How to Stay Motivated?

How to Stay Motivated?

motivation-picture-quote-motivation-be-an-expertWe all need to remind ourselves on a regular basis in order to stay motivated. There is this saying, “It is what it is.” Life is the same way; there are times it is what it is. So take your lemons, and make lemonade. Sometimes there can be so many discouragements surrounding us; therefore we have got to learn how to stay motivated. So, how do you stay motivated at home, or work, or with your goals? I have come up with six tips, and each of them can be useful depending on the individual intake. Personally, all six tips have helped me several times to stay motivated in several areas of my life. Hopefully they can help you too.

  • Slow and steady wins the race

Each time you feel unmotivated remember that slow and steady wins the race, not all the time but most of the time. Literally, nothing worthwhile grows overnight. So if you feel less motivated to complete your tasks for instance, because you feel you have so much to catch up and get done, or you have got a long way to go, or you need to keep pace with everything or everyone because you feel that you are so far behind, remind yourself that you will eventually get there too as long as you don’t stop and keep going. When you do this you will be motivated to continue with the race. You will stay motivated to finish your projects and achieve your goals.

Especially if it doesn’t benefit you at all for you to do so. Comparison is very good if it favors you to want to improve yourself or your business to standout from your competitors. When you compare your beginning to someone else’s middle, definitely you will lose the motivation. That’s just the negativity right there. It’s like you are comparing your insides to their outsides, it’s a disheartening situation. Just live your life and be you. Each time you lose motivation because of comparisonitis remember that you are unique, there can never be another you. Keep in mind that no matter how bad you think you are or things are, in many ways you are probably better off than those you are comparing yourself to.

  • One day at a time

Take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Just like when we walk or when we take the stairs or climb the mountain. If you want to jump go ahead, just make sure it’s safe enough or secure enough so that you won’t slip. One step at time reduces the risks. So, stay motivated with ‘one day at a time, one step at a time’ motto. Successful people accomplish their goals in smaller steps. They set smaller goals within bigger goals. They start small, but also take smart and small steps toward their end goals. Continue reading “How to Stay Motivated?”