When We Need A Better Story and Direction

I used to think that our destinies are automatic things, and for somehow you will just arrive. True fact is that a destiny is not something to be waited for; it is something to discover, and to go toward for. Therefore, if you didn’t like where you were heading before, you can decide to change your direction, and your destiny. If you don’t like your story so far, you can ask God for His version of your story which is always the better one for you.

The thing I love about God is that we can always rely on Him. We can never break God’s promises by leaning on them. We can ask God to change our directions and to give us better directions. Therefore, it’s not enough to think about what you would like your story to be about. We need to ask God first to put His desires for us in our hearts and minds so that we can desire them instead, and not go against them, but also so that He can help us be able to yield to His plans for us and walk toward our divine destinies.

There are three things to understand when it comes to achieve our dreams and goals;

  • First, if you don’t spend your time and resources building your God-given dream, achieve, and live it, somebody else will hire you to build theirs with less fulfilling returns, therefore compromising yourself every day.
  • If you are not doing something that you are not totally committed to, and if you are doing something that you are not totally passionate about, you are also compromising yourself every day. You need to go boldly in the direction of your dreams and goals.
  • Third, you need to have a dream in your life. You need to discover your God-given purpose on this earth.

Morgan JC Penney once said, “Give me a Stock Clerk with a goal and I will give you a man who makes history, but give me a man without a goal, and I will give you a Stock Clerk.” Dreams and goals do not care about who has them.

I was listening to this great woman of God, even though she was saying this as if she was joking, but I think she was being real; she said, “The poorest man on earth is the woman or man who has no dream.” This may sound awkward, but she also said, “Don’t marry a man because of his or her television; marry him or her because of his or her vision. If that man has a big vision, he or she will buy you 3D, 5D, HD, and then later on put you on satellite.” But then again, if you are a born-again Christian you still need to involve God with everything that concerning your life, even with the big visions and dreams and how attractive may seem, you don’t want to marry someone who will put you in a position to compromise your walk with God in order to gain acceptance or fit in.

If you analyze thing, often enough those we consider difficulty things to do are usually God’s opportunities for our great blessings, and for our own good so that it can be well with us.

But if you also look at things and situations, when it comes to great blessings, in order to live your dreams and achieve your goals, you must get outside the box, or get outside of your comfort zone. And many times you can’t get out of the box without going through the cross. The cross maybe a painful and hardest thing we have to do, but often it will lead us to success, if follow through it can help our plans and goals to succeed.

For example; in order to draw all men to Himself as His children with Christ-like character, God had to give His own Son, Jesus Christ to the world. As part of the process, purpose, and mission, Jesus not only had to suffer, but also had to surrender and die on the cross. Learn more <<< The Blessings of Giving >>>

Now, our cross may never be as painful and as hardest as the Lord Jesus, but they are still something to overcome. The cross can be the hard work, day and night, that you have to put in for you to succeed and achieve your goals, and projects. Maybe you had to sacrifice your sleeping moments in some days, so that you can get the work done. If you want to get out of debt, the cross can be to live very below your means, and choose to eating rice and beans constantly…hahaha. Your cross maybe to stop wearing cement money on your wrist or hang it on your closet let it catching dust. I have to remind myself all the time; “Helen, you really don’t need another pair of shoes.” I mean, I should know this already, less is more. If you have fewer things, you have less clutter, but also it could mean less debt, and so on. The cross can be the investment and commitment you have to make in order to achieve your dreams and goals. Or it could be to create new healthy habits and change your attitude concerning certain things. Another example could be the stages that a woman has to go through during the nine months of pregnancy up until the day she gives birth to her child.

In the book of Matthew chapter 16 reading from verses 24 to 26, reading from Living Bible version, it says, “Then Jesus said to the disciples, “If anyone wants to be a follower of Mine, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. For anyone who keeps his life for himself shall lose it; and anyone who loses his life for Me shall find it again. What profit is there if you gain the whole world—and lose eternal life? What can be compared with the value of eternal life?”

The only way to burst the box is to be willing to go through the cross. You have got to be willing to get outside your comfort and carry your cross.

In the book of Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11, it says, “For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” God has plans for us. We can ask Him to reveal them to us now, or when it’s time in His own timing, but also we can ask Him to help and empower us to yield to His plans that He has for us. We can live better stories.

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