Three Examples of Goals and Dream Stoppers, and How You Can Conquer Them

You think it’s only your critics who can talk you out to achieving and accomplishing your dreams and goals? Well, when it comes to dreams and goals there are a lot of factors come to play. Let’s just look at three examples that merely have to do with you that can stop you going after your dreams and goals, and how you can conquer them.

  • Low self-esteem

Maybe you can also say lack of self-confidence. Often enough people can be hindered to achieve their dreams and goals because of low self-esteem. When you don’t feel worthy enough for something, good or competitive enough, or maybe intelligent enough, it can affect your overall outlook on something whether it is professional, business, relational, or personal matter. We are living in an era where a lot of people are walking with low self-esteem and relying on make-up and cosmetic surgery as band-aids instead of using it as touch-up to our already natural beauty. I heard this advice once that there is a difference between a handsome man, and a good-looking man. For a man to be handsome, he is got to be able to hand you some. He may be good-looking, but if he can’t hand you some…hahaha, then he is not handsome. It may be a joke, but the fact remains money can make you look attractive and increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Status and accomplishments can also increase your level of self-esteem and confidence. My point is that people use a lot of those things to base their self-confidence and esteem level. And we forget, we are all valuable and worthy in the sight of God. Christ didn’t come to save only specific type of people in the world. We, as societies, we are the ones who have created and allowed these societal classes, distinctions, status, images, and expectations to determined our values and worthiness. Once we understand this then it will be easier for us to overcome our low self-esteem issues. Sometimes we can give others the power to harm us, but if we can recognize that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, the other person mentally can do no harm to you. True confidence is an inside job. In the book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, it says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.” So once you change your thinking, your confidence level will also change.

  • Fear of rejection

We all know the power of disappointments and its effect on us. I mean, if you haven’t been disappointed in life, good for you. But many of us certainly have been disappointed several times in our lives. What it does if not careful enough, any disappointment can create fear of rejection in us. After being knocked down several times, it will reach a time we will just be afraid of being rejected. But truth is people are different, circumstances and situations are different, and timing also can be different. There are many authors, writers, singers, actors and actresses for instance, who wouldn’t have made it if they yielded to fear of rejection. Do you know how many times authors can be rejected when it comes to publish their books from publishers, or singers to debut their solo music careers? Do you know how many times some screen plays have been rejected until they made it on big theaters? It’s disheartening, but again if they didn’t persevere and let those rejections stopping them, they wouldn’t have been successful wouldn’t they? Here is a tweak for you; when someone says no, your immediate answer should be ‘great, next,’ and move on. Just like they do when you go to governmental institution services, they will call you, and when you are done, they will say ‘next…’hahaha. Don’t be afraid of these no’s in life, because one day there is going to be a yes for you. Those no’s create space for something better. But again, sometimes depending on a situation, you may be required to be stubborn. I learned about this through prayers. Not everyone who prays get an instant answer to the prayer. For some of us we have learned to be fervent in our prayers, managed to knock again and again, until one day God said, “Oh, ‘it’s you again;’ what do you need My child?” In the book of Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 and 8, the Lord Jesus said, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.” So there you go. Don’t wait by the closed doors. Rejection leads to redirection.

  • Procrastination

Procrastination is a dream and goals stopper because it can delay your dreams and goals, and ultimately end up canceling them. Procrastination is one of the signs of delaying of achievements and accomplishments. You can delay whatever you want, but one secret to any accomplishment is to take massive action. If you know you have got to do it anyway, there is no escape, then why don’t you just do it, and get it out of the way. From my own experiences here is another tweak for you; the only cure for procrastination is to do the opposite which is to take action regardless of how you feel, or inconveniences. Checkout… “The Parkinson’s Law” also knows as “The Pursuit of Progress” Many times I have found the hardest part is to take that first step and be determined to keep on persisting. When it comes to achieve your dreams and goals, you have got to promise yourself that you are not going to procrastinating any more. You are not going to be delaying taking actions any longer. Train your mind that way, the more you procrastinate on things, the more you delay some things. If you want on time success then you have got to quit procrastinating. If you want on time achievements, you have got to take on time actions that will help you get closer to your dreams and goals. I know how bad it can be for someone to procrastinate until they give up on some of their dreams and goals. I was in the same boat until very recently when I made a decision to do something to better my life, to pick up on some of dreams and goals that I abandoned before, to pursue them again, only this time to accomplishing them. Therefore, you can overcome procrastination when you stop waiting and start doing to get yourself closer to your dreams and goals.

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