Make Decisions Based on Your Evaluation


Living your dreams is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. The moment you decide to be true to yourself and pursue your dreams, is the moment you feel like you have been set free from whatever was holding you back. This is no-brainer; since we have no idea on how long we are going to live for, the best time to make the best decisions how we are going to live our lives is now, and today.

We don’t know how tomorrow is going to be for us, therefore our time is the most valuable asset that we have as humans today to creating and live our dreams. Even though one larger accomplishment we can do for ourselves is to manage our time very well – time management, but our decisions in life also play a major role on what we are going to accomplish. Successful people make decisions that lead them to be successful.

Before you even come up with a right decision, for instance you want to solve something in your life; there are a few steps you have to go through. You first have to identify and diagnose the problem, and then generate alternative solutions based on what you have come up with, as a part of evaluating these solutions. After your evaluation, you decide which one is right for you, and then what follows is the implementation of the decision. And the good thing is that we can always change how we implement things until we get the right results we want because things are always changing, and every day we are learning how to do better of this and that.

I used to have a job that demanded me to do some procurement tasks. When we had meetings or trainings, part of my job was first to identify and find a minimum of three potential hotels according to our budgets that provided the same services, and then short listed them according to the company requirements. Our decisions would base on several things; the prices, the quality of their meeting/training facilities and bedrooms, food and menu, locations, parking facilities. We would also look if they were reliable, what kind of method of payments they accepted. We would also check their customer services; things like if their employees were friendly and all other customer services merits. We would get their quotations, then go through other procurement forms as part of due diligence process and choose only one hotel from the three hotels, for each event or occasion.

And then we would establish a business contract with the hotel we decided to do business with. Since I had to arrange several trainings and meetings, by the end of the year I would have a list of lots of hotels in my work portfolio that we have established contract with. Those we liked, we kept doing business with them and renewed our contracts with them on yearly basis.

Let’s say you have two suitors, they both have asked you to marry them. It will be unwise to say let me marry this one and try my marriage with him first, if it doesn’t work, I will divorce him, and marry the other one. The fact is that the minute you marry the first one, there is a big chance the other suitor wouldn’t wait for you, he will move on and marry somebody else. It will be better if you evaluate your options first so that you can make a decision which one is right for you and then stick with your decision. And with the help of God of course, you trust He would guide you to pick the right one. And if it happens that you have made the wrong decision, then at least you took time to evaluate your options.

Some decisions require us to think with both our hearts and minds, and with this example for instance, maybe more so with our hearts. Other decisions they will require us to be more intuitive even after we have made our evaluations. Even so, not all the time we have time to evaluate things; therefore we will depend more on God’s guidance, our intuitions, but also on what we already know through our experiences.

Without making right and best decisions for ourselves, our businesses, any improvements will be accidental, if they occur at all. We can’t keep making wrong or poor decisions, and expect different results.

Everyday life presents us with choices, and we are required to make decisions based on those choices. No wonder why successful people become successful because they make decisions based on their carefully evaluations, and when they implement those decisions, they become successful.

Someone said, “Successful people make calculated decisions and risks.” They think on purpose about their decisions and their outcome. They evaluate things first, make plans, and then implement their plans. In other words, they decide what they want, and determine the price they are going to pay to get it, and go and get it, because our decisions are not complete until we turn them into action plans, and be willing to be committed to those action plans.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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