You’re God’s Work in Progress

God is a specialist of taking nobody’s to somebody’s. God can turn a mess into a blessing. I mean, I am speaking about myself right now. God can transform us to the point that when the people who knew about us years ago, when they look at us of how we have changed and transformed today, they will be astonished by the progress we have made. And sometimes they wouldn’t know it was God Who took us and mold us when we cried to Him for help, worked in us, day by day, step by step, to become who we have become today. The Bible has so many examples of how God changed people lives, used regular people just like us who were willing to be used by God to serve Him in a greater way, to become blessings to other people. So when it looks like there is no hope, run to God for help.

You see, sometimes we want everything to come ready-made, we don’t want to put a little of work into it. Even though our gifts are things that we do our absolutely best with the least amount of effort, but do you know that even if our gifts are freely given by God, but in order to become excellent, a world-class kind of excellence, then there is a lot of work to do even after you have already identified that you are gifted with this or that kind of gift; whatever it is, maybe it could be singing, painting, and so on. There is this phrase that says, “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice your gift.” Most of the time we will receive something, but in order to refine it, we need to put a lot of work towards it.

I know this lady who met her husband years ago; they are now happily married with beautiful children. But years ago, when the husband was pursuing the lady, the guy didn’t have anything really. You know, sometimes you have got to be careful, when people see you have something, let’s say a lot of money, or some kind of big potential, they will be attracted to you easily. But usually, it’s not you they are attracted to, but perhaps it’s your money, or your influence, and something like that. So you have got to be careful, because such kind of people will only use you, they are not for your absolutely good.

Anyway, to continue with the story, this guy didn’t have anything really to attract women, so women would passed him by, because they didn’t see his potential, of what he could become. But this guy really liked this woman, now his wife, and at the time this lady thought he was not her type. But somehow, the guy managed to really pursued her, and hanged on to her even when she did all she could to avoid him. I don’t know what happened, I guess it was a miracle, they finally started dating. But in the beginning it was just a normal friendship kind of relationship, and it grew up to more than friends. After few years of friendship and dating, they got married, and now they have become a family. But do you know today, this husband is a catchy. He has changed so much to the point that, when he goes somewhere if he doesn’t wear his wedding ring, women turn their heads to checkout this guy. He looks very mature now, attractive, all together, you know. But years ago, this was a guy, people passed by. They say, “Behind or beside every successful or good man, there is a successful or good woman. Or behind or beside every successful or good woman, there is a successful or good man.” This woman took this man, and influenced him in some ways to become who he has become. Now he is shining and all that, and he has become a magnet to few other women out there. They have their eyes on him. But they don’t know there is a woman behind or beside this man that is doing all the work to make sure this man looks all together. Not only because he is her husband, but also the father of her children. So it’s her business to make sure he looks all together.

Sometimes ready-made means complicated. A lot of people are chasing for ready-made. My advice is to mow your own lawn and grass. Stick to what you have and God has given you, and work on improving it whether it’s your life, your relationships, your career, gifts, talents, and so on. If you find out it hasn’t got your name on it, leave it alone. Believe me, even the ones you see have got everything together, they all got issues too. You may not see it on the surface, but underneath the surface, we all have got issues to solve, tons of grasses to cut, lawns to mow. Some more than others, but everybody has got issues. We are all a work in progress at some point. We may have one thing together, but struggle in another thing. Even though the grass may look better on other people lawns, but if you work on your own grass too, and make your own grass pretty also, perhaps it will become pretty. And people will be admiring your grass and lawn also.

Don’t fret when people pass you by today maybe because you look like you are a lot of work in progress. Look to Jesus, the author, founder, perfecter, and finisher of our faith; The One whose faith is at work in us and our lives. Trust God that He has good plans for our lives and right now He is at work, working things into our favor and for our good. Know that God is mowing your lawn, cutting your grass, trimming that concerning you. And you are God’s work in progress.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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