How Do You Start to Get on Top of Your Mountains?

In life we are going to face many mountains. And some of these mountains are always going to be there whether we like it or not. Some of them we will be able to remove them, while others maybe not.  This basically means even though some of these mountains also known as obstacles cannot be moved when we want them too, but they can be conquered. So, how do we conquer them? We conquer mountains by getting on top of them; whichever way we choose. We can fly with airplanes or using parachutes to get on top, or we can climb using cars, motorbikes, bicycles, or our feet until we reach to the top where the best view there is. When we get on top of our mountains or rise above our obstacles, that’s how we overcome or conquer them.

The mountains have their own purposes. Let’s see; it could be to block us one way or another to see the view of our dreams, our future. They are there to block us temporary to blind us to see the way to the other side where we want to go next in our lives, on our journey perhaps to have happier and satisfying lives. But also the mountains in our lives are there to teach us to be more courageous, creative, innovative, and strong. Therefore, through them we learn to become like them – solid rocks and to stand tall. Mountains or our obstacles teach us to be emotionally stable, to fight on, to exercise our minds, to reveal our potentials, who we are, and what we are made of.

I have also learned through my experiences that I cannot stop some of these mountains to come my way, some of them are part of the journey that I have to take. And we cannot escape these types of mountains because they are the paths to where we want to go. And We have to go through them if we want to succeed, overcome, have victory, to survive or thrive, and et cetera.

So, how do we start to go to the top of our mountains for instance, or overcome our struggles, obstacles, and so forth? How do you start tackling your problems?

  • By changing our beliefs

We start first by overcoming our own inner perspectives of how we view our mountains, obstacles, and circumstances. We start by overcoming our own self-limiting beliefs. The way we overcome self-limiting beliefs in ourselves is like the way we develop stronger muscles of our physical bodies. We have to work out on the daily basis to maintain them. Well, the same goes with how to conquer limitations in ourselves; we start by mental exercising. We constantly have to remind ourselves that we can do it, we are equipped to do it or else these mountains wouldn’t be on our ways. We also have to remind ourselves of our past victories; if we managed to overcome other mountains before, it’s possible to overcome the one we are facing at the moment. And as we keep practicing strengthen our mindsets and our perspectives, it will push us to want to overcome our mountains.

  • By doing it

The best way to learn how to start to getting on top of your mountains, whether by climbing yourself, or use an airplane to fly on top of it, is by learning how to actually doing it. Even if we have to do it while we still feel the fear and anxiety. We can decide not to be moved by the fear these mountains create in us, or by their shadows, or by any of their other negative effects they may be trying to create in us. Most of the time we will find confidence to do something by doing it. As we do it, or face it, or pursue it, then confidence comes. And the more we keep doing it, attacking it, learn how to overcome our fears, the more confident we become that we can overcome. Once we start doing or confronting our problems we will find our problems are not worse or harder than we thought; one step at a time our problems can be solves. Once we start understanding the strategies that go into it, and start doing it, we’ll start feeling like conquerors.

  • By seeking for advice

Another way you can start to learn how to get on top of your mountains is to go to experts for advice; the people who know how to fly on top of the mountains that you are facing right now. You can learn from people who have already climbed to the top of the mountains that you are facing right now. Find out how they managed to do it so you can also apply into your situations, perhaps it will also work for you. Go to someone who can really help, who have been through what you are going through and yet was able to successful get on top of things. Basically, surround yourself with successful people who have been there where you want to go; those who also have innate desires to help others do the same. You can also read books about it, and do a research of your own.

  • By speaking to our mountains

This actually is even in the Bible. The Bible says to say by faith to our mountains to leave us, or to move, and those things we say shall come to pass. This is what Jesus said; “For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he says shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he says [Mark 11:23, Matthew 21:21, Matthew 17:20, Luke 17:6].” Remember now, the scripture does not say think or ask. Jesus said to speak to the mountain or problem and tell it to go, or leave you.

For example, in the book of Luke chapter 4 verse 7 and 8, when satan tried to tempt Jesus while He was in the wilderness fasting for 40 days, satan said to Jesus, “If You will worship before me, all will be Yours,” Jesus replied, “Get behind Me, satan! For it is written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only you shall serve.'”

So what are some of these mountains we are talking about? Well, they can be diseases and illnesses, poverty, grief, all kinds of fear, depression, our frustrations, negative thoughts, our oppositions, and so on. In a believer’s life, a mountain is that problem in your life that is on your way to live the life God has designed for you to live. The mountain is anything that is adverse or contrary to the Word of God for your life. The mountain is that barrier that is hindering you to completing God’s Will for your life.

  • By having strong desires

You really have to want your situations to change to the point where you don’t accept any other alternative. You have got to want it so badly to cross over, or to reach to the other side. Your desires to overcome will be your magnet that is pulling you to want to go on top of your mountains, or even to want to remove your mountains, one by one. Your strong desires will push you to find ways to go around it, and through it. And all because you must overcome it, or you want to overcome it so badly. Maybe your life situation depends on how you overcome it; perhaps a life threatening thing. When our desires are so strong, they can push us to do things that we first thought were impossible or we took for granted but now we must do something about it, or else we perish. When we reach that point in any of our situations, is when we fight the hardest, learn to be the strongest, and become more willing to be flexible and stretch ourselves.


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