example; if your goal is to write a book total about 80,000 to 120,000 words – book size right… a year from today, your daily goal therefore should be to write every day between 250 to 350 words to add to your manuscript, so that 365 days later you should have a complete manuscript for your book. You can decide to commit everyday to set half-an hour, or one hour to write something. For instance from 6:00 to 7:00am every morning, you are going to sit on your desk and write.

You can learn more about goal setting  in ‘Do you have a plan?’

  • Get focused

When you know this thing is not you, it doesn’t add value to you, it’s not part of your values, mission, vision, or it’s just a waste of your time, then do not spend your valuable time on it. It’s also okay to say no. Not everything that shines is going to be worth of your time and worth the purchase to you. You don’t need to get involved in everything.

I know this couple who reduced number of TV sets in their house so that they can be able to focus and get more productive, and effective. They use their computers to track all those important programs they want to watch. Its part of their time management control system they have set up for themselves. If your TV is distracting you to get focused and manage your time, find a way to resolve the situation.

  • Write it down

I don’t know about you, but I have got to write things down, or else forget it. You need to write down your goals. You need to write down your daily tasks, also weekly, monthly, and et cetera.

When you have a to-do list, or shopping list, action items and things like that, it can make things so much each easier for you to remember what tasks or things to take action on.

Write the things you want to do the following day the night before, so that when you start your day you know what you need to accomplish that day because you have already have some kind of a plan for yourself to follow through. The same thing for the week, month, or year; plan your week, month, or year ahead of time.

  • Set time frames or limits

Set time frames for you to spend to accomplish your tasks and projects. Set specific deadlines for your goals, and projects, but also set time that you are going to spend on your tasks or projects on daily basis for instance.

You can use your phone or email calendar to set time reminders to remind you what time you need to spend on what today or tomorrow, and etc. Google play store for example has several reminder apps with alarm that you can download to your phone and use it for free.

I usually assign the time I want to spend for each task on my action items for the day. Not only it can help us save lots of time, but we can also accomplish a lot when we set time frames for our activities and tasks.

Time management is one of the most important keys that can help us become more productive and effective in our lives. Successful people value their time. They use time wisely to their advantage to get more important things done, to produce more, to become more effective, and successful.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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