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How many of us know sometimes we can make plans, but find out God may have other plans for us? I have experienced it last year. One thing I realized is that you cannot be too rigid with your plans.

As for me this year, I am going to move forward. I am going to rollover my previous year goals, the ones I did not accomplish, and continue working on them this year. I am also going to be somewhat flexible and take one step at a time to find out what God has in store for me. May God’s Will be done in my life. All is well, or in Swahili we say, ‘Yote ni Heri.’

The thing I like about starting a new year is that we all get second, third, some up to fifty chances or more in life. To someone this New Year can be new opportunities to do things all over again in a better way, or start afresh, or take a different direction, and et cetera. And we all hope to have the best year so far. Therefore, may it be so for us!

I have started my new year differently. Well, I have spent some of time during this week creating a gift for you, my first ever E-book, a Mini E-book about ‘7 Useful Tips to Put into Practice in 2017’ that I have shared last year. Get your free copy.

And again, I wish you all the best in all your endeavors this year.

To God’s glory be our success!

Helen Majaga



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