Lessons from the Chinese Bamboo Tree

The famous story about the Chinese Bamboo Tree. It is said that the Chinese Bamboo Tree barely grows above the ground for its first four years. After you plant its seed, during the first four years, you hardly see any growth shown above the ground, or anything happening to show its progress. Even after you continue to nurture it by watering it, give it sunshine, fertilize it, or make its soil fertile. For its first four years, it may look like you have labored in vain or you have been wasting your time, energy, resources, and other investments you have invested already.

The story tells, even though the Chinese Bamboo Tree lie dormant for its four years, but what you cannot see beneath the ground, or under the ground, this Chinese Bamboo Tree is developing its base, and establishing itself a massive rooting system that is spreading out across in every possible way. The Chinese Bamboo Tree has learned the secret that most of us don’t know that it must establish its base first, its foundation first in order to be able to sustain its life when it grows.

So during the first, second, third, and fourth year; The Chinese Bamboo Tree concentrates on rooting its base, its foundation. But in the fifth year, after it has established itself under the ground, it rises up! It is said, in one year, in its fifth year, this Chinese Bamboo Tree exponentially grow above the ground from zero to as high as 80 feet long after six weeks. That one year alone, during its sixth week, in its fifth year, it grows exponentially to reach its full potential of about 80 feet long. Amazing.

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