How to Motivate Your Employees

The ability to motivate employees is one of the greatest skills as an entrepreneur you need to possess. It’s one thing to motivate yourself and another thing to be able to motivate others as well, for instance, your team and subordinates if you are a leader in any kind of position or authority at your workplaces, homes, and so on. If you have a team to lead regardless of how small or big it is, you can’t escape this required skill. Your team members are looking up to you to learn from your leadership skills.

Even though it’s not easy to motivate others especially if they have come from different backgrounds, but there are common denominators and motivators that usually work for all people regardless of their differences. Just recently I was listening to this YouTube video of Chris Gardner famously known for “The Pursuit of Happyness, the #1 New York Times bestseller and Oscar-nominated film starring Will Smith.”

In this video Chris Gardner was asked “How does he motivate key employees?” And he shared four tips and points that you can put into practice to help motivate your key employees to excel. Allow me to share my perspective on those four tips, and let’s just go ahead and discuss them.

  • Show them respect

By setting work ethics, companies and organization can make sure the work environment protects every employee regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs and values, statuses and positions, and et cetera. Things like sexual harassment, invading others privacy, or racism, they make the work environment uncomfortable to be productive and have peace of mind. In order to make the work environment suitable for everyone to work so that they can be more productive, efficient, and effectively, and hence more successful to support and fulfill the missions of your businesses and organizations, as a company, organization, or firm, it’s necessary to set ethics and codes of conduct that each employee must follow. This is why many companies spend so much time and money offering ethics training to their employees so that these employees they will know what these companies expect them to act and react within the organizations. Most companies do have a guide and list of ethics or certain moral behaviors that are mandatory for all employees to follow, or else there will be serious consequences taken against those failed to follow.

  • Create an environment for them to grow

There are several ways you can create an environment for your employees to grow. Some companies or organizations they provide tuition reimbursement as another way to help their employees grow in their education and professions. Tuition reimbursement is something that many employers offer as a way to pay back employees for education expenses. Those who choose to participate still have to pay out of pocket for the courses they take. When the course is over, the employees can bring their receipts or transcripts to get back some or all of the tuition expenses. Some employees would like to advance themselves in careers so tuition reimbursement is a great opportunity to support those employees. Usually high potential employees are not satisfied with the status quo. You can help them grow when you offer and provide training and workshops to help them improve in their specific areas of strengths, expertise, competence, and interests. In that way they can continue to growing and advancing themselves and their careers. Many employers encourage their employees to grow and improve their performance through PDP – Performance Development Plan usually conducted and reviewed in yearly basis. Through PDP, your employees will be able to establish goals and expectations that are aligned with their strengths, expertise, competence, and interest, as well with the overall company or organization objectives to help them in their career opportunities.

  • Show them how to make more money

This is so obvious, right? If you still pay them the same salary since they got hired in your organization or company three years ago, don’t expect their performance at work to improve. Another way to motivate your employees is to increase their salaries in increments after their performance appraisal. Show them how they can make more money for example in the form of a promotion. Give them bonuses for their outstanding performances. Let’s be honest; number one thing that motivates employees more than anything is money. If you pay them well, they can make efforts to keep their jobs and become more valuable in their workplaces. Two most common reasons why many employees leave their jobs because they either don’t see growth potential for themselves, or because they are being paid less than what they could have if there were employed somewhere else. Therefore when you show your employees opportunities to make more money than they have already been making it will keep them motivated.

  • Give them space

You have got to trust them and leave them alone. Don’t invade their privacy, especially if it’s personal matters unless they are willing to share with you. Many people hate being told what to do. It makes them feel somehow inferior like they are not capable enough. There are ways you can communicate with your employees in manner that it can motivate them to being more creative, innovative, and problem-solvers. Give them space and a chance to take ownership of their tasks and responsibilities instead of telling them what and how you want the tasks to be done and delivered. Instead of telling them “Do this way,” ask them, “My idea is to do this way, what do you think?” so that they can give you their input and perspective. This will make them feel that they are also participating and contributing something worthwhile. There is a reason why you hired them; therefore let them show you their competence and expertise.

So Chris Garden said all these four points combined that’s how you motive your key core employees. But I have got two more in addition I think they can also make a difference and help motivate people, not just at our workplaces, but in other places like our homes, schools, and so forth.

  • Give recognition and rewards

Recognize them for the job well done. Recognize them during the company or organization meeting or through the company or organization’s newsletter so that other employees will know what they have accomplished and contributed into the organization. This will even help to motivate other employees to want to perform better. Usually people work harder if you praise others in front of them. You can also create a social media such as Facebook group or WhatsApp group for the company that will be dedicated for sharing success stories and giving recognition to all employees who have done outstanding work. You can also give tangible rewards and tokens that don’t break the bank so that your employees can keep them for their remembrance of what they have contributed to the company or organization. Praise them in one-on-one meeting; praise them in front of other employees. It will make a huge difference in their lives and professions.

  • Celebrate in the workplace

When your company or organization does well, celebrate. And when the company celebrates, employees get to celebrate as well. You have to let everyone know that you are thankful for their hard work, and because of them the company or organization have reached their milestones. Your team has worked hard; they deserve to share the joy of the overall company’s success. Go out of your way to show how far you will go when people help your company succeed. Throw company parties. Organize events such as a family day or a retreat where all employees can get together to celebrate.

That’s about it; six tips of how you can put into practice to help motivate your employees.

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To your success,

Helen Majaga



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