Stay Flexible

“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” – Tony Robbins

One dilemma that most of us are facing when we are on our way to grow our businesses to become more successful is that we refuse to be flexible. I don’t know about you, but how many of you have noticed that most successful businesses don’t end up with the business they started with? Perhaps they started with this one product or service, and it didn’t work out the way they planned to make them successful, so they decided to tweak things a little bit, and add similar more products and services, or serve things in different ways.

When it comes to growth, you have got to be willing to stretch, or to change some things, or else you are not going to grow, it’s part of the process. And just like the way we grow our minds or change our minds to new mindsets by putting new information in and learn new things, in business it is the same thing; on the process of growing our businesses to make them successful, we will need to learn new things to be able to serve the changing market.

This is not about being flexible about your vision or mission for your life, or your business. We are talking about the market. The world itself is changing every day, so expect the consumers to do the same also. If you want to continue to be successful you have got to be willing to be flexible and in tune with what the market wants and needs.

Be flexible to grow your business to something that is going to be a success. This can mean that, be flexible to try new things, experiment things, and perhaps add new products or services to your business. The fact remains that the more products or services you serve the better for you and your business. It means that you have a variety of things, and you never know, some of those products or services will be the ones to take you to another different level of success and make you more profitable.

I have recently watched this Hallmark Christmas movie, by the way I am also a fan of Christmas movies; I don’t watch them only during Christmas Holiday, but throughout the year. They are usually about miracles, love, fairy tales, sometimes true stories like in our real lives, but with very good endings. So I love to watch them, they bring a good vibe and energy to me. Hallmark movies have so much good Christmas movies you can watch online for free; in case you didn’t know.

Well, the movie is called “A Perfect Christmas List.” It was during Christmas, two of the main characters in the movies, a mother and her daughter decided to raise funds to buy Christmas gifts and give to orphans. This was actually one of the grandmother’s wishes she had in her Christmas wish list for her daughter and granddaughter to do together during Christmas. Since her daughter and granddaughter didn’t get along very well, because the daughter refused to go to law school according to what her mother wanted, and instead pursued her dream of becoming an author. She has just released a children’s book, and it has just become one of the bestseller’s book, which makes her one of the successful and famous authors. Her mother doesn’t know about it yet, but her grandmother has already seen and read the book. So the grandmother created this Christmas wish list, and asked them to make it come true hoping it will bring them closer. Her idea of the wish list came from the book that the granddaughter’s wrote. When it was time to make the grandmother’s wish list come true, it was the daughter who came with the idea to go to the supermarket to raise funds. While they were outside the supermarket or grocery store wearing their cute Christmas costumes, and ringing their bells, the mother noticed that her daughter was getting more donations than her. There was also this gentleman who was there before they got there, a Musician you can say, he was playing Saxophone. Looking at him, the mother asked the Musician how come her daughter is getting more donations than her, and this gentleman told her maybe it was because her Christmas costume was shorter. So the mother immediately ripped off the bottom piece from her costume to make it shorter. After that she also began to getting more donations.

I am not saying you should copy what everybody is doing in order to be successful. I am not suggesting you should go and do things that are against your moral values or beliefs; the point of sharing this story is that the mother asked the question, ‘how come this other business is doing better than my business?’ And when she finally figured out what was wrong with her business, she made a tweak or stretched herself. And according to the movie, the market, in this case the people who were coming in and out of the supermarket paid more attention to the one with the shorter costume.

And again, it depends with people’s morals and beliefs, and way of doing things. If it was you for instance, perhaps you would have tried a different approach. Instead of ripping the costume to be really shorter, you could have come up with another strategy that is even better, maybe singing Christmas songs and dancing to spicy up the environment a little bit.

Whatever it is your way of being flexible, you are the one who can well describe your mission, vision, and values. That’s why when you go into business, or even in your own personal life decisions, think carefully of these three things. They are the ones that create boundaries for you not to cross over, but also to help you get focused.

I am also writing this for myself, not only for you. We all need to stay flexible if we want to improve, become better, and also succeeding. Our ideas have to be in alignment to what the market wants and needs. And sometimes the ideas that we started with from the beginning are not the ones that are going to making us succeeding. On our way to grow ourselves, our businesses, we need to experiment things and find out which ones are going to work well for us and help us succeed. Not all of them are going to work out, there is a chance many of them will fail, and only few will succeed. But that’s okay; it’s part of learning, its part of taking risks, its part of stretching ourselves and staying flexible.

Well, what do you think? Feel free to share, comment, and like. I would like to hear from you.

To your success,

Helen Majaga


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