2 Most Important Skills You Need As a Salesperson

Just because you started a business it doesn’t mean automatically the customers will come. And just because you have this really big idea, it doesn’t mean you are going to easily and successful raise money and have investors jumped into your big idea. As much as you need to spend your time finding your potential customers and investors, you need to learn how to sell to them to the point that they become your customers and investors.

As a salesperson, in order to be able to sell anything; I mean literally anything, even if it is a joke that you want someone to laugh so that you can bring sunshine on their face, you have got to have two most important skills, in my opinion.

  • Persuasion

We learn about the language of persuasion in every area of our lives. You can have all the knowledge of the product and service that you offer, but the difference between making a sale after having the knowledge of what you are selling is your willingness to pursue that customer why they should buy into your idea, buy your product, or why they need your services.

We see this skill through job interviews. Wouldn’t it be nice to just give your resume only and get hired immediately? Employers have their own reasons why they need to conduct interviews. And when we go to interviews, we usually prepare to sell ourselves; our skills, what we can offer to the company, and so on. They would probably be more than one candidate who will be competing for the same job offer, and who probably have the same qualifications as you, but the one who will get the job or project, is the one who will be able to pursue the people on the other side of the table that he or she is the perfect candidate for it.

And you have got to be careful when you are trying to persuade people, people can sense the phoniness and sincerity. We will get into it more in our second most important skill you need as a sales person.

So you have got to be a persuader. If you are new to the industry, you have got to learn to persuade your potential customers when you launch your products and services; you know they are valuable to them, but maybe not yet on the top-notch level like some of your competitors. Therefore, you need to persuade them why you deserve their attention and focus on you. They need to know what impact you are going to make in their lives.

Even if you are company, you still need to persuade employees and talents to come work in your company. You need to convince them why they should work for you, and not with other established companies who are in the same industry as you. Why do they have to come to you instead? What is it you have got to offer them that these other companies did not offer them?

You have got to negotiate deals and contracts with your partners, vendors, and so on. All of these are part of the language and skill of persuasion. If you turn on your TV today, you will learn the language of persuasion that advertisers use to target and catch the eyes of their viewers and potential customers. With advertisement, you are basically given few seconds to persuade your viewers.

So advertisement is all about the language of persuasion. And the more persuasive you are, the likely you get people’s attention. Excellent customer service is also another language and skill of being persuasive to your customers.

  • Discernment

You have got to be able to discern things. Or in other words, you have got to be able to read people and read your environment to see if this is the right moment. You need to learn to perceive and distinguish someone or something that maybe difficulty to do so merely by sight or maybe with other senses.

As Christians, we are told to pray for Holy Spirit-led discernment so that we can be able to read situations and circumstances, but also so that we can be able to be sensitive in God’s timing in our lives. Some people call it intuition, or inner guidance, and so on.

Why it’s important to read people or check out what time is it? Well, usually when opportunity comes to get whatever you wanted, it knocks, but sometimes it doesn’t roar, so you basically you have to discern it. We have learned this when we were young when we wanted something from our parents; we wait until we see our parents in good moods, and then we make an approach, or when we did something rewarding that felt proud of, that was the best time to represent all other of our requests…hahaha. Sometimes when situation presented itself, that’s when it’s best time to make your best approach.

So even our circumstances and knowledge through our experiences can help us discern things. If you have been backstabbed, or cheated before, you will know when the situation arises again, right? All you have got to do is to look at the pattern and learn from the red flags. Have you ever been in a store and you just know, this product will be 98 percent according to your expectations because you are familiar with the brand and your experiences with their products before? I mean, the name of the brand itself it is an assurance that you are making the right decision to buy that product, maybe because it has a reputation to having good quality products.

Some investors they will tell you, the best time to make an investment, let’s say in real-estate, is to wait until when the housing market is going down or is down, when the prices of housing are much lower. When people are foreclosing their houses, that’s when these investors will show up with their best offers. These investors have studied the market, so they can read the trends.

When hiring, you have got to learn to read that potential employee, is she or he the best choice for the position? You have got to learn to read your customers using the language and skill of discernment. You don’t want to sell medication to people who are not sick, or who are not in need for medication at particular time, or sell them at the higher price than they can afford. You have got to learn to discern things before you make your approach to your customers.

So mastering in the area of this part of skill with help you when you need to make a decisive action when opportunity arises so that you won’t miss it when it presents itself at the right time and in right direction.

And there you go, my two most important skills you need as a salesperson. Check out <<<How To Become an Effective Salesperson?>>>

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