Ready to Clear Your Money Blocks?

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Chinese Proverb

If you’re not where you want to be financially, if you think you are not earning what you should be earning, or you are facing any financial rut, it is said that it’s possible one of the main reasons is you have money blocks in your life. These money blocks could be from the wrong beliefs you have come to believe about money, or from your past experiences that have influenced you to program your mind to have certain money blocking strongholds or thoughts and patterns, behaviors, or habits in your life, it could also be from ignorance and lack of money management. The experts even say, in fact money blocks could also affect even the top earners, those who even though they earn more money, but yet they have nothing to show up for their earnings. They earn significant money, but yet end up spending or using it for insignificant achievements, or things. And when they look back to track it, they ask themselves, ‘where did the money go?’

Almost everyone has some kind of money blocking to clear out. Let’s identify these money blocks and find out how we can start to clear them out, until we get to see better results that we want.

  • Awareness

The first thing to do is to be aware that there are such things called money blocks. The first step is to bring that awareness. When you start noticing, mmh…something is not right, my 5 plus 5 does not equal to 10, in fact, I keep seeing the zero, where is the one, what’s happening here? When the results do not match; basically your total input does not equal or match total output. When you start asking yourself, ‘how come others are earning more money than me, and they are getting ahead so well?’ If you are not feeling you are worthy, or you don’t feel creative anymore, all these can be money blocking signs. Just the awareness that you are in financial bondage can help you start clearing your money blocks.

  • Get to the roots

Get to the roots of the problems. Find out the possible money blocks that could be affecting you and where are these money blocks coming from so that you deal with them once and for all, one step at a time. Maybe some of your money blocks could be you have wrong mindset about money. You think money is bad, that’s why even when it keeps coming to you, for somehow you do something to repel it. You make sure you give and spend it all so that you won’t have any. Another root could be, perhaps you think you are not worthy; a self-confidence or self-esteem issue, maybe someone in your childhood said you wouldn’t amount to anything; that’s why you don’t ask for a raise at work when you should ask for it. Therefore, identify and figure out your money blocks by getting deep to the roots, and learn how to resolve them. Choose to forgive yourself and others to set yourself free when you find certain things are from what or who was holding you back.

  • Start tracking your money

Start working on your money management steps. Keep tracking of your earnings or your income, but as well as your spending and expenses. This way you can know where you are currently are with your financial status, and get clarity of where you need to improve concerning your financial matters. Usually the answer is almost similar for everyone; earning more and spending less. Maybe there are expenses you need to cut off, and habits you need to adapt to simplify and improve your lifestyle. When you track your money, you will be able to know where your money is coming from, and where it is going. If you ask me, it’s better to face your fears, so that you can take steps to overcome them. So instead of letting your situations getting worse, or not paying positive attention to your money at all, make it your goal to monitor your bank accounts every day. You can also create an excel spreadsheet to track your incomes, spending, and expenses, or join one of the apps on your phone, or online software and start tracking your money.

  • Make room for the changes

You can start to decluttering things, physically and mentally so that you can make room for new things and changes that you are going to create from now on. Anything really that you think doesn’t serve you any more, or doing you good at this time, and won’t be able to take you to this new level you want to move into. For instance; you can start decluttering services, subscriptions, or old memberships that you no longer use that somehow are affecting your money matters, or any activities that are eating up your bank accounts that are unnecessary or you can live without. You can slowly start decluttering your old mindsets about money and abundance, read books, articles, listen to teachings, keep learning more and invest in your own financial education to improve your life. And of course the so obvious, you can also start decluttering one step at a time, your cluttered possessions and places such as your wardrobe, your wallet, kitchen, the files on your computer, and so on. As you do that, it can help you clear out your some of the things that have been in your mind, as well as your physical space.

  • Set goals and create a plan

Design a life you love. A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken into steps becomes a plan. First set goals for yourself; specific new financial goals for you to reach. Then create and write down a detailed plan for you to achieve it on daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly basis. Whatever your goal is, be it to reach certain amount of personal income this year, or creating and sell certain products each month in your business. Write your goals down and make sure you create an action plan for you take and apply every single day so that you can be able to achieve your goals. The more you check off your daily accomplished goals, the more you clear out some of your money blocks, and the more exciting you will be to continue with the process.

  • Gratitude

Don’t underestimate the power of being grateful. Gratitude or being grateful creates abundance. It is a magnet for miracles and success. There are these sayings, “What you think about, you bring about.” or “What you focus on, expands or grows.” The thoughts we think, the words we speak they can influence our environments, the decisions we make, and determine our current emotional states. Being grateful can help us to focus on the positive side of things; therefore it can help us to focus on abundance and create those miracles that we want to see in our lives. You have to fix your mindset to bestow the blessings. If you don’t get the mind right, even the things you invested, the new knowledge you have acquired is going to be ineffective because your mind refuses to change. In a nutshell, you get what you expect. Remember the title of the famous book by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich.” Think rich to get rich..hahaha. Therefore choose to be grateful on purpose. We all have something to be grateful for; things that we currently have, or God has done for us in our pasts, but we can also give thanks in advance for things we will receive in the future, those we wished and have prayed about to God.

  • Use visualization and Affirmations

Affirmations and visualization can help you to get your mind right. Some people respond well when they visualize their dreams and goals regularly, some they need to do both, to declare them in positive affirmations also and imagining them coming into reality. We can use visualization and affirmations to move past our limiting beliefs. When those negative thoughts come into our minds, we can recall what we affirm for ourselves, choose to think thoughts about what we would like to see or have instead. Visualization and affirmations can help us keep our dreams, goals, and expectations in our minds constantly, and create a drive for us to move into the direction of our dreams and goals.

That’s about it, seven steps and ways you can get rid of your money blocks.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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