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Have you noticed that when we go to the hospital before we see the doctor for more diagnosis and consultation; usually we will go through an introduction process just to checkup few things? For instance; they will check our blood pressure, our weight, and so on, even if it doesn’t have to do with what we came to the hospital for. Some Doctor’s offices or hospitals they will even pull out a form with lots of questions for us to answer concerning our health histories; the form will have some questions like whether we have allergies, and a bunch of other questions. After that then we will see the doctor, and tell him or her our situations and circumstances, and the doctor will ask us again more questions, maybe recommend some tests for us to take so that we can have complete diagnoses. But then, after we are done with everything, and send the results of the tests to the doctor that is when he or she will tell us what’s wrong with us, and maybe give us the treatments or cure for them.

Before the doctor can treat us of our situations, first has to find out what’s wrong with us that’s why we usually go back and forth when going through the checkup process, and if it’s a complicated situation, it could even take longer days until we get final answers and treatments. Doctors know before they can recommend anything to us, before they can solve our problems, they have to go to the root of our situations to give proper diagnosis.

Whatever they are, the best way to solve problems in our lives, is to first get to the core, or in other words to get to the deep roots of the cause of it. For instance, if it’s a relationship; we all have learned the importance of these words most of us we like to avoid sometimes “We need to talk.” It is through talking that’s when you can find out what’s going on for example with your close friend, or maybe a colleague at workplace; why all of a sudden they have been behaving like this for instance. Once we found out what’s the problem then we can come up with the win-win situation for both of us. Usually most organizations have their own procedures of how to handle conflicts at work. But if its personal related, you still can schedule a meeting with your friend to find out what’s really going on and resolve things. Perhaps it could be a personal issue; for example, why do you keep seeing these repeating patterns in your life that you don’t like? What could be the root causes for you to keep experiencing such things? Usually there is a hidden reason to find out about than what’s looking on the surface. There’s a story behind every person. There’s a reason why they are the way they are.

A long ago someone told me that I was annoying and obnoxious because I used to ask that person a lot of questions. It took me a while to recover from that insult, but in time I did. I used to have this child-like spirit to ask questions a lot, so because of what that person told me that day, I stopped asking questions for a while. The power of words, right? It was just a few years ago when I started asking a lot of questions again, but this time decided to keep to myself. I would ask myself and God questions to figure out things. I would read the Bible, read books, but also Google some of the questions and read the articles as a way to find some of the answers I was curious to know.

Albert Einstein said, “If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I know the proper question, I could solve the problem in less than five minutes.” The best way to get to the core of situations is by asking proper questions. The best way to solve problems is to start with asking the questions.

In business and our workplaces we use brainstorming technique and method to come up with solutions as a way to solving problems we are facing. With brainstorming, you can invite few people to find a solution for a specific problem or produce an idea or a way of solving problem through a group discussion. Most organizations and companies practice brainstorming to help create new ideas for growth, new ways to innovate, solve problems, motivate and develop their teams. They use brainstorming to analyze situations so that they can create strategies to improve their businesses.

But we can also learn of how God deals with us and our lives; He will start from the root and move upward. He will start with the inner issues that sometimes we may not even know about or think they exist in our lives, and then work outward. When we make God the center and core of our lives, through His Holy Spirit, He will even reveal to us some of the issues concerning us that need to be changed. But we also have the Bible that has answers for most of our questions that we may have to understand God’s Will for us.

When you find out the prices of your suppliers are too high, go to the manufacturer. So get to the source; just like when you see somebody blessed and successful, you would like to find out first how they became successful, because the secret of champions is in their stories.


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