Here is How You Turn Your Hobby into a Business

The law of attraction is one of the universal laws that govern our realities. The law of attraction exists just like the law of gravity. And it states that your energy vibrations attract like energy to you. This means that whatever is at a similar energy vibration to you will appear in your life. Or what you seek is seeking you.

Whatever you prepare for will appear for you. Meaning that, the more you prepare yourself for something, the more that something will appear for you. In other words, if you are preparing to become rich and wealthy, soon or later, situations and opportunities to help you become rich and wealthy will represent themselves to you. While you are learning and preparing, God Almighty, or so other say God the Universe, will start arranging things on your behalf as a way to help you achieve and manifest what you are preparing for.

I will give you an example; while I was doing my research on how to turn your blog or website into a business I have found out that most bloggers who are earning money right now through blogging they also struggled in the beginning. A few of them said that things changed for them the minute they started treating their blogs as businesses and not as hobbies. When they started treating their blogs as successful businesses, they became ones. Because after that they started making plans for their blogs in order to prepare them to become online and offline businesses. They started finding ways how they can earn income through them.

And I told myself, I wish I found out about this long-time ago. Some of you already know that this is my second time around to this blogging world. During those days when I first started blogging I didn’t have this knowledge and information I am sharing with you right now. So, it reached a point I didn’t see a point of continuing blogging and giving so much value without getting something beneficial to me in return.

I am not a preacher, I never went to a Bible school, but I have been able to attend Bible studies in a couple of the local Churches I have been a member and attendee. I also read the Bible on my own, and listen to various preachers online and on television. But for somehow by the grace of God during those days, during my first time around to blogging world, I managed to evangelize online, and even offline to the people God has placed in my life. I was preaching basically and almost all of my posts were about the Love of God, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the importance of fellowshipping with The Holy Spirit. But I didn’t start preaching until May 2012.

I started my first blog named ‘YouCount’ in early 2009, well, in December 2008. And in the beginning I blogged about anything I could think of; I wrote poems, articles, love letters. In 2012, I somehow had an encounter with God, and therefore, I grew to two sites; one named ‘HM Public Journal’ and the other ‘Grace Abounds International,’ at the same time had a full-time demanding job. My online ministry Grace Abounds International was growing faster than I was growing at my workplace, or than my other personal site HM Public Journal was growing. I reached a point I was debating whether I should quit my job to continue with what I was doing online. But I needed the income I was getting through my full-time job, and I didn’t have clear directions whether God really called me to do what I was doing and the way I was doing it through blogging. So, in May 2015 I quit blogging. I really wanted time off to figure some things out.

Last year in May, these desires of start blogging again came very strong to me. And I said ‘you know what? Let me give it another try.’ I didn’t know what I was going to write about. So, I decided I was going to write about my experiences. I also didn’t know what I was going to call it this time around, so I just used my name and put international in front of it, therefore Helen Majaga International was born. So as I continued to blogging, I told myself, this time around I must get much better results. Whether this is going to turn into a serious big ministry or business, only God knows, because I really don’t know. All I know is that I really want to do things much better than I did before especially in financial return and effectiveness of my work. One of my dreams is to getting paid for doing what comes naturally easy for me. To start getting paid doing more of what I love and enjoy doing.

I mean… blogging costs. It costs time, money, and energy, and maybe a few of other resources. I don’t see why you shouldn’t get paid since you are investing a lot from you, and your resources, and in giving value to others.

Turning a hobby into a business is not easy, but it can be done. So, here are the processes you can start applying to turn your hobby into a business.

  • Perception or Programming

So, the first thing we need to turn blogging into business is to change our mentality and perception about blogging and ourselves. We are able, and we can give value to others, and its totally okay to get paid in return for what we are investing on others. When people see value or benefit in our work, they will be willing to pay for it. Program yourself to start thinking different about blogging or your hobby.

  • Process

Now, a few months ago, I have come across this online program that teaches small businesses people to become successful on their businesses. One of the things I have learned from the program is that making money online is not about making traffic like some of us maybe thinking right now. We need to start working with economics and our business models first, and then traffic comes last. Basically, you can have all the traffic you want, but if you don’t have a good business model of how you are going to convert your traffic into customers then you won’t make money. Basically, if we put it in other words, you need to create something that can actually fly before you even add power into it. You don’t want to create power without knowing whether your business can fly. So, your traffic is your power, therefore it should come last. Once you test that you have a good business model for your business, then you can buy traffic. You can use Facebook ads, Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and all kinds of business advertisements and promotions. If you know you have a good business model that is going to actually make you money and convert your traffic into customers, then it’s pretty okay to pay to acquire your customers because you know it will pay off. If you get to spend a dollar to get a customer that is particular fine because you know what you will get in return. So, what is a business model? A business model is the way in which a business generates revenue and makes a profit from business operations. The best way to creating a business model is by starting mapping out your business plan that identifies your revenue sources, customer base, products, details of financing, marketing strategies, legal processes and the rest of other business plan essentials.

  • Product

Another thing to think about when you want to turn your blog or hobby into a business, you need to create your own products or offer your own services. According to this online program, creating your own products is a must if you are really new. But I also think this depends on what kind of business you want to create or have. If you are solely based as an infopreneur who is dealing with affiliate marketing kind of business, I really don’t think you need to have your own products or services; you can pretty much sell other people products and services and make money. I see the importance of having your own products when you want to only focus on your brand. So, if you only want to focus on your brand only, then it’s a must to create your own products and services. How are you going to make money when you don’t have products or services to sell? And I have shared before, the best way you can start making your own products or offering services is to test the market first. Like what I am doing right now for instance; I am testing the market with YouCount Magazine to see what my readers like or prefer to read. I am testing the market to see what kind of E-books will be good for my clients and customers. You need to find out whether the product works. Can you make a profit selling it, or is the product something people will want or need? So, test the market first.

  • People and Profit

The last thing I would like to share with you about how you convert your hobby into a business is to think of how you can make every transaction with a customer as valuable as possible. You can do this in two ways, one by having a product mix that you can sell. The best way to make money is to get more money per sale. And in order to do that you have got to offer more products and services so when customers come to your online or offline business they have a variety of products or services to buy from you. Two, get them to buy from you more frequently. Learn how to make them be your loyal customers. Be better on your customer services and following up on your customers, create and provide high quality products and services, become more valuable and accessible, and basically do the things that they make you stand out from your competitors. The more they come back, the more sales for you.

We can apply these proven strategies and start preparing today based on these five P’s – Programming (Perception or Beliefs), Process (or Business Model), Product (or Service), People (or Customers), and Profit (or Revenue). We can slowly start treating our blogs, websites, and hobbies as successful businesses today, and soon or later they will become successful businesses if we won’t throw in the towel.

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