Friendship | The Making & Breaking

Friendship | The Making & Breaking

As I have gotten older, I have learned that some people will do things to earn your trust and get close to you so that they can use you, or ruin you into pieces. And man…it hurts, when you found out someone you trusted wasn’t really worthy of your trust all this time, all because they had their own agenda. If you ask me, it’s better to have an open enemy than a false friend. With an open enemy, at least you will know they are on the look to cast a stone at you, and you need to watch out, so perhaps you will be able to do something about it, or resolve a few things. I had to ask God to help me with my trusting issues, because when it reached a point even a few of your closed ones become few of the people on your list of untrustworthy relationships, it can worsen the situation. And it’s really hard to restore trust once it’s broken. You can forgive, but the forgetting part is where many of us are struggling to manage.

  • We need to choose our friends carefully

In the Bible in the book of Proverbs chapter 12 verse 26 it says, reading from World English Bible version, “A righteous person is cautious in friendship, but the way of the wicked leads them astray.” King James Bible version says, “The righteous chooses his friends carefully: but the way of the wicked leads them astray.” And in Amplified Bible, the same scripture says, “The [consistently] righteous man is a guide to his neighbor, but the way of the wicked causes others to go astray.”

Choose your friends carefully, because your friends have a power of influence on you. I know someone who used to be a Church woman, a born-again Christian actually. She met this man, let’s say at work. But this guy was Christian by name, but not really a Christian. I guess he really liked this woman for his own selfish reasons. He did his research, so as he was pursuing her, he found out one secret that was going to increase his chances and the secret was to join the Church she was a member of. She was a Church woman, so he made the decision even the Church wasn’t going to stop him to get her. He joined the Church so that he could fool her, and basically win this woman’s heart so that she can agree to marry him. This woman was serving in a couple of ministries; the Church choir, but also in youth ministry. So, the man decided to join these ministries also. For more than two years while he was groomed by the Church, you would think he would have taken an initiative to change his true intentions, but nope. When the time came, they finally got married, and his mission succeeded. But after they got married, now having more control of his now wife, his true colors started to showing up. In some days when she wanted to go to Church, her husband would say things like, “Baby, I don’t want you to go to Church today.” In some days he would even started threatening her and accusing her with her faith and relationship with the Church. He made things really hard for her to continue with her Christian walk, and she slowly started to backslide. But there is more, very soon after they got married, she also find out that her husband is a womanizer. There were rumors going around that her husband maybe cheating on her. How he kept his notorious behavior until they got married for her to find out? I tell you, marriage starts after the matrimony or wedding ceremony is over, that’s when  all true colors are revealed, one by one…hahaha. Continue reading “Friendship | The Making & Breaking”