Seven Areas of Life to Work On


If you have been reading from the beginning then you will notice how frequently I have used the term “In all life areas or in most life areas.” I feel like some of you would like to know what kind of these life areas I am always talking about.

Sometimes we forget to live a balanced life; we usually focus more on one area of life, let’s say on financial goals, or career and professional goals, and that’s it, we don’t have other goals set for ourselves for our personal growth in other areas of our lives.

Even though we can create goals anytime we want, but I thought it would be nice for us to go through this goal setting subject again since we are almost approaching another year, it’s December 2016 now, so it’s a proper time to start making plans for next year, and by God’s grace and His Will for our lives, we hope to see our goals and plans succeed next year.

It is important to keep our lives simple so that we can enjoy it more. And it’s okay to stretch ourselves but not to an extent to jeopardize our health as a result of overworking ourselves. In order to include a little bit of everything to have that balance, its best if we set one goal per life area or maybe two if you think you can manage.

So our plan for next year can be to set one or two personal development or growth goals in each life area. But we also want to make it fun and achievable.

The following are examples of seven life areas that we can set goals for ourselves for our personal fulfillment. Well, for how long it’s all up to you; it can be few months, a year, more than one year.

  • Spiritual

Most important area to me, because I really need to connect with my Creator; I need God’s guidance and to have Him to be the center of my life. The more I spend time in knowing God, the more I feel like I am purposely living. Everyone has their own way of connecting to God according to our own beliefs we have for ourselves. Different ways of believing can be different ways of worshiping God and involving Him in our lives.

So if you are a born-again Christian for instance, your personal development goal for this area can be every day for half an hour to spend personal quality time seeking God in prayer and reading the Bible. It can be in the morning, it can be in the evening. Or you can say in the morning I will pray, and evening I will read the Bible. For us Christians, we have few wonderful Bible reading plans phone apps for one year, two years, and five years. So if you think it’s too much for you to read the entire Bible for one year, then you can choose a five year Bible reading plan.

May be your goal can be to set a goal to join a Bible study group, or class. I used to attend Bible Study classes every Monday evening after work at BSF International – Bible Study Fellowship here in Dar es Salaam Tanzania. Monday Bible Classes and the homework and reading I had to do throughout the week plus Sunday Church sermons and services it was somewhat enough during that time to help me grow in this area.

  • Mental

This includes all kinds of mind activities for your mental health, and intellectual growth. To you it can be learning, acquiring of knowledge and understanding, which can mean listening to teaching programs, and reading books, articles, magazines, newspapers. It could be enrolling in classes or seminars to learn something that you are interested in for instance; how to conquer your emotions?

Your personal development goal for this area can be every day I will spend twenty minutes to read three pages of a book, or every month I will read one book, so in one year I will read twelve books. Do your research and get yourself the names of the books you want to read for your personal growth in the area of your mind, about how you can develop a better mindset for instance, or how you can master your time management skills, or how you can attract the man of your dreams, or how you can save money, or how you can improve your public speaking skills, and all other of subjects that you may be interested in. You can say each month your will read a book about a different subject or area.

Another thing can be every day for half an hour I will listen to a teaching program or CD or audio book about how to become better in my craft, or how to increase my faith and confidence,  and so on.

  • Physical

In this life area you can include daily workouts or exercise routines, or in other words you can say fitness or sport goals. But you can also include your physical health and wellness goals, and body image goals.

As you can see all the elements in this life area are important. That’s why I said if you can manage to do more than one goal in some life areas, in particular area like this go ahead, because your fitness is important, but also your health. This is where you can create goals for you to eat healthy, improve your body image, and get yourself physical fit.

So one of your personal development goals in this area can be to eat one fruit every day, drink three liters of water every day, and take multivitamins every day. Another goal can be to work out for half an hour ever day in the morning or in the evening.

  • Relational

Your relationships with your spouse or significant other, children, parents, siblings, other family members, friends, colleagues, and the rest of other relationships you may have with other people.

It really depends with your personality and how you communicate with others, and handle your relationships. It can differ with everyone. The important thing is that our relationships matters. If you are that person who has been blessed with quality relationships in your life, make sure you hold on to them.

You can create a goal for yourself to strengthen your relationships or restore the ones that are broken, you can set time every week or month or twice a year to spend quality time to bond with them.

When it comes to communication with one another, there are lots of ways people can use to communicate and keep in touch.

  • Financial

This is an area where you can set giving goals, savings goals, investing goals, income goals, and et cetera. You can say this year I am going to increase my income earning so that I can be able to save this amount of dollars every month, invest this amount of dollars every month, and giving this amount of money.

Well, maybe you can say this year you must find another job that will pay you more, or get a promotion and pay raise, or get a second job and work two jobs to get the income that you want so that you can be able to meet your financial goals to save this much, and invest this much by the end of the year.

Some people goals can also be to start a business, maybe working on establishing their own business part time while still working full-time at their current employment places. You can also set goals to buy assets, or belongings and things you would like to own.

  • Professional

Have you ever heard of the term called “PDP?” It stands for Personal Development Plan. Most employees know this term ‘PDP.’ Usually employers use PDP’s to engage their employees to map out their abilities, commitment, and knowledge so that as employers they can be able to help their employees to maximize their potentials as well as the potentials of their companies or organizations.  As an employee in some organizations or companies once every year you will sit with your supervisor or manager or HR personnel to discuss and review your current year PDP objectives or goals, but also set up more goals and objectives for the next or following year. Even though this PDP document will focus more on long-term development, but normally is also designed to help and assist you on how you can currently improve and perform well at work, develop more skills and progress in your job.

You may want to do the same thing for yourself in assessing your career progress on your own. You can create your own personal career goals to achieve for yourself.  It can even be changing your career or profession. It all depends on your personal fulfillment.

  • Recreational

We all can use a little fun or maybe more fun for some of us. This area is for vacation time, celebration time, and all things fun. Some fun can mean relaxing, just enjoying the moment and doing something nice for yourself, and perhaps together with your loved ones. If you have children, then you really need to make some family fun time goals. Children can get bored so easily, and having fun is what refreshes them, but also is the best time you can use to bond with them.

It’s all about balancing things so that we can enjoy and experience life more. And that’s about it, seven life areas you can set goals for yourself for your personal fulfillment and development. I am pretty sure there could be more life areas you can set goals for yourself to work on improving yourself, but you can begin with these seven for a start.

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