3 Life Lessons From All Walks of Life

Life teaches us things through experiences and observations. Even though you and I may have come, passed, and cross different paths in this journey of life, but sometimes some of the lessons we learn can be pretty similar, but perhaps with different stories, details, and circumstances. So let’s analyze three examples of these life lessons that most of us have learned and picked up along the way through all walks of life.

  • Nothing ever go to waste

Some of us we have worked in some jobs before that we never liked let’s say for example just because we needed the income, or money. I have worked different kinds of jobs before some of them because I needed the income, some of them is because I didn’t know what I wanted so when they represented themselves to me I accepted them as they came. But now as I look back I see the importance of the lessons and the skills I have learned and experience I have accumulated from them. It is as if I was supposed to go through those paths, so nothing went to waste. Some of the things were not totally related or had to deal with the job positions but there were valuable lessons that they taught me about life in general. For example; things like how to deal with conflicts and difficulty people in a professional way, how to mingle with diversity of people of different backgrounds and culture and make valuable connections, experiences that I have found to be very useful right now at this stage of my life. But I have also passed through paths before that I knew this was the Will of God for me, but there were moments I had to leave those places disappointed, not according to my expectations. And when I left I didn’t know how things were going to turnout for me. Now as I look back, I see that everything has worked out for good because God had other plans for me somewhere else. So nothing ever goes to waste.

  • Sit on your own chair

We are living in a very competitive world where if you are not careful, people not only will try to sit on your chair, but will even dare to take it away from you and make it theirs, then give up in time, but not until they found out they don’t fit on it, maybe because they are too big or too small. Don’t sit on somebody else’s chair without investigating if it has your name on it; you need to make sure that seat fits you well. You may be fit but the chair is not well tailored for you. Perhaps God has prepared someone else to sit on that seat for years, someone who is well-prepared for it. So do you, be you. I don’t know if you have heard the story of Cinderella before.  Many girls and women tried to wear Cinderella’s shoe, but the shoe didn’t fit them properly. But when Cinderella put her foot on, it fitted her. It was her shoe, perfect well made for her. Just like Cinderella, may be on the surface, you look like you are not qualified to marry that Prince, or take a certain challenge, or lead this big project, or take that promotion, but beneath the surface or behind the scene, God along has prepared you all those years and equipped you for such challenging moments like these. So if you try and find out the chair doesn’t fit you well, figure out why it doesn’t fit. It could be yours, but maybe you need to improve more, or be more serious about it.

  • You will face some kind of opposition

It comes with the territory. If you are taking on a big territory, you will face big challenges; if it’s small territory, then small challenges. So you will be faced with some kind of oppositions especially when you are trying to build something of worthwhile; it could be a business, ministry, a house, a marriage, a friendship, and so on. Things are going to be shaking, even if that something you are building has your name on it, and it is God-given to you. If you have read the Bible you will know, The Lord Jesus faced all kinds of oppositions. In the book of John chapter 16 verse 33, reading from King James Bible translation, He said, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” But also in the Book of First John chapter 5 verse 5 says, “Who is it that overcomes the world? Only the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God.” We have to learn to fight our battles at the same time continue building what we need to build, and continue to live the rest areas of our lives. As we all know, we don’t eat with ten fingers. Sometimes we don’t have the luxury to fight with both our hands because we have all kinds of responsibilities from all corners that require our attention and care. Since we don’t want our chaos to stop our building process, we should fight with one hand, and build with another hand. So you are going to face oppositions, therefore, you have to learn to fight at the same time continue building, and moving  forward in life.

So tell me, what do you think of these three life lessons? Do they resonate with you?

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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