Your Job Isn’t As Bad As You Think

A while ago I stumbled upon Zig Ziglar YouTube teaching video, he was teaching in one of his conferences, and he shared that he had this lady, a client who complained about her job. Basically this lady hated her job at her workplace. Therefore, Zig Ziglar told her to do a little exercise and write down all things that she liked about her job. So she wrote down and came up with enough reasons why she liked about her job, employer, and workplace. The next time when they met again, Zig Ziglar said he was amazed of how positive this lady attitude was changed since the last time they spoke. He said, once this lady discovered all the benefits and things she liked about her job or she was getting through her job, her attitude towards things and the way she was treating and perceiving her job and the people at her workplace entirely changed. It’s funny at the time I was also going through the same issues this lady went through in one of my previous jobs. Somehow, I also used to think I either hated my job, or hated going to work. After I listened to that video, I decided to implement the same technique in my own life. I took a pen, and one of my notebooks I started writing down the things I am grateful about my previous job. Let me share some of the things I wrote.

We had a wonderful health insurance benefits. I mean it wasn’t great, but it was really good if you didn’t have many dependents. Our medical, dental, prescriptions, surgical expenses, were all covered through our health insurance benefits. We even had an option of using providers outside the country. Not all countries, but in few selected countries we could actually use our insurance in certain pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, and the insurance would pay for some of the costs. That was a big plus concerning health insurance.

They matched up to 10 percent of our social contributions funds or pensions. In some countries this is called a 401K fund. Depending on your salary amount, 10 percent before tax is a lot of money to match. In some organizations and companies, it will be 10 percent after tax. But some organizations and companies, they don’t want their employees to be doubled taxed, so they give them 10 percent before tax. Most employers are willing to match up to 5 percent, so 10 percent was really a great offer and benefits. I mean, if you have a big salary, 10 percent each month for five years is good money saved up, and free ride money you earned as benefits you get as part of your contributions.

Our employer gave every employee one month bonus salary at the end of each fiscal year. I remember that the 13th month bonus salary used to be the best month ever. You get double salary, seriously, you can’t beat that. Whether you under-performed or over performed during the year, every employee would get a bonus salary calculated according to the months you have worked during the year. So if you have worked the entire year with the company or organization, you would get a full month salary as bonus.

Each employee got one month paid vacation per year. We had 20 workdays paid vacation. They also had had three months paid maternity leave. With paid vacation, we didn’t have to take all 20 days at once; you could decide to take few days, and save the rest for later during the year when you need it the most. We couldn’t carry them over to the next year, so you had to use them each year. This was another essential benefit, because sometimes you will need to get away from office for personal and family reasons.

I got to travel upcountry each quarter, four times a year for conferences, training, or meetings, and at the same time earned extra income through perdiems or allowances. Our perdiems or allowances were the best they could offer us. During those field trips, they paid for our hotel accommodation; we had office vehicles taking us everywhere. If you budgeted well, you could save up most of your allowance money. We only had to buy lunch and dinner; our breakfast was part of the hotel accommodation packages. The best part is that I also got to travel around, places that I wouldn’t pay on my own to travel I was able to visit through work-related trips.

Our office building was located very nearby where I used to live. It was about five minutes’ drive. I mean, if I woke up late, I could still make to the meeting in fifteen minutes if I had too, assuming there were no traffic jam on my way to the office, hahaha. That is how close it was. There were some colleagues just to get to the office on time; they had to wake up very early, because they lived very far. So it was something to be grateful for because it was a short distance.

Another thing I liked about my job is that I could work from home. I mean, if I had a reason, maybe an emergency, usually our boss would allow us, in few occasions to work from home, or wherever we would be. All I needed was my office laptop, and my cellphone, and I could still get some work done wherever I would happen to be. This was a huge plus for me.

But also, once a year, all employees in country we would get together, it depends with the budget; we would also invite our family members. We would just enjoy and get to know each other. It would be really nice. It would be like a family day event. Usually we will have our getting together same time after our yearly project meeting to discuss what we have accomplished, but also setup new targets, objectives, and the way forward for the coming year.

Another thing is that we wore business casual. We didn’t have to really dress up to come up to work. In fact, on Fridays, employees could dress down, and wear t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes or snickers, sandals, as long as is respectable for work. It wasn’t a mandatory, but if we had big meetings, or big people visiting, some colleagues would wear suits. Honestly, I am not a suit kind of person. If you see me wearing a suit, then I must be going to an interview, hahaha. I like to dress up, but wearing a suit isn’t my expression of being dressed up.

I also liked my colleagues. I honestly did. Yes, we quarreled sometimes and step on each other’s toes. We are all human beings; such things can happen, maybe not always, but in rarely occasions. But there were times at the office we acted silly, and we were like a happy family at work. We would make jokes at one another. We would eat each other’s food, hahaha. It was all part of being human. I really liked that.

I mean, I have a few more good reasons I wrote down that I didn’t want to share here. The fact that this organization or company I worked for was changing the world, helping underprivileged people, it was one of the big reasons I wanted to work there, and be part of the organization. But the above reasons that I shared were just enough to show that even you, if you do this little exercise, and write down what you like about your job, you will find out your job isn’t bad as you think. After I wrote them down, I was shocked, and I said to myself something is wrong. Why would I even think that I hated my job? And then I said, maybe I should write down what I don’t like about my job. And I sat down and thought deeply. I then found three things.

One of them is that I knew I had so much potential within me and that job wasn’t giving me the opportunity to explore my full potential. I wanted to be more, and what was presented to me was not what I wanted. There was no growth for me there, my passion was somewhere else. But I needed the money, I needed the salary they were giving me even though I thought they could have paid me more because I knew employees salaries and their scope of work. But through this little exercise, this technique of writing down the things I like about my job, it helped me find reasons to wake up every morning with excitement to go to work. After I wrote down these things, I knew why I was going there. It wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had more than ten reasons that I was grateful for, even though I wasn’t truly fulfilled at the time but it helped me somehow.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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