What Makes You Happy?


Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances – Benjamin Franklin

I was sitting on my desk the other day and I just happened to ask myself what makes me happy? I don’t know why I asked myself such question; but I was intrigued to see what I could come up with. And this is what I found; it’s more of the little things that make me happy nowadays.

For instance; when I pick up a really good mango fruit, and cut that “Dodo Mango” and eat it peace to peace, it makes me happy. I love most fruits that are grown in this Tanzanian land; man, they are so good.

If you visit me today for example, you don’t have to wonder where I was sitting before you came; all you have got to do is to look and see if there is a cup of tea somewhere…hahaha. I don’t know what is it with me, but I drink tea throughout the day; in the morning, afternoon, evening, night, and summer year long, even during winter when I get to travel to other places. A cup of tea refreshes me during the day.

I like to watch good love story movies. I have my favorite movies that I watch more often and repeatedly. Just a few days ago I watched again, ‘One Night with the King’ movie about the story of Esther in the Bible. For you’ all queens, or princesses, and singles out there, don’t give up, you’ll never know when your kings or princes may arrive into your lives. God is able, don’t give up. This may sound strange, but seeing people in love, or love each other makes me happy. The act of love; to love or being loved also makes me happy.

But I also like to read books and listen to teachings CD’s or watch inspirational videos. Reading and listening to something profound with great insight about something makes me happy. I set time everyday even if it’s for ten minutes to learn something new every day.

Spending time with God during my Bible reading time, or when I watch or listen to sermons online, or during praise and worship, make me happy. Just to hear that God loves me, it makes me happy. But when I know and it becomes clear to me that God loves me, each time it makes me even happier. When God answers my prayers I get really happy.

Doing what I love more often makes me happy. When I am being creative, I feel happy. And I am not that really creative apart from creative writing. But if I would be more creative in some days about something different, outside my comfort zone, like being able to DIY something decorative it makes me really happy.

Believe me or not, I am not an all time fan of working out and exercising every day, but when I workout, and after I workout, I like the feeling I get as if I can conquer the world, or I have accomplished a lot that day. And I like that feeling because it makes me happy and boost my confidence.

Getting my hair done makes me happy. I like long hair, the problem is that I tried to grow my hair several times and it reached only certain length, still came short to what I call ‘long hair.’ I also can’t keep my hair natural, because when natural it’s too painful to comb and get my hair straight; usually will end up being like a ‘bush afro.’ So I have to get it relaxed, and when I do that I like to put or add hair extensions of different hair styles to make it more interesting.

I like to play games such as scrabble, ‘the word game.’ And I also sing in the shower…hahaha. There are some moments I like to listen to music and dance by myself. I like to do this when I do some cleaning in the house.

Going to specific events, and places; such as museums, concerts, shows, sightseeing, getaway vacations, and things like that once a while makes me happy. And it doesn’t have to cost that much; budget friendly is my specialty.

Even though lately I have become more of an introvert, but in the past I used to be more of an extrovert person. It’s not like I don’t enjoy doing more outdoor activities, and being around people more, let’s just say maybe not more often. Part of it is also because I have changed and grown, the things that used to ‘woo me,’ before they don’t impress me anymore. Besides, some of them were only breaking my bank account.

There was a period in my life I thought if I didn’t go out during the weekend to the night club dancing, drinking, and partying then I was not having fun. In those days it was so much fun indeed; but those days are no more for me.

I also used to enjoy eating out more often. When I went out with family members, friends, or colleagues for lunch or dinner , it made me really happy. I enjoyed both their company, and the food.

Another thing is I enjoy shopping, because I like pretty things…hahaha; who doesn’t right? To this day, I still love shopping. But when I go to the mall nowadays, I leave all my bank cards at home and only take cash with me, and a shopping list. If it’s not on the list, it means it’s not coming back home with me.

My first ever date and boyfriend you can say took me to this vineyard that was a little bit far from the city. We actually met in a nightclub a few months after I turned 21. He was a very romantic guy, smart, intelligent and a little bit older than me. When he came to pick me up on our first date, he came with a bouquet of two dozen roses of mixed flowers; yellow, red, pink, and white I think. It was my first time ever to receive flowers, so it was quite a show for me…hahaha. So he took me to this vineyard where people could also have picnics if they wanted too. We had wine tasting and ate cheese, but also bought a couple of wine bottles to take home. He brought a basket of food with him, and man…our lunch was delicious. He also came with a poetry book, we read few poems. By this time I was just getting into the world of poetry, so it sounded fancier to me. I was only 21, inexperienced to this different world, so this was interesting to me. This guy was very thoughtful, his dates were outstanding. He picked beautiful memorable things to experience. For instance, on our second date we went to this only appointment very classy restaurant in this nice area, and across the street they had an art gallery that we also visited, but the restaurant itself was very nice; they played live jazz music, and the food was great.

Though we only lasted about three months, but this guy did his best to ‘wow me,’ and we had wonderful memories. But we just couldn’t connect in a deeper level. Who knows…maybe I needed acceptance to be freer and to be me. Therefore, only after a short while that happiness was gone.

My point is that you cannot rely on people or things to determine your happiness all the time. It took me a while to realize that I have to own my own happiness, to depend on my own happiness, and to find my own happiness.

One definition says, happiness is a state of mental or emotional well-being ranging from being content to intense joy. But some people also say, happiness is a difference between our expectations and our reality. Therefore it would be okay to say that we can’t depend on things or other people in order to be happy in our lives. Our happiness cannot be dependent only based on our families members, or friends, or our possessions, and some of our experiences. There are going to be a time they are not going to be there, or they may not be able to make us happy anymore when we want them to make us happy.

We first have to rely on our own happiness that comes from within us. And each of us is responsible to find that happiness from within us according to our own definition of that happiness. Each of us is responsible to find that happiness that lives inside us. It’s there, and it can be found if you go deep enough.

So I found out, it doesn’t take too much to make me happy. Even though the big things are amazing, but it’s the little things and priceless things that arouse me more, because they are easy to tap into, and I don’t have to wait on anyone, or everything to align itself in order for me to tap into that happiness.

I would like to know what makes you happy. Feel free to join the discussion below.

To your success,

Helen Majaga



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