What’s Good Today?


Sometimes I like to re-visit my past, but maybe not like everybody would have re-visited their pasts. I like to look back at some of the good memories in my past, because there are a few of them that have kept me going even today as I say this. I also have a couple of promises from my past which I think they are very worthy to go back and think of them when I can, especially if they are my most incredible experiences and memories that I have yet to see them fulfilled in my life. Some of my most defining moments in my life happened in my past and that’s why I like to re-visit them to look for inspiration of how to overcoming few things of my today.

But I have learned about letting go of some of my past bad memories through my daily gratitude moments. At the end of each day I will come to a place where I will write down on my gratitude journal only good things that happened to me that day, and I am grateful for that day. So that at the end of the year I can go back and read my gratitude journal and remember all those good memories in details, and all those good things that I have been through, experienced, or done, and thank God for more to come.

Just within the 24 hours many things can happen to us. And if I decide to write what is happening each day to be honest, in some days the bad ones may overshadow the good ones. We all want things to go according to our plans every day, but how many of you would say sometimes not everything will go your way, or according to your expectations? So I promised myself each day I will only write positive and good things, and I will thank God for them. If I had a really bad day I will find at least one good thing and focus on that good thing and be grateful for it. This will help me to let go of all things that I need to let go that may be bringing me negative vibrations or energy to make me feel worse, but also help me stop magnifying things or situations than they really are.

Some memories of the past are better off if they stay in the past. Some habits you used to behave in the past and you know aren’t good for you now, you need to leave them where they belong. Some mistakes of the past have got to stay in the past. You really cannot compare the person you were in the past to what you have become now. Even though some portions of our pasts are the reasons we have become who or what we are today, but it’s possible we have changed, we have progressing, we have overcome, we have grown, therefore we are different today, we have learned our lessons, so we don’t need to look back.

If you have had this really bad past and you are having difficulty to forget about it, let me tell something; every one of us has had some kind of the past that we wish we haven’t been through. Some more badly than others, but we all have been there. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody screws up sometimes. Everybody is a victim of something. Everybody has their own share of something that they want to let go of so that they can move forward. You are not alone, or the only one who has faced resentments, regrets, disappointments, and so on because of their pasts. Everything that has happened to us, especially the unfortunate ones, can be an opportunity for us to learn or a hindrance for us from doing so and move forward. I know how hard it can be to forgive, or let go of guilt, or anger, and et cetera. But you have got to do it at some point in your life, so that you can be able to free yourself from all that has been chaining you in order to move forward. And the sooner the better for you.

There are so many ways people use to grieve and dealing with their pasts. But one thing that can help you move forward and to forget the past, is to not pay attention to it, and reach for what’s ahead. Enjoy what you have right now in front of you and focus on that, but also make new plans for yourself to create hope and better future for yourself. When you do that you are slowly helping yourself to be able to move forward. It’s a journey, it’s a process, it’s not something you can accomplish overnight, but you will reach a point where your bad past experiences won’t bother you anymore, because you have already find solutions during the process of how to let go of them. Some people reach to God to help them with the journey, some people join support groups or facilities where they can get help and support. I mean, we are different people; we all have our own ways of recovering.

You have to know that even if you feel sorry for yourself that you have lost so many years to become the best you, because of your past experiences; you cannot go back and make a brand new beginning. It’s already happened and it’s in the past. But you can focus and look at the years you have left, and make the best out of it. It’s never too late to start living and creating the life you think you deserve or want to live today, and tomorrow.

Who knows, maybe some of the things happened in your past was what you needed go to through in order to propel you to a great future and plans God has for you. Because of some of my past experiences, I know I am now stronger, wiser, experienced than ever before. Every setback was setup for my comeback.

So, ask yourself, “What’s good you have got going on today?” Start from there. Concentrate on what is good in your life first as you learn how to put some of your past memories behind you that maybe hindering you to move forward today.

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