How to Position Yourself to Become Successful

I don’t know about creating and selling matches, but there is this entrepreneur that I know, I heard that during his beginning humbling days when he started and joined the business world, he started by selling matches. After many years later, he now owns big television and radio stations across the country, but he also has various newspapers and other few big businesses as known by the public. So he has established himself as a well-known business tycoon, and if you are Tanzanian, you already know who I am talking about. He is one of the examples that tell us, it’s possible to achieve and live your dreams. It may be hard, but it’s possible because with God all things are possible.

Even though we may not share same or similar dreams and goals, but we all have a common denominator, which is that we would also like to achieve and live our dreams and goals, whatever they maybe to us. Maybe to some it could be becoming a President of a Country or of big top-notch Organization or Company, while to others it could be they want to create an environment and a career as working from home moms, or dads so that they can make it easier for themselves to raise their children properly at the same time not giving up on their careers totally because they know one day their children are going to be grown. So they don’t want to give up totally on their careers in order to be able to raise them. If they give up on their careers, then what happens when their children become grownups? It’s going to be hard for them to get back in the game years later, and there will be so many things to catch-up with. Sometimes even if your spouse may be able to support both of you and your children financially, but God forbid, if things one day go sour, you will wish you had your own money, your own career, or had at least a part-time gig.

We need to prepare the environment today, we need to prepare ahead of time. We know few of the people who are living their dreams right now, therefore we know it’s also possible for us; it can be hard, but it’s possible. So how do you start positioning yourself to become successful? You already know what you want; you have your dreams and goals, but then you still need to position yourself and create the environment to help you become successful to the point you are starting to live your dreams. I have four tips for you to show you how to do that.

>>>Surround yourself with an environment that can nurture, enlighten, and help you grow to become successful. You can do that by starting surrounding yourself with inspiring supportive people in that way you can create an environment that will pave the way for you by modeling their examples. Find people who are smarter and better than you, people who can challenge you to stretch to the next level. These people some of them can be your mentors, friends, colleagues, and so on. In order for you to grow to the person you want to become you need to surround yourself with these people so that they can inspire you to rise higher. They say you are an average of five people you surround yourself with. In that case we need to find ourselves five people who are doing very well than ourselves and surround ourselves in their auras…hahaha. So shoot for the moon, and if you miss it, then you will at least end up among the stars. Nowadays it doesn’t have to be merely physical; it can also be distant learning. Thanks to technology you can pick people’s brains and inspirations, surround yourself and learn from them in so many different ways. You can learn online, or buy their products and services, hire them as couches, go to their trainings, and so on. They can become your mentors and friends in that manner.

>>>Make a plan for your personal growth, as well as for your professional growth in your career or business, because there is a connection between the two. Most of the time you need to grow in both areas in order to be truly successful. Make sure you make an effort to meet your own personal development goals as much as the efforts you put in achieving your career and business, or professional development goals. Your business, your ministry, your career ambitions, but also personal ambitions they truly reflect who you are, and usually there is a connection among these aspects. You cannot reflect what you are not, at least not for a very long time. So it’s a mandatory to create an environment that can enhance your growth as an individual, your personal growth, but also in your professional growth. If you don’t know what to do about this, you can hire a coach, or attend online courses. But you can also read books, articles, watch videos related to subjects of your interests according to your requirements and needs. You need to invest on both your personal and professional growth. Best place to start is to do a Google search with the universal code ‘How to so and so….hahaha.’ Some of the information you will find will be free, some you have got to pay for them, but regardless you will find, it’s possible to get some of the answers of what you are looking for. But you can also ask around for referrals and recommendations, maybe from your network and connections you have established so far.

>>>Part of your success will depend and come from the fact that you have a set of values that serve to guide your life and your decisions in every aspect your life. So we need to create governing values for ourselves so that when something comes up, we know whether it’s best option for us when it comes to make certain decisions and partnerships. A clash in values, not only makes a bad business partnership, but even so in other kinds of partnerships and relationships. For instance in marriages; some of the marriages break because of clash in values. One example will be in financial area; one of them let’s say one of his or her values is being very frugal and living a frugal lifestyle, but then the other one’s value is being very generous in spending and giving. So they have a clash in financial discipline and values. Another example will be in entertainment area; one of them let’s say likes nightlife style, but on the other hand, the other one is very reserved and an introvert, and nightlife style is not something he or she values. Neither of them wants to compromise, and therefore a clash in values. In the Bible in the book of Amos chapter 3 verse 3; it says “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” Shared set of values should always be one of the deciding factors when choosing partnerships, in business, in friendships especially your closest ones, but also as ingredients to govern our success journeys. The fact remains is that values are the core foundation of who we are as individuals, which believe it or not, will also transcend over how we run our businesses, and our homes, and whether we are going to have a good success.

>>>Someone tweeted today, “Don’t let the lows of entrepreneurship distract you. That’s just the system weeding out the weak.” You may not be an entrepreneur, but normally life often brings unforeseen ongoing adventurous, so be prepared for them, be prepared to become adventurous. Winston Churchill has a famous quote that says “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Every journey to success has its rough and smooth stages; it’s part of the process. You can’t be selective and only expecting the good outcomes and but not the hardships stages. Take all of the good and the bad as the learning processes, but in the adventurous way. Being successful is an ongoing thing, a lifelong journey. The more you become successful, the more you will want to keep it and gain even some more success. It’s really possible to be happy where you are, and still wanting more. So be content, but never settle, always strive for improvement. So be prepared to living an adventurous life type of environment.

So how do you know you have positioned yourself to become successful? Well, you know it because you can see your environment is changing. You are willing to examine where you are and what you need to do in order to succeed. You are surrounding yourself with successful people who have good influence on you even if it’s not face to face, but you also have governing values that propelling your to be successful. You are investing on your personal and professional growth and development. You are starting to take action on the some of the things you have learned so far on regular basis.

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