Three Lessons Concerning Giving People Value

Like children, most people do what they see other people do.

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The best and easiest way you can teach someone is by teaching them what you can do yourself. Pastor John Maxwell said, “We may teach what we know, but we produce what we are.” In other words, don’t try to send anybody someplace where you never been too. Learn first how to do it yourself, and then when you get results that you desired, perhaps you can teach others how to produce what you have produced. You can’t teach people to paint for instance if yourself are not a painter. Pastor John Maxwell said, “If we have to produce ourselves, we have got to be it ourselves.” So you want to give value about something not only because you know of, but you have experienced, maybe you have overcome, or master it. This is why when people see you have achieved something and have gotten great results; they will come to ask you for your advice. Maybe they have been trying to do the same thing, but did not succeed as much as you have. If you want to give value it will be better if you pick on something that you are experienced with, you are skilled at, you know what you are doing, you are an expert for it, and you have proven results to show for it. A lot of us are like these few travel agency businesses that give value by trying to send people where we have never been there ourselves. Hahaha. Don’t write a book about how to be a millionaire for instance, when you have yet to see it yourself in your own life. Hahaha. Discover your strengths, work on developing them, and stay in that path until you are successful and great at it, and then use what you have mastered already to give value to others.

Together we are strong, we can achieve more than one person can do.

Train your helpers. More like minded- people, more value.

In order to multiply the effort and give more value, we need helping hands. We all know the power of working together for the common goal. We all have great capacities, but sometimes our dreams and goals are too big for one person to do everything alone. With one person we can give value, but with more than one person, we can give more and much value. You can grow your company by growing your employees. The more you increase your employees’ capacity, and train them to do what you can do, there is no doubt they will be able to multiply the effort, of what you alone can accomplish. In some organizations, the minute they hire you, for the first entire month, they will begin to train you how to produce what they want you to produce. Your past experiences or what you offered to bring to the organization will be just a bonus to them. You give more value as a company or organization when you start developing the people in your organization. The more you can increase the capacity of your employees, the more they can increase the capacity of your company and organization. Remember now, when it comes to giving value, seek like-minded people. It is not everybody that you should work, partnered, or collaborated with. You have to seek like-minded people that understand your objectives, goals, or dreams, and where you are going, and what you are trying to achieve. Or else you will be wasting your time training them because they won’t be willing to multiply the effort like you should expect them to deliver.

Study the trends and know customers behaviors, and use that as a way to connect to them.

Show people you care.

When I go shopping to buy food for instance in our local market shopping area, I only buy from specific sellers. In fact it has reached a point where they also expect me to buy from them each time I go. When I buy from them, they give me the best they can offer, sometimes even give me discounts. Let’s say its tomato I went to buy from them, then they will give me the best tomatoes. Last year on Christmas Eve, one of the sellers gave me a nice Christmas gift. I went to the local market as usual, I bought few things and as I was leaving, the seller pulled out a bag of fruits ‘pineapple, mangoes, oranges, ripe bananas,’ and said, this is for you, “Merry Christmas.” It was a surprise; first, I didn’t expect it, and also he is not Christian. And I couldn’t give him a gift back that day because it was almost evening, they were about to close, and I used all the money in my wallet I came with that day. And now because we have already established that buyer-seller relationship bond, and I feel like they care, it will be unlikely for me to go to other sellers. This seller sells different things, why do think he chose to give me fruits as a gift? Because of his experience with me, he has studied me, therefore he knows what I really want, and not what I say I want. And several times even exceed my expectations. So know what your customers really want, and not what they say they want, but then you have to show that you care. Use a customer-sensitive language that focuses more on the customer needs and less on the product or services to connect with them and to show you care. You have to know and relate to what other people value and care, and use that to connect with them. You find out what you can relate and what they value, and use that as your connection. To be able to give value, you must study the trends and know customers behaviors, but also relate to what they value, and then give it to them.

These three tips are simple, but very effective. They can make a lot of difference to your customer’s experiences, your employees, but also your company or organization.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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