What if Tomorrow Came Today?


I like to ask questions. Maybe not as much as I want to ask publicly, but I really like to ask questions. I ask myself questions all the time. I even ask other people questions, people that I know, and I really want to hear their opinions on some things. But I also like to ask God questions about my life to find out His purpose for me, to seek for direction, but mainly to get some answers to the puzzles of my life that I need Him to help me figure out.

When I was young there were so many things I wanted to be when I grow up. And I was this close to make one of them reality, but unfortunately I didn’t make it. In high school I took classes so that they can prepare me to become a Pilot. Yes, one of my dreams was to become a Pilot. So they put us in classes based on what we wanted to become after we graduate from high school. My concentration was in PGM which stands for Physics, Geography, and Mathematics subjects, the main curriculum or prerequisite subjects for high school students who wanted to pursue in their near future careers such as being a Pilot. Like I said, I passed, but I didn’t do very well to qualify for scholarships and financial aid to pursued my dream. My parents couldn’t afford to pay for my Piloting dream, so that was the end of it. After asking God few questions about my life, and to helping me let go of my disappointments, few years later I managed to let it go and to never look back. But let me just tell you something, God has different plans for His people. It took me long time to get here and also realize this. I don’t fly aircrafts, but for somehow I feel like I am doing the same thing like a Pilot is doing, transporting people from where they are today to better destinations – whatever they are to them, by motivating and inspiring them to live up to their full potentials. And I can say, it’s much fulfilling, so I feel like it all worked out.

My point is that I didn’t have an idea that God had a different definition of me being a Pilot. I am so much fascinated today when people tell me they look forward to hear from me, they are waiting for my new articles, than I used to be fascinated to imagine me flying an airplane.

And I have asked God a lot of questions about my life, in a form of prayers of course. But can I tell you; God has a different way to answer our questions at His own timing. I honestly think that a couple of the questions I asked God ten years ago, I feel like I am getting and realizing their answers in my today.

I have this notion, ‘if you can ask a question, maybe you can get an answer for it.’ This is why I like to ask questions. I don’t have all the answers for all the questions I have asked so far, but asking questions helps me to open my mind on things. And honestly, the idea of asking questions to me is also one of the techniques I use to brainstorming on things that interest me.

So the question I have right now for us is that “What if tomorrow came today?” Have you ever thought of that before?

We are all living for our tomorrows. I mean really, some of us we even forget to live in daily moments, and we concentrate more on our tomorrow. And I am not saying it’s not good to prepare for our tomorrow, in fact I am actually insisting on doing that.

But let’s just look at this from a different angle of perspective. For example in your someday, and let’s give your someday a number, to be more clear or serious. Assume your someday is going to be ten years from today. So you want to be a very successful entrepreneur in ten years from now. Imagine its ten years today, ‘what is it you will be doing for instance if you are now that very successful entrepreneur?’

Do you see it now how cool it is to ask questions? It helps you become clearer of what you want and finding out more about your future self. Our question basically asks; ‘what if your future self came today, what would your future self act, do, or be?’

Not all of us are good in imagining things. Some of us until we put it down in writing, that’s when we can see a clear picture or vision of what we want to see in our future self. This is why asking questions come on handy. It helps us get more details of the picture we want to have on our minds, on our visions.

It will be good to know your future self and starting acting like it today or living it today. There is this saying that says, “Act as if it has already happened and it will be.” In fact in the Bible in the book of Mark chapter 11 verse 24 to 25, Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

So like they say, ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it, so predict your future by start asking “What if tomorrow came today?”

You see, a goal or dream starts today. It’s the little steps and actions we take today that counts, and not the final outcome. Usually the final outcome is the acknowledgment of the work you have done or actions you have been taking all these years.

So if you imagine that you are that successful entrepreneur today it can help you think how you can force yourself to start being that person today. And the best way to do that is to start by asking yourself ‘what if tomorrow came today, how will I act, what will I do?’ And then make a plan to become that future self, and start acting as if you are that person today by doing the things your future self will be doing. This is one of the most practical ways to start living a successful life, or the life you really want and desire for yourself.

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