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A little while ago I shared on my article Find Your ‘Why’ that it is important to know why we want what we want or why we do what we do for instance. The most motivating question we can ask ourselves behind everything we do or want is when we ask “Why?”

Everybody can come up with a reason or reasons why they need and want what they want. Few examples; why do you need to save and live below your means? Why do you need to continue fighting your illness or overcoming your struggles? Why do you want your marriage to work out? Why do you need your business or yourself to stay alive? Maybe you have children depending on you and you imagine who is going to take care of them if you don’t fight to stay alive, right? Why you should relocate or change jobs? These are all life changing reasons, enough reasons to want to do something about your life and of those you care about.

Sometimes in life you have to really want and need something for it to move you or to make a huge effect and impact on you to want to make change, this is so likely for those permanent change situations, life changing moments. Therefore, it’s important to find and know your why. It will give you that push that you need to overcome or want to do something about what you are facing or going on in your life, or your business, the environment surrounding you, and et cetera.

Some people though, they don’t wait to do something because of its emergency or they are pushed to create the change. Some do because of the benefits they can get from it. Not everybody who wants to start a business or become an entrepreneur has a reason to change the world or society or environment. There could be lots of reasons why people would want to become business owners and entrepreneurs. Some could be they want fame and fortune. Others could because they want power and prestige. And so they use those vehicles as their gateways to those opportunities. Depending on our core values, unfortunately or fortunately, we won’t have the same reasons why we do things in life, therefore even our visions and destinations won’t be the same because our why’s are different.

In my article Find Your ‘Why’ I also shared a famous quote by Frederick Nietzsche that says, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” Once you know the why, and the more strong or big your why is, the chance is you’ll bear almost any how to fight for it, or make sure you succeed, or get things done. When you don’t feel like continuing doing something for example, all you need is to remember why you must persist. And if the reason is strong enough, you will find the how.

With that being said, I want to do a little exercise with you right now. I have noticed in my own life that sometimes reading alone is not enough, you have got to practice and implementing what you have learned. With that reason, I would like you to get a pen or pencil and a notebook, or create a word document table as below example (a better version perhaps…hahaha. Excuse my copy and paste skills below).

Draw a line between to have two columns. One side put dreams, goals, wants, or needs. On the other side put why you want it. And let’s go over this little exercise to discover some of the examples of the reasons why we want or do what we do, and whether it’s worth it; worth of our time, life purposes, energy, and so forth. Some of these reasons perhaps will resonate with you, and maybe you will use for your own discovery.

Dream, Goal, Want, Need IT Why You Want IT
Landing your dream job To do what you love

To have a purpose driven job, career, or profession

To explore the potential you have within you

Be married with 2 children by 28 To raise your children while you’re young

To have your own little family

To have a home and place to belong

Because you love children

To become a parent

Lifelong good relationships To feel loved and belong

To have confidants

To have soul mates, true friendship

To avoid loneliness

To share life with others

Having a fat bank account i.e. six figures this year To cover your lifestyle

To expand and grow your business

To travel a little to see the world

To pay off your debts or loans

To cover your medical expenses

To buy or build a house

Start a business or become an entrepreneur To have freedom, not just financial freedom, but freedom to be your own boss, or work on your own pace

To create change, and participating in changing the world, serve God, and help people

To be known; recognition and prestige

To explore your ideas

The reason why I wanted us to do this exercise is because sometimes we tend to do things in vain with no purpose why we are doing it. We have no clue why we are doing them, and where are they leading us to. But also, sometimes we quit doing things that we know we should be doing. So if we know our reasons why in details, perhaps written those reasons down somewhere, it will give us that sense of meaning, purpose, and force we need to drive us to keep doing what we are doing. Each time we look at the reasons, we would be reminded why we even started them at first place, why we need to pursue them, and their importance to our lives.

The beauty of writing things down, one is for remembrance. So find out your why, and then write it down so that each time you forget what you need to remember, let what you have written bring you into remembrance. In my own life, several times I wanted to give up things I shouldn’t have given up, but when I was reminded why I shouldn’t, I kept on persisting. I hope this make sense to you. 

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