Focus: Follow One Course Until Success

I was doing some researching concerning business models; how to create one, or build one as a new entrepreneur. One example of business model I came across was from Jack Ma, CEO and Founder of Alibaba Group, one of the richest and wealthiest man on the planet, and also the richest and wealthiest man in China right now. According to the nature of his business and industry, basically his company’s business model, its financial potential, and the many unique ideas and concepts the company employs to benefit it’s clients, members, and investors are designed in the following order; Customers, Employees, and Shareholders. And based on those three components, there are the five things they focus on that have contributed to his company’s success: one, to increase their clients or customers revenues; second, to save members money; third, to be generous to employees; fourth to protect investors; and fifth, to give back to the community.

But also on The Profit, a CNBC’s small-business TV program, Marcus Lemonis revealed that there are three keys to business success. According to him, it should be as follows; People, Process, and Product. Unlike other business models that focus on customer being number one, Marcus’s philosophy is that employees should be number one priority. He said that if you treat the employee right, ultimately that employee will be able to interact with the customer better; therefore both employee and customer experiences will be better. He then said when you hire; make sure they are right people for the roles. Another thing is that you have to improve your craft, products, or services so that you will able to compete on the marketplace and differentiate your business from those of your competitions. Lastly, you have to focus on your company’s operations to create efficiency, continuous innovations, and opportunities to scale.

If you have the right strategic plan for your vision, mission, or goal, it’s possible to achieve what you want to achieve in this life when you choose to focus and avoid getting destructed. There is a saying, “Energy flows where attention goes.” Oftentimes where our minds and desires of the heart focus on, is where we will act on the most. Therefore, even if there could be much destruction in our lives, but when we choose to focus on what matters, what we want to see in our lives, and to achieve, we can literally overcome many of those destructions. This means, if you choose to focus on finding ways to making money through your business for example; then your energy will flow onto finding ways to making money through your business. But also the opposite side is relevant; if you focus on getting laid all the time, mmh…guess what you will end up on doing? So if you don’t want to face the consequences and results of your actions, change your focus.

This is why if you want to successful accomplish something you have to constantly working and fighting to make sure you are avoiding or overcoming the destructions along the way that you may notice to be leading you off-track towards your destinations, or values, or whatever may be that you want to achieve. For example; to accomplish your goals and live your dreams, for you to live a godly life, or to get that business project into success, to succeed in life, and so forth.

There are a lot of opportunities that are going to be on your way for lots of reasons. Some to help you even succeed more; therefore make sure to have a balance between focus and flexibility. I learn about this in my everyday planning. Usually when I make plans every day, my to-do- list usually will require me to stretch a little and allow flexibility. At least one activity will require me to do so. But at the end of the day it’s the end goal results that I am really focusing on to achieve and accomplish. Sometimes there could be more than one road that can lead us to the same destination. Our focus therefore, should be on the results of our goals, but yet do our best to allow flexibility on how we’re going to get things done, or how we’re going to achieve what we planned to achieve. Some of the opportunities along the way may be very tempting to say no, but in actuality they may not be good to get us where we want to go. Perhaps they don’t align with our strategic plans, values, visions, and et cetera. Being focused means to say no all the time so that you leave space for the yes for right or smart step and opportunity. In fact, in one of his interviews, Jack Ma said “He says no to a lot of ideas because as a CEO, he has to say no to a lot of opportunities.” If he says yes to every opportunity, he would probably get 5000 opportunities every day. But whether yes or no, to him everything is based on the mission, “Helping doing business easier.”

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You have got to be able to narrow down and measure each opportunity that comes to you because some may come as blessings in disguise and turn out to be the best decisions you have ever made. Some can come as ice on the cake, but won’t get you anywhere; they were there just to destruct you, or waste your time and direction. When that happens, brush your shoulders off, rebound quickly, and move forward. The only time you should look back is when you want to measure your progress to move ahead. Sometimes you have got to make critical decisions; you can’t just be bouncing back and forth. Successful people focus on their goals and they are not easily destructed. They spend their time, money, and energy on the things that will help them achieve their goals and dreams, and continue to making them successful.

Here’s how you can do it

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To your success,

Helen Majaga


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