3 Steps You Can Take to Discover Your Potential

To have you in my life and by my side

I cannot wait to be your wife and mother of your seed

Forever as long as I am with you, I will cherish you

Please do the same for me too

I can hear your heart saying – me too

‘Yes, I want to be –tha–sugar in your chai’

I wrote above in January 20, 2016. It was during this work-related trip, I was in a hotel room alone watching a movie while doing some office work, and I got caught up in the moment and started thinking about my future what it can be and those words came to me, and I typed them. Sometimes, in few occasions, I will find myself daydreaming, and decide to send notes to the Universe. That is one of the things I like about writing; I can use it to honor God, to give value to others, but also use it for personal pleasure or satisfaction.

I know this is too personal to share, but why I am sharing this?

In life there are three steps you can take to discover your potential.

  • Know thyself

You have to know yourself. If you asked me ten years ago that one day I would want to be a writer and author, I probably wouldn’t believe it. In fact, during my school days since I was young, I didn’t do very well in writing. I really don’t know how it started. I guess I just stumbled upon it. I didn’t even know I was gifted or I could write something that someone will complement me until one of my cousins one day amazingly complimented me. She said, “Wow Helen, this is nice.” And that is the only one compliment that I needed to hear, and after that I kept on writing. I even decided to start my first blog so that I could keep on writing and practicing. Things were just flowing, and I noticed the difference, and my explanation was it has to be a gift that was already inside of me, and I discovered it.

I really don’t know how the transition happened, but it happened, and today I can honestly say, I am a passionate writer and author. I write and share my experiences and expertise on personal improvement, career, and business success psychology, leadership, productivity, goals, proven strategies, creativity, Christian faith, and more.

But I had to discover some things about myself; what I am good at, what I enjoy doing. I have worked few different kinds of jobs that led me to few different career paths. Most of them I pursued because I didn’t know what I wanted, they were presented to me by chance, and I took them. But I can see now why God lead me those paths, both professional and personal, and because of them I have acquired experiences and skills that I can now share with and give value to others. But it was a journey I had to discovered, and every day I keep on discovering more and more about myself.

  • Pick one thing

Once you know yourself, or you have discovered a few things about yourself; pick one thing that resonate with you. Be selective on your skills, talents, and gifts. Usually most of us we will have more than talent, gift, and skill. In fact, sometimes you will need several skills, more than one skill set to just pursue one thing, one occupation and career path. For instance myself, writing is what I do, entrepreneur is what I am. In other words, writing is part of my way of being an entrepreneur. Basically I am an entrepreneur, but also a passionate author and writer, and they go together.

When I started Helen Majaga International, my first four posts were the song-lyrics that I wrote at the time. And no, I am not a professional singer, but sometimes God will give me songs that I will be singing from nowhere, and if will be little bit long, I will write the words down and record myself so that I won’t forget the tune. And that will be about it. So in the very beginning, I was really not sure whether I was going to consistently write and post song-lyrics every week. I mean, I can scribble few things;

I can write poetry

I can write stories, articles, or essays

I can write jokes, or love letters…hahaha

Perhaps also in the future by God’s grace I will get an opportunity to write really nice songs that a professional singer will be able to sing, or write movie scripts for big screen, but guess what? A while ago, I realized that it’s nice to be able to write all kinds of things, but it’s important for me to get focused and be consistent in one thing. And I chose to write more articles.

  • Practice daily

Once you select that one thing, practice daily. Practice doesn’t make it perfect, but it makes it better. The more you practice, the more you get better at it. Having a gift or talent is one thing, discovering it is another thing, but in order to explore and utilize it, to become excellent at it, and a pro, you must practice regularly. You must put it into practice. You become what you do most of the time. The way you gain more experience about something is by doing it more often. If you want to be a writer, then write regularly, or more often. Remember, you don’t build muscles in one day.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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