Where Do You Think You Shine the Most?

Just recently I opened my Google+ profile, and as I was scrolling down to read other people’s posts and I came to this wonderful message that says, “When a drop of water falls into a river, it has no identity! But when it falls on the leaf of a lotus, it shines like a pearl. So choose the best place where you can shine! Where do you think you shine the most?”

In business, experts say if you want to start a business, choose an area of the market and industry where you know you can flourish. A market or industry where its products or services are in so much demand and you are either one of the few suppliers who can actually supply those products or services that are in demand. One example will be you are living in a region where it has shortage of water, or water scarcity situation, and you happen to own a river or water fountain of clean water, so you are one of the main suppliers of water in that region. Even though there could be another supplier in the region, but that other supplier’s water quality is not as cleaner as yours, maybe not easily accessible like yours, or do not have better packaging like yours, and is more expensive than yours. And because of that it gives you more privilege to supply for this entire region’s demand, therefore making you more successful in this water business.

You don’t want to give solutions to people who have no problems. You don’t want sell electricity for instance in a city or region where they prefer to use solar power instead. So definitely, you do not want to be in a situation where you supply something to a place where there are no demands for it, or there are so many suppliers and but very little demand for it, because now you have to compete with so many suppliers to get those fewer customers in that industry or market.

The question to ask is “Where do you think you will shine the most?”

There are numerous problems we are facing right now in this current era. We have people who are suffering from anxieties and depressions. People need to hear the message of hope to help ease their minds. We are in a place where jobs are scarce, or there are no good steady jobs, therefore more and more people are forced to leave the employee status to become employers because they feel they need to be even more aggressive to take charge of their destinies. Therefore more people are rising up to become more creative and provide solutions in more effective ways. We need solutions to cure several things, whether caused by physiological issues, or behavioral problems, or environmental and pollution circumstances.

How many of us know that we may have skills, talents, and expertise, but that’s not enough because we still need to find a place where we can bloom and utilize what we have? We need to position ourselves in areas where we can shine the most. We need to create opportunities for ourselves where our skills, talents, or expertise can be transferable to a place where we can bloom and let our strengths bring the best out of us, a place where our zone of genius can flourish and be nourished.

Because if you are a beautician, we assume it’s best for you to work in a beautician industry, because that’s what you do, and where you may shine the most. If you are a musician, then we can say the best place for you to shine is in a specific music industry.

Sometimes having talents, and skills, it’s really not enough to conclude that this is your zone area; this is place you come alive. I think when you combine your passion with your talent, then you will discover your zone of genius, and where you may shine the most. You can be a very talented published writer and author, but your passion maybe in writing fiction stories, or novels, that’s where you flow. It’s not like you cannot write non-fiction books or articles, but you enjoy writing novels more than self-help books for example.

We all need to take courage to go after what we want or what we are passionate about. And it’s easier said than done, because freedom comes with a price that we all have to pay, and some of us usually hesitate to make that decision of paying the price because of the reasons sometimes behind our control, and that’s why we feel stuck to go after our dreams, to achieve some of our goals, or do what we love the most and passionate about.

There is this saying that says, “Go for what you want and not for what you think is possible.” We usually go for what is possible, and hence limit ourselves and to what can become. If you study some of the most famous successful people that we know you will find out that they actually didn’t know they were going to be very successful when they were going after what they wanted, or for the big dreams. Even though there were times they thought it was impossible for them to live their dreams, but they pursued them anyway because they were eager to break the barriers or walls that were hindering them to go after what they wanted, and do what they love to do.

It’s important to discover where you can shine the most, and set yourself up to bloom where you are planted. So get yourself into the zone; get yourself in a position where you can shine like a pearl.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga