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In dating relationships getting a date and start dating is the easiest part of them all when it comes to being in a relationship with someone. It’s a tiny part or small part of your big success. I think the hardest part in order to have successful relationships in any relationship is to keep that relationship last for a really long-time. Even after you walk down the aisle for instance in marriage relationships, that’s just the beginning of the entire big success. Because marriage starts the day you say I do. When it comes to dating and being engaged, you can get away with so many things that you can’t when you are married. Because when you are married things are different; you have to keep up with a lot of stuff that if you were only dating or engaged you could have easily escaped them. This is why some marriages are more successful and last longer than others, and some don’t.

In business, it is the same thing. Perhaps it’s easier to attract your customers for the first time, but do you know the hardest part in your business success is to keep your customers coming back? Most of us know how hard it is to get your customers for the first time and how it’s even harder to keep them for a really long-time. And believe me each customer counts because the number really adds up for your business growth and success. The hardest, but biggest success in your business is not to get your customers, but to establish a successful business relationship and a following up system with them after you have them to the point where they come back again and purchase your products, or use the services you are offering, also tell other people about your products or services by giving you the best recommendations and reviews on social media and some relevant sites.

If you are wondering, oh man…it looks like I need an upgrade, do not worry; you can set yourself up for success. There are some practical proven strategies you can research on your own and follow to help you become successful, and they may vary according to the area of life or the thing you want to see yourself improve, master, or become successful at. But in the meanwhile, I have six tips for you that can help you set yourself up for success. Most of these tips can work in any area of life you want to see yourself succeeding. They are the most common basic principles most successful people have followed to the point where they have seen major improvements in their lives.

1. Believe in yourself

Or have confidence in yourself. Yes it is important to believe and have confidence in God, but you also have to believe and have confidence in yourself too. Successful people usually have the mentality of “I can do it.” Even when sometimes they are not sure if they really can, but they know somehow they will figured out how to get certain things done. They will seek for solutions and learn about them until they manage to do it. If there is no doubt within you, there is nothing else outside can stop you to do something that you think you can do or achieve it. Sometimes other people may believing in you, but it’s possible you can still doubt yourself whether you are really capable and well equipped like they say. I have shared more about this in “You Can Do It.”

We need to remind ourselves who we are and what we are capable of. If you have to use positive affirmations every day to do so, then go ahead because saying out loud positive affirmations about yourself or what you want to see in your life can help you boost your confidence, improve your mood, and boost your energy level up, or help you become more optimistic and hence help you to become confident in yourself.

Another way to help you boost your self-confidence is to think of rewards that you are going to get if you will be confident enough to go after what you want, or have enough courage to pursing your dreams and achieving your goals, and so on.

It takes confidence to ask for a promotion, or more money, or people to buy your products and services; even asking a girl or woman for a date it takes confidence….hahaha. The higher the reward, the more confidence you will need.

2. Be clear of what you want

When you are clear of what you want, you will be clear of what you don’t want, or either way. If it is easier for you to identify first what you don’t want in order to be clear of what you want, use that approach. Successful people know what they want and they are very clear about it. Let’s say you want to have a successful marriage; then be clear on what kind of a successful marriage you want to have. If you can imagine it, write it down to describe it, maybe not in details, but a sketch of bulletin points may work in the beginning.

You can start by writing a statement about what you want to achieve in five, three, or one years’ time, or in six, one month, even in one week time. It will help you to get clarity. For instance you can say, by January two thousand and something year, I want to have $60,000 in personal savings for whatever reason you need it for. Then break it down in small portions and deadlines. So, if it’s a five year goal, then you know each year you need to save $12,000, and each month $1,000. Now, the next step is to go to your budget and assess yourself to see if you have an income earning to be able to save $1,000 a month and still be able to live the lifestyle you have been living. If the answer is no, so you know you have to do something to increase your income, or you have to cutback some things in your lifestyle to make your budget work so that you can achieve your goal every month, every year, and hence in five years.

Once you are clear on what you want it will be easier for you to put the right things in your plan. You have to take the right actions in order to get the things you want, and you can’t do that when you are not clear of what you want.

3. Make a plan

Create a plan for yourself for your personal growth and development, or for your business growth and development. This is when you need to do your research and seek for successful practical proven strategies that really work; this is especially when it comes to growing a business.

That’s why it is important to know what you want before you can make a plan for yourself. Once you know who you are, what is your mission, what industry you are in, who is your competitor, who is your customer or audience and how you are going to serve them, and so on, then it’s time to work on your plan, or plans. This plan will be some kind of a map for you that can provide a direction on the things you need to take action on so that you can be successful and be able to achieve your dreams and goals, and your overall plans. and have free sample business and marketing plans you can look at and learn from, or you can use to create your own business and marketing plans for your business. They will show you every element you need to include in your plans. Even though it’s not really necessary to have a detail business or marketing plan for some businesses in order to run them successfully, but it will be good if you create one even when you think you don’t need it in order to manage your business. It will help you to know more about your business, where it is now, and where it is going, or where you want it to go.

It’s good to make plans for personal growth and improvement in most areas of your life. Make a plan for growth and improvement in your education, business, and career life, in your love life and relationship area, your health and not just your body but spiritual and mental health as well, your finances area, and et cetera.

4. Work very hard

Knowing what you want to achieve, and making plans for them are only the beginning steps. Now you have got to work for them. Success is not an accident thing; you have to make it happen on purpose. According to Thomas A. Edison, there is no substitute for hard work.

To a certain extent, all successful people are somewhat workaholics this is because their ambition to be successful constantly pushes them to work very hard to reach for more and more success. To them it’s not enough to being good today, therefore they continue to improving themselves and working even harder to being better tomorrow.

How will you know what the best actions or strategies actually are? By taking action on them and see if they work for you. This is the place where you commit yourself to make your dreams come true, or make sure you accomplish your goals, at least most of them. Working hard on something really pays off; especially when you are taking the right actions, and you are using a proven strategy that really work when you work it.

These are a few famous phrases, quotes, or scriptures that say about hard work;

  • Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard –Tim Notke
  • Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds – Gordon B. Hinckley
  • Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper – Proverbs 13:4
  • All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty – Proverbs 14:23

5. Adapt successful habits

Adapt what successful people do. Don’t adapt everything though; some people do creepy stuff in order to be successful.

In the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 2 verse 22 reading from New Living Translation Bible, Jesus said, “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. For the wine would burst the wineskins, and the wine and the skins would both be lost. New wine calls for new wineskins.”

We cannot get new results with old mindsets, behaviors, or habits. Your mindset has to be willing to change and adapt those new information and ideas for things to work and get new better results. You have to be willing to learn from your failures and try new better approaches. You have to be willing to get rid of failing habits that are causing you to not getting the results you want. When you know you have changed, you are a different person now, you really cannot go back to some of your old habits, and do some of the old things you used to do, because doing that can destroy what you have been trying to accomplish for yourself all this time.

Successful people adapt successful habits, and behaviors. Once they learn about them, they adapt and make them work well for themselves and their lives. Remember now, new wine needs new wineskin. There is this saying that says insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results. The best thing you can do is to adapt successful habits in others and make them your own.

Find out those successful habits are and practice them and apply them in your life. If they made some people successful, there is a high possibility they can make you successful too.

So those are my five tips that can help you to set yourself up for success in many areas of your life. They are easy to remember, but you have got to be determined to follow them through and make them part of your daily life.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga

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